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Luxtronic HDTV Antenna Reviewed

If you have cut the cord for cable than you have already discovered an antennae is a prime component of successful cable cutting. Old school rabbit ears is another name. The function is the same, but the styles and choices have greatly increased these past years.

portable HDTV antenna

My old antenna

old antenna

Anyone else remember a rabbit ear antenna with foil! Ah the memories. Recently my hdtv antenna stopped working which really emphasized how necessary an antennae is for any viewing. When I scanned the over air channels without the antennae I had 5 channels. Five channels which looked to be all the same programming resembling informercials.

I quickly started surfing for a replacement and was happy to discover the design of antennae's have vastly improved. A few years ago when I cut the cable cord I had an antenna which was not only  large, but had to be hung in the air for maximum reception. Not pretty, not practical, but still better than a cable bill.

I chose the HDTV Digital Antenna with a very small footprint and am very pleased. So pleased I have purchased a few more to upgrade from the hang from the window antenna version!

portable HDTV antenna

The Antenna by Luxtronic is very small and unobtrusive. It can be used indoor or outdoor with a 50 mile range. 

A simple install by connecting to the TV antenna input and then auto scan the over the air signals and the antenna works wonderfully. If you are looking to aesthetically upgrade your set of rabbit ears, I highly recommend this antenna to access all your over the air channels without the cost of cable.

portable HDTV antenna

Free Streaming Options For Cable Cord Cutters

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  1. Ah, yes, the TV rabbit ears of old - my 'quite ancient' memory goes back to the early days of BC (before Cable) when antennas were necessary for ANY TV viewing. I'm not surprised in today's advanced technologic world that TV antennas have become very streamlined and sophisticated. Thanks,Tracey, for this review of the Luxtronic HDTV Digital Antenna as having a very small footprint and the ability to be used anywhere.

  2. Thanks for a great review. We currently have satellite TV but are seriously considering cutting the cord. Thanks for a great alternative.

  3. Oh this sounds really interesting Tracey, we are thinking of cutting the cable too! I will let my other half know that this is a good alternative and appreciate your review!

  4. We haven't yet cut the cord completely, but we also are unwilling to pay the exorbitant cable fees for all the TVs we own, so we only have two set-top boxes and use antennae for the rest of our TVs, such as the small one in the kitchen. I will share your review with my husband (who has done much more research than I have into both digital antennae and cable alternatives). This looks like a major upgrade to the antennae we have!

  5. Oh, very nice! Much more attractive than the antenna we are have. Like you, we cut the cord several years ago and haven't missed cable or feeling glued to the TV. I really like the looks of your Luxtronic HDTV antenna.

  6. Thanks for this. I'd love to cut cable! So expensive to have cable - I've looked into Antennas, so it's nice to have another one to investigate. Who knows, one day we may go down this road.

  7. This sounds a great device to have if you want to cut the cable and from the sound of it at a lower price.I imagine it can be used when in an RV or out travelling/camping too? Thank you for an informative review.


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