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Coleman Classic 2-Burner Propane Stove Reviewed

coleman camping stove
The Coleman Stove is essential for camping and emergencies!

We are all accustomed to everything in our homes working with the flip of a switch or the turn of a dial.  However, when a recent hurricane hit Louisiana, I was reminded of how quickly everything powered with electricity can go out like a light for days, perhaps even weeks.

We have a lot of family in Louisiana and all have been hit hard by the extreme weather in the last 2 years.  Multiple hurricanes, tropical storms and flooding have taken their toll.  Anyone who lives on or near the coast knows they must be prepared for a disruption of utilities, often for extended periods of time.  Because they are so well prepared, we are rarely called on for help.  However, after the last hurricane, our cousin's 1960's Coleman stove stopped working.  They depend on that stove to cook, brew coffee, and even boil water as needed.  It truly is an essential appliance for a home during post hurricane recovery.

He called us and my husband went into immediate action, searching for a new Coleman stove for him.  Here in Tennessee, there were plenty available at the normal low price. He ran down to the local store and purchased the replacement stove for his cousin.

This experience reminded me of how something as simple and common as a camping stove can become life saving in emergency situations.  We need water to survive.  Being able to boil water for purification is an absolute necessity.  

There are several things that become essential for survival in extreme situations.  I would probably rate a generator as number one to keep a refrigerator running, but the Coleman stove would follow close behind. 


The Coleman Classic Propane Stove

There are several styles of Coleman stoves available. We opt for the two burner that will accommodate a griddle, two pans, or one pan alongside a water boiling kettle.  It is small enough to be easy to store, but large enough to really be serviceable.  

coleman camping stove with propane bottle

The Coleman stove does require a bottle of propane (shown in my photo on right), which is also easy to store, inexpensive, and readily available in many of the stores around established camp sites or parks.

Features of the Coleman Classic Propane Stove

  • 2 Adjustable Burners
  • Side Panels to Protect & Block Burners from Wind
  • Uses Attachable/Detachable Propane Cylinder Bottle
  • Easy to Light Flame Burners
  • PerfectFlow Mechanism (regulated, consistent performance)
  • Removable Chrome-plated Grate
  • Easy to Wipe Clean 
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • Portable
closed for travel coleman camping stove



The Stove, Propane, Kettle & Table shown below are the Products Shown in My Photos  

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  1. Coleman stoves are great. We had one for years when we did a lot of camping. I've never had to use one in an emergency situation, but can see how handy and helpful it would be. And doubly so in the aftermath of a hurricane. Glad you were able to acquire a replacement one for your cousin.

  2. Storms and hurricanes have been strengthening and wreaking more and more devastation in recent years. The loss of life, livelihoods and property have been absolutely heartbreaking, and both Louisiana and your home state of Tennessee have borne much of the brunt. I’m so glad your husband was able to find and purchase a new Coleman stove for your cousin’s family to help them through the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

    The Coleman name is synonymous with reliable camping products, but it’s clear that even people who don’t go camping can benefit from owning both a Coleman stove and a Coleman lantern, as well as a generator, to help them get through extended power outages. Here in New England, we often have them in winter because of the heavy snowstorms. Because we are so close to Boston, the power in Brookline tends to be restored fairly quickly. But if a storm took down the power lines near my in-laws ’ lakeside cabin in rural Maine, they could be in real trouble. I’ll share your review with my husband so we can discuss the possibility of buying one of these Coleman stoves for his parents. Fortunately, they do have a generator and several Coleman lamps!

  3. Cynthia, what an important item to have in weather disasters. Since we haven't experienced much of that (knock on wood) I hadn't considered how imperative something like this would be. The weather in parts of the southern USA has been downright scary - great tip suggestions to prompt people to keep one of these coleman propane stoves handy. I remember when the power went out on the entire eastern seaboard in the early 2000s I think it was - we did use our barbeque - however the convenience of this sized outdoor stove is also worth considering.

  4. I never thought of using these for emergencies but it sure makes sense. Thanks for an informative review.

  5. We loved our Coleman stove during our camping years. The kids loved being able to watch as mom and dad cooked a whole meal for five using two burners and two pots. In emergencies I can see how this would be an important addition to the family's survival. Great tool to have on hand should it be necessary. I'm so happy that help was available when they really needed it.

  6. Excellent points on value of the Coleman portable stove for more than just camping. Emergencies from Climate change are becoming more frequent, and it's important to be prepared. This Coleman stove can fit under the bed in small places, or the trunk of the car (that's where mine is). Really good review, and important message.

  7. This Coleman Classic 2-Burner Propane Stove certainly looks a very useful item to have especially if there are emergencies. It would be wonderful to have one for camping and it makes good sense to have a back up in an emergency situation as well. I also really like the lantern! Thank you for a great recommendation.


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