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Clean Your Bathtub Without Harmful Chemicals or Fumes

Clean a porcelain bathtub without any fumes or harmful chemicals!  The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser does a better job of cleaning the tub too.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers Reviewed

For many years, actually decades, I knew cleaning day would end with a migraine headache.  Even if I took a pain reliever before I started, I still ended up in excruciating pain.  

I knew the smell of the strong chemicals was to blame, but we had to have a clean home.  Therefore, week after week, I toughed it out, cleaned and suffered.  

Even with fans and open windows, the fumes were just too much for me, until I discovered Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.  No only do they erase dirt and grime, they do it without harmful chemicals.  Therefore, they also erased my cleaning day migraines and I am most grateful!

Though it may no longer be necessary because of chemicals I can smell, I still protect my skin by wearing disposable nitrile gloves when I clean.

The Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

My husband's aunt was the first person to recommend the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to me.  She shared how they easily cleaned scuff marks off her kitchen floor, baseboards and walls.  I purchased a package for that purpose.  

Then one day, not too long after I started using the awesome erasers on my baseboards, I had an epiphany.  If they work so well on baseboards and scuff marks, why not try them on the bathtub?

Eureka!  I had finally found a way to clean a porcelain bathtub without any fumes or harmful chemicals!!!  What's more, that little eraser does a better job of cleaning the tub, in my opinion.

Clean a porcelain bathtub without any fumes or harmful chemicals!  The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser does a better job of cleaning the tub too.
The Magic Eraser shows the Dirt & Grime Removed From This Bathtub

The bathtub in the photo is used every day for showers, and it is over 20 years old.  This particular tub is in a windowless bathroom.  It was the one I dreaded cleaning the most because I had only a fan to help eliminate the fumes while cleaning, and that simply was not enough to forestall the migraine.   

I have no doubt my body was trying to tell me something, loud and clear, with those migraines.  Believe me, it wasn't that I didn't understand, nor was I ignoring their warnings.  It was simply a matter of necessity.  I had to clean our bathrooms!  Now, I can enjoy a clean bathroom without paying a painful price.

How to Clean a Porcelain Bathtub with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

The erasers need to be wet to work.  I leave the bath water running and draining while I rub the entire surface of the bathtub with the wet Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  Then I swoosh the water around to rinse the residue.  It really is very easy and odorless.  My biggest complaint now when I clean the tub, it won't stay that way for long.  They shiny porcelain beckons one to bathe.

Now, I can sing while cleaning.  I can take deep breaths and hit high notes that are not related to pain and suffering.  

The Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are one of the greatest discoveries in my life!  

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  1. My husband introduced me to Mr. Clean Magic Erasers several years ago. He uses one to clean the shower in his bathroom and another for cleaning various materials when he’s working on projects (he’s a seriously handy guy!). When he showed me how well they worked, I was amazed! He, too, is a migraine sufferer, so the Magic Erasers have been a godsend for him. Now I use them to clean difficult scuff marks on the kitchen floor and to clean the huge, old, hard to clean tub in my bathroom. I’m so glad you’re finally able to clean your bathrooms without triggering a debilitating migraine!

  2. I spent a couple summers after I retired helping a friend on Tybee Island (GA) who had started a business cleaning rental beach houses. My friend introduced me to Mr. Clean Magic Erasers as it made quick work of scuff marks on walls, plus terrific for cleaning appliances (especially the grubby handles on refrigerators). Later I introduced it to my son as he was leaving an apartment rental at the end of a lease and edges of walls and doors were showing grime from two 4 & 6 year old boys. Leaving them clean meant getting his deposit back! I am completely sold on these Magic Erasers and glad you have discovered them to be the perfect answer to a clean bathtub without the irritating fumes.

  3. Well thank you Miss Mouse! I had never considered using it to clean a bathtub! Absolutely going to give this a try. The tub in our master suite is one of those large corner tubs, which essentially is my tub, lol - I'm the one who uses it all the time - rarely take showers. Cleaning it is a pain, but now I'm planning on picking some of these up to do the that tub. Just wondering, is it one Mr. Clean scrubber thingy per cleaning?

    1. Yes, only one per cleaning, Barbara! btw, I am the bath taker around here too. Somehow, that tub never seems to get as dirty as the shower tub. I suspect that has to do with the bubble bath :)

  4. Good to know that it does such a great job on the tub....We use these cleaners regularly for scuff marks on walls, floors and the like, but I never thought to use it in the tub! Good epiphany there Miss Mouse. Thanks for sharing your cleaning tips, it will make cleaning my bathroom so much easier too!

  5. Yeah, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers is my best friend!


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