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Coleman CPX 6 Easy Hanging LED Lantern Reviewed

Coleman CPX 6 Easy Hanging LED Lantern Review

The Coleman CPX 6 Easy Hanging LED Lantern is essential emergency equipment!

I was reminded a few nights ago when we experienced a 2 hour black-out of why I keep my Coleman LED Lantern next to my bed.  Even if I am sleeping, something always wakes me when the power goes out in our area.

Long before it starts getting hot because the air conditioner is off, I know when our home is blanketed in complete darkness.  I suspect there is a noise level that changes in our house when the electricity is out, but whether it is the absence of the low hum of the refrigerator, or the exterior lights shutting off, I note the difference and wake up.

The first thing most of us do when we are sleeping and sense something amiss, is to reach for a light.  I keep a flashlight on my nightstand, plus I have my emergency lights in the electrical outlets throughout our home.  However, if the power is completely out in our area, I reach for my Coleman lantern for a source of constant light, sufficient to light the room.  

My Preferred Coleman Lantern

Our Coleman Lantern of choice is the CPX 6 Easy Hanging LED Lantern.  For starters, it is a nice, bright light that illuminates a large area whether you are inside or outside.  It will light up most of our backyard if I need to step outside for any reason.

 Coleman CPX 6 LED Work LanternCheck PriceI should note, it is also perfect for the car.  If we should need to stop to change a tire, it would offer enough light to preform the job.  

Clearly, if camping, it will light the tent or the area surrounding your tent.  The batteries add weight to an otherwise lightweight unit, but that is a good thing.  You don't want wind to turn your lantern over if you need to set it on the ground.

The handle can be adjusted for hanging, or tightened for a more secure grip if carrying the lantern.  Since we use ours in our home, we keep the handle tightened down along the back of the light, therefore there is a short handle on the top instead of the longer loop you see in the image on the right.

The feet and the top edge are made of impact resistant rubber.  We all know how important that can be if you are actually using it while working.

All of the aforementioned features are fabulous, but my favorite feature about the Coleman CPX 6 LED Lantern is the length of time it will work without needing new batteries.  There are two light setting optionsThis awesome lantern will light your area for up to 65 hours on high or 155 hours on low.  Our recent 2 hour black-out was no challenge at all for this fabulous lantern.

If you don't like using batteries, there is a Rechargeable Power Cartridge available for this lantern.

In my opinion, every home should have at least one Coleman CPX 6 LED Lantern for emergencies, or just for lighting your own backyard or camp site when needed.


 Coleman Easy-Hanging 400L LED Lantern, Battery Powered Lantern with Hanging Handle, Shatter-and-Water Resistant Lantern for Camping, Emergencies, and Backyard UsageCheck Price

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Coleman CPX 6 Easy Hanging LED Lantern Reviewed by:
House of Sylvestermouse

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  1. I have had a similar battery powered lantern for several years, beginning as part of my Hurricane preparedness kit when I lived along the Georgia coast. It is invaluable to have and is still serving me well here in my new Midwest location where summer and winter storms can cause power outages. Candles and flashlights cannot equal the brightness supplied by an LED lantern. Emergency light sources are extremely important to have on hand.

    1. LED really does make a huge difference! It is surprising how much longer this lantern will work by comparison to what we had in the past.

  2. That battery life is incredible! This sounds like a good option for my lifestyle. I don't really have power outages since I live off the grid, but I do use lanterns for many other activities (camping, etc.). Thanks for introducing me to a great product.

  3. Being in the dark always makes me uncomfortable, and you never know when there will be a blackout. I've got LED flashlights in strategic locations throughout our house. They're fine for brief power outages, but inadequate to the task in a multi-hour blackout. Our old lantern has bitten the dust and I've been meaning to replace it. Thanks to your excellent review, now I know which one to get!

  4. Cynthia, I do like the hanging lantern. We should have one on hand in our house. I think my husband has other similar items (smaller). I've given lanterns like this as gifts over the years. Necessary to have with all the weather issues these days.

  5. You sold me. I just bought the whole deal -- lantern, battery, and D batteries. I used your link, so I hope it worked for you. I have plenty of emergency lights, but I do want something that will light a whole room if we get an extended power outage. We've been told by the power supplier to be ready for outages of 72 hours or more if a wild fire goes through a place where there are power lines or equipment. This lantern would definitely be a help in such a case.

    1. Thank you so very much Barb! I hope you love your new lantern as much as we love ours. 72 hrs. without power is awful. We went though that once and it was no fun at all. For me, I hated not being able to take a shower. We used every candle, light, flashlight, etc that we could find. I suspect that experience has a lot to do with why I never want to be without this Coleman lantern ever again (and extra batteries!)

  6. We too keep rechargeable flashlights handy for emergency lighting. I did not think of having one on my nightstand, but that makes a lot of sense. I will have to look into this as an added level of lighting, should our hydro go out! Thanks for a great review.

  7. This looks like a must have for the emergency kit and the time needed before recharge is impressive!

  8. We're campers and have an assortment of flashlights and lanterns and we have had some duds over the years so your review is very valuable, Cynthia!

  9. Just when I thought I had an adequate supply of lighting at The Shack (gas, flashlight, headlamp, mini-lanterns) I read this great review and think I need one of these ! I'd love the rechargeable version and like the size/brightness of it. I don't use my gas lamp in the summer because of the added heat. But this would be perfect for the hanging, overhead light I need. Thank you for the review.

  10. HOW, repeat HOW, do you switch it to low or high power? There is only a ON?OFF switch on it. PLEASE will some one tell me?

    1. Sure! I can tell you that. You simply press the power button a second time. The first time you press the power button, it comes on high. Press it again, it goes to low and the third time, turns the light off. Hope that helps!


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