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3M Lens Repair Tape Reviewed

 Whoops! Crunch! Ouch! From the "that does not sound good" to the visual inspection of "No, that is not good." And so goes the tail light or a healthy part of the tail light. Which began the search for a DIY tail light fix until the professionals can attend to the injured party.

3M Lens Repair Tape

After the inevitable google and youtube search for a tail light bandaid I decided upon the 3M lens repair tape to repair the injured party. The red part of the tail light was missing about 25 percent and it is a large tail light! 

broken tail light

pieces of a broken tail light


The tape is very easy to apply. Simply decided upon the length and cut the tape. The tape adheres very quickly and is very sticky. If absolutely necessary (though I would not recommend) the tape can be removed after applying, but for maximum adhesion another piece of tape should be cut.

There is enough tape on the roll for a few applications which does allow room for a redo if necessary.

TIP! If you desire to trim the tape I highly suggest the tape is trimmed prior to attaching the tape to the tail light. The tape is very sticky and difficult to trim once the tape begins to adhere to the tail light. All trimming is easier accomplished after the tape is unrolled to the desired length.

3M Lens Repair Tape

Why I Chose The 3M Tape

After researching my options the 3M Lens Repair tape was highly rated with over a 4.5/5 online rating. One of the main factors is the design of the tail light. Is it rounded? The tape allows easy application for tail light fixtures that are rounded and this is key for a waterproof repair. I had looked at a repair tape that in a sheet and many reviewers mentioned - for obvious reasons- how difficult it was to make a sheet bend to fit a rounded corner.


The tape and what is left of the tail light is holding up well until its' repair appointment. I recommend the tape as an easy fix to keep the tail light working and sealed from the elements until a permanent fix can be installed. And yes as I found out ... the entire tail light fixture is one unit so no repairing just the red part - of course that would be too easy. 

3M Lens Repair Tape to repair a broken tail light

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  1. I never knew there was a repair tape for cracked or broken taillights. Very handy, especially if it could be awhile before an appointment can be made to get it replaced. Thanks for doing the research on this and supplying us with the information which may be needed one day.

  2. This is the first time I’ve heard of lens repair tape for automotive taillights, and what a smart invention it is! I mentioned it to my husband just now who, being the consummate car geek, predictably knew about it already (and said it generally holds up well for about a month). A very handy product to know about, should the need arise. Thanks for the application tips as well!

  3. Sure seems like the perfect way to temporarily repair the red lens of your tail light! I know it is taking a lot longer for parts to arrive when ordered and these temporary fixes are required more often now. Seems to me like weather-proofing would be essential since I suspect there are connection wire that need to be protected from water until a replacement light is installed. Great review & suggestion!

  4. This would come in handy for anyone who has done a small car boo-boo! I have done it and at that time did not have the $$$$ to have it fixed right away. Glad to know there is an acceptable way to "fix" the problem without breaking the bank! At least it will buy a little time before being fixed properly!

  5. What a great idea for temporary fix until your part comes in. I do know the complete assembly has to be replaced and I also know they are expensive. I have one that is cracked but not broken through. I got a price on a new assembly and Ouch!!!! Nice job Tracey.

  6. I had not heard of this repair tape for broken or cracked car lights. This would be very useful if you cannot get repairs sorted quickly or are a long way from home.It looks like it is a good temporary fix. Appreciate your tips as well.

  7. Great tip - I hadn't heard of doing a temporary fix this way - it's well done until it can be properly repaired.


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