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Review of The Keeper of Happy Endings


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Book Review: The Keeper of Happy Endings
This was another book I downloaded from Amazon Prime and I was absolutely captivated from page one.  In this book the author, Barbara Davis, weaves a wonderful tale of two woman decades apart whose lives are very similar.  Both have a fiance' who is missing and they fear they have lost. Both are devastated by their tragedies and at first have trouble finding the strength to continue on with their lives.


Soline Roussel has learned the bridal industry from her family.  For generations the family has had a bridal shop in Paris where they are well known for the magic in their dresses that bring happy endings to the brides who wear them.  The dresses are all hand made and beautiful and Soline learns to carefully stitch the dresses.  All is well till the war comes to Paris along with the German occupation.  Dresses are no longer in demand and Soline is pulled in many directions including working with the resistance.  Heartbreak and grief lead her to America where she starts a new life.


Decades later Rory comes in contact with Soline when she leases Soline's old bridal shop for a gallery for unknown artists.  Rory has a tragedy herself in a missing fiance' and a domineering mother.  She is torn between hiding and moving forward.  I would love to tell more of the story but do not want to spoil the surprise and twists and turns of the story.  Let us just say that the two women meeting will become a turning point in both of their lives.

Other Books by this Author

I  first read a book by Barbara Davis when it was an Amazon Prime first read last year.  The Last of the Moon Girls was another book the captivated me right from the beginning.  Here is a review I wrote about it.

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  1. I always find it interesting when an author weaves together characters from different generations but with similar tragedies in their lives. Quite often it seems their meetings can help each of them heal. I really like the book title "The Keeper of Happy Endings".

  2. Mary Beth, this sounds like another book that I would truly love to read. I seem to be caught in that era of WWII and post WWII. There are so many stories to be told of those hard and difficult times and the human spirit that rises up over all those hardships. Tragedy though is available to everyone at anytime, so this weaves those times together. I need to read this book! Thanks!

  3. It is amazing when two people meet for the first time and both lives are changed for the better. I can see how Soline would be able to help Rory with such similar life events. Clearly, Rory becomes very special to Soline. Thanks to your review, I am sure this is an excellent book. I had previously considered it, but passed it by. I need to go back and get it for sure.

  4. This sounds like a wonderful story of the strength of the human spirit and the importance of being able to share our own experience of surviving a tragic loss with others in similar situations and providing much needed mutual support. Thank you for recommending this book!

  5. Mary Beth this sounds like another interesting book, I love love history and anything about World WarII. I'm currently reading the Beekeeper's Promise a book that you reviewed back in August. It sounds like a similar storyline. Thanks.

  6. This is going onto my must read list as it sounds intriguing plus I loved The Last of the Moon Girls so I know that the author can create characters that I can get caught up with.

  7. I could get into reading this one! Sounds really interesting. World War II stories are a fave in our home; this book would be a hit for sure.

  8. This sounds like a wonderful story line with good characters and an interesting read. I think I would really enjoy reading this book. Thank you for the review and recommendation!

  9. Based on your review, I should go download this book. I did like _The Last of the Moon Girls_ and many of my friends rave about this author. We often appreciate the same books, so I trust your recommendation. Thanks!


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