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Numerology Bible Reviewed

The Meaning of Numbers (Numerology)

numbers in numerology
Do you know your numbers?
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I've been reviewing the meaning of numbers quite a bit lately. Numerology plays a minor role in my newest book Campground Corpse. Aunt Flossie has been known to tell her niece Taylor more than once that 'it's in the numbers, dear'. Even the name of the series (Cabin 9 Mysteries) that my book belongs to was chosen consulting the numbers. I didn't just pull the number 9 out of a hat. Nope, there is a reason Aunt Flossie can be found most of the time in or around that cabin in particular.

Lucky Numbers or more?

We often hear people say they picked a number because it was their lucky one. Maybe it was for a lottery or to open a door on a game show but their reasons can often be that they feel that number or numbers were lucky ones for them. Thirteen is often considered an unlucky number. Tall buildings can be found around the world without a 13th floor because the builder felt it might bring bad luck. Do numbers bring luck, good or bad? Do the letters that make up your name (when changed to their numerical value) tell something about your personality? Since the time of Pythagoras in the B.C. 500's many people believe that they do. In mathematics numbers never lie, could it be so in the study of numerology? Just as in astrology when we look up the traits of our "sign" we see similarities in the descriptions; our Life Path Number, Soul Number, Dream Number often show an uncanny resemblance to ourselves. 

In a scene in the book Campground Corpse, I have Taylor question whether numerology was something she should avoid due to her faith. Aunt Flossie reminds her that God has often been called The Great Mathematician and that numbers were important to Him and can be found repeatedly holding significance in the Bible.  The number 3 stands for the Trinity and is suggested for different practices. The number 7 is looked at as a most sacred number in the Jewish Faith. The seventh day, the seventh year and seven cycles all hold importance. Revelations mentions seven a lot; seven seals, seven bowls, seven trumpets, etc. 

It was with this idea of the role numbers play in the Bible that I decided to intertwine numerology into the books that will be in the Cabin 9 Mysteries. It won't play a major role in the solving of mysteries but every once in a while...a number will come up. (See what I did there?)

To Find Out More About Numbers

You can dabble a little about numerology by reading my newest book, if you like. I would love that! I think you might enjoy meeting Taylor and Aunt Flossie and the rest of the characters. Did I mention that Aunt Flossie is also the resident spirit at the campgrounds? I didn't? Well, she is and she is pretty funny for a person who isn't on our side of the veil anymore. 

If you would like to delve more into the actual meaning of numbers and how they add up in your life, I recommend this book.

The Numerology Bible

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  1. Like everyone, I have a favorite number, as well as a preference to other numbers, but I've never given much thought to any meaning behind them. Might be a fun look for sure, but more than anything, I look forward to reading your newly published book series. I am certain it is as wonderful as your Roni Rainer Mysteries.

  2. Like Sylvestermouse, I’ve never given much thought to numerology. But I really like the idea of using numbers with significance to the story in your newest series!

  3. Interesting that you mention numbers today, Bev. A couple of numbers have followed me around my entire life and although I haven't given them a lot of importance in the greater scheme of things, I DO notice when they crop up so regularly. For instance, the number 3 has been with me a lot. I have 3 children, all born on a DAY divisible by 3 in a month divisible by 3. And each of my multiple addresses the past 50 years have been a number divisible by 3. So I guess 3 is my lucky number.

    In another vein, I am entranced by the plot and characters of your new book "Campground Corpse". I love stories about spirits and ghosts and believe in them. Looking forward to reading it.

  4. Oh my, right up my alley. Am interested in reading that. I'm fascinated by symbols, meanings, signs, and certainly numbers. Even found myself on a few numerology sites doing fun evaluations. If I had to describe for me how numbers tie into my life, I would say that it's numbers with intention that soak into the soul. But hey, I know a lot of people who have won big in the lottery, so yah, bring on the good numbers!

  5. Good read Beverley, I love working with numbers too. we lived at Number "7" for almost 40 years. When I add up all the numbers in our apartment I come up with "7" again. So I guess that's a good sign. Anyways, I love seeing the Biblical references for numbers. We often need to understand that they are significant in the Good Book.


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