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How to Display Artwork Without Hanging it on the Wall

A Review of 5 Ways to Display Artwork Without Hanging it on the Wall

When levels, hooks, hammers, and nails frustrate you, or you're not keen on marking up the walls, below are designer approved alternative methods to feature art:

1. An Art Easel

Art easels provide mobility. Place your favorite piece of art on an easel and move from room to room when you need a change. Easels come in numerous styles. Finding one to match your decor should be a cinch.

2. Frame TV

Frame TV transforms into art. Samsung's Frame TV turns into a beautiful piece of art when you're not watching it. This particular Frame TV should be wall-mounted. However, if you're planning to wall mount your TV anyway, an art tv provides two-for-one use. Display spectacular artwork from a list of established or up-and-coming artists. Oh, and one more thing, put a Frame TV on an easel for a display of rotating or static art.

3. Lean Art Against the Wall

There are two ways to consider doing this:

Leaning a larger piece on the floor

The trick to this is placing the art in a room without it appearing as a shortcut or after-thought. A very large piece of art should be positioned so that it's part of the design of the room. Avoid placing it away from the focus of the space. The decor and furniture in the room should tie into the piece.

Leaning and layering pieces on a cabinet, bench, fireplace or other furniture surfaces

Layering is exactly what it sounds like. You layer a variety of photos so they're slightly touching each other. As an example, on a cabinet,  layer multiple family photos in a collection of matching or non-matching frames against the wall.

4. Place Art in a Decorative or Non-Operational Fireplace

An unused fireplace insert area is ideal to display art. Choose at least one or more pieces to cover the entire back wall, then layer a few smaller pieces in front. The art completes the fireplace by giving it a distinctive purpose.

5. Use a Bookcase or Large Cabinet

If you have a large bookcase or cabinet, lean your art inside one or more of the shelves. It's especially lovely to use larger art pieces on a few shelves. Don't stop at one or two pieces, add several in varying sizes.

If You Decide to Hang Photos on the Wall, what are the Best Hooks?

If ultimately you decide to hang your photos, I HIGHLY recommend these hooks. They're the only ones I use. It's one of those 'As you see on TV' products and they're fantastic. They only leave a pinhole in the wall and you don't need tools (hammers etc) to hang your pictures. I can hang photos on my own now, no need to ask for help.

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  1. All good suggestions for displaying art work other than hanging them on walls. I like the easel idea especially.

    1. Hi, yes an Easel can look really amazing in a room, and it's another piece of d├ęcor as well

  2. Really wonderful suggestions for displaying artwork! I always appreciate the way you think outside of the box. I had never considered, or even heard of, the frame tv. I really love that idea! So much better than a big black screen on the wall. I wonder if it has a slot for a sd card so you could display photos instead of their art. I would definitely like to do that.

    1. Thank you :) - Frame TV comes with something called a 'One Connect Box' - it's separate from the tv itself, and of course that's so that the Frame TV is clean without cables coming in and out of it. The tv has a built in wall mount as well. Comes with the TV. You can have the box sit hidden below the TV as most people do. In terms of the slots at the back of the OneBox, I had a quick peak but not sure if there's an SD Slot - I would imagine there is? Most current TVs have them. We don't have Frame TV (yet, lol - it's on my radar for our future reno) - One thing we do now is put our TV on the Zen Channel, or another channel called ArmChair Travel. Both channels give you spectacular views and scenes from around the globe. ArmChair Travel does offer static pictures from time to time. The thing I like about Frame TV is also the ability to change the color of the frame. You have to buy the interchangeable frames separately though.

  3. I have a lot of hand painted china plates that my aunt painted. These are displayed on wooden easels and I get to change them around whenever I feel like it. Thanks for these great ideas.

  4. I like the fireplace idea. I'm building a faux fireplace as a TV cabinet and could use the lower portion to display all kinds of things.

  5. Great ideas as always, Barbara! I first read about a TV that could display art when not actively in use years ago and both John and I loved the idea. I suspect there's on in our future! And while we don't display wall art in our fireplace, we do have a wrought iron piece that holds several pillar candles that we sometimes put there during the summer months.


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