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Justice League Movie Reviewed

Justice League Movie Review

The Justice League is literally the DC Comics superhero team that includes Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Flash.  Together, they protect the earth from evil and invading forces.

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have been well known superheros all of my life.  However, until the Justice League was created, they worked as individuals.  I can easily remember many discussions between myself and my brothers when I was a child over whether Superman or Batman was better.  There was never a question of IF we liked them both.  

Until recent years, Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman were not well known to anyone who didn't actually read the DC Comics.  However, with the movies and TV series that have been released over the last few years, we are all now familiar with Cyborg, Flash and Aquaman

The Awesome Team of Superheroes in the Justice League
Information Below Based on Current Justice League Movies. They do not always follow the DC Comics Characters & their history, but all characters are based on the DC Comics

  Justice League Movie Actor - Ben Affleck
     Character's Real Identity - Bruce Wayne
     Origin - Earth Human
     Earth Home City - Gotham
     Powers - Weapons, Specially Made Vehicles, Martial Arts Training, & Genius
     Additional Points of Interest

           • Wealthy philanthropist           
           • Mortal Human
           • Wears his Armored Bat Suit to protect his real identity             
           • Committed to fighting criminals after witnessing his parents murders

     Justice League Movie Actor - Henry Cavill
     Character's Real Identity - Clark Kent  (Krypton Name was Kal-El)
     Origin - Krypton
     Earth Home City - Metropolis
     Powers - Superhuman Strength, Flies, Impenetrable Skin, X-ray vision, heat vision (projects high intensity heat),
                     Superhuman Hearing, Breath with powerful blows, freezing ability, can hold breath in space & under water
     Additional Points of Interest
           • Sent to Earth by Real Parents right before Krypton was destroyed
           • Found/Adopted by Jonathan & Martha Kent
           • Wears his Superman "S" suit with cape to protect his real identity
           • Works at the Daily Star/Daily Planet as a Newspaper Journalist
(name changed on radio series)          
           • Co-worker/Girlfriend/Wife is Lois Lane
           • Kryptonite weakens his strengths
           • Best Selling Comic Superhero of All Times

Wonder Woman:
     Justice League Movie Actor -  Gal Gadot
     Character's Real Identity - Diana Prince
     Origin - Themyscira (Amazonian City - Paradise Island)
     Powers - Superhuman Strength & Powers, Flies on Earth & in Space, Trained Warrior, Wields the Lasso of Truth
     Additional Points of Interest

           • Daughter of Zeus          
           • Immortal as a demigod

           • Protector of World (not just Earth)            
           • Wears an Amazon uniform made for her by her mother,
Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons 
 Justice LeagueCheck PriceThe Flash:
     Justice League Movie Actor -  Ezra Miller
     Character's Real Identity - Barry Allen
     Origin - Earth Human
     Powers -  Extremely Fast Running (in a flash)
     Additional Points of Interest

           • University Student          
           • Struck by Lightening during a Radiation charged Thunderstorm

           • Wears a Burgundy/Red Suit with a Helmet Mask
           • The Fastest Man on Earth

     Justice League Movie Actor - Jason Momoa
     Character's Real Identity - Arthur Curry
     Origin - Half Earth Human & Half Atlantean (from underwater City of Atlantis)
     Powers - Aquatic Abilities, Extremely Strong, Trained to Wield a Trident, Enhanced Hearing
     Additional Points of Interest

           • Proper Heir to the Throne of Atlantis (mother was princess)         
           • Superhero on Land & Sea

           • Breathes Underwater and on Land           
           • Swims & Jumps like a Dolphin or Whale

     Justice League Movie Actor - Ray Fisher
     Character's Real Identity - Victor Stone
     Origin - Earth Human
     Powers -  Naturally Interfaces with Internet & Computers, Flies,
     Additional Points of Interest

           • Cybernetic Reconstruction after near-fatal accident when a mother box exploded in father's lab       
           • Infused with Mother Box power   
           • Former Athlete

           • Permanent Robotic Parts (half human & half robot)           
           • Both Parents are/were Scientists 


Justice League Movie Synopsis

 Justice League
(DVD, Blu-ray Or Prime Video)
Check Price
With Steppenwolf and his legion of Parademons scouring the earth for 3 "Mother Boxes" of power, the Justice League unites in order to prevent Steppenwolf from obtaining the ultimate power.  

Each Superheroe's specialty is needed at some point in this battle, therefore they must all work together as one cohesive unit.  That will prove to be challenging at times due to pre-existing conflicts, but they are all committed to protecting the world.

Before the entire Justice League comes face to face with him, Steppenwolf had already obtained 2 of the Mother Boxes.  He defeated the Amazons in Themyscira to capture the first Mother Box.  Then, he defeated the Atlantean guards for the second.

While it might seem certain that the Justice League could defeat Steppenwolf, the reality is far from obvious.  After all, he and his army of parademons are strong and vast.  The Justice League must take an extreme action to even feel strong enough to face him and that action could certainly have consequences. 

If you have seen Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and you look carefully at the artwork above, you will get a hint at what extreme action must be taken, but I am not going to tell you.

My Personal Opinion

In spite of negative reviews, I really enjoyed Justice League!  I find myself wondering what critics really had against this movie, DC Comics, or Warner Bros.  The actors were tremendous!  The storyline might seem somewhat familiar, but seriously, how often do we really see a movie with a unique story?

One of my favorite scenes is when Aquaman gets up close and personal with Wonder Woman's lasso of truth.  I find myself laughing again as I recall it.

I'm glad I didn't let those negative reviews keep me from watching the Justice League.  Otherwise, I would have missed a really great movie filled with wonderful actors.  I hope you won't let them influence your decision either.   

 Justice LeagueCheck Price

Marathon Watch Order of Justice League Movies

Recommended Movies For Batman's Background - These movies star Christian Bale, not Ben Affleck
  • Batman Begins (2005)
  • The Dark Knight (2008)
  • The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Justice League Movies

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  1. Once again, a review by a true blue Justice League fan easily convinces me how good the movie is. And I found out just recently from my son that he and his son (my grandson, now 20) have never missed a Justice League or Avenger movie ~ it is their tradition to go to each one as it comes out. True fans, indeed.

    1. It is a really awesome tradition to share with your child, or even grandchild. I watch them all with my son as well. We often include my parents in the theater party too. Of course, my husband, his father, also goes. There have been times when it was somewhat difficult to get everyone together at the same time, but it is well worth it.

  2. I really appreciate your synopsis of each character’s history/origins, superpowers, etc. It’s really helpful for people like me who did not grow up immersed in the DC Comics universe (multiverse?). It’s also great to read a review from a dyed-in-the-wool DC Comics fan’s perspective vs. that of a professional movie critic. I often find the pro critics’ reviews of movies to be cynical and hypercritical, almost as though they feel like they’re not doing their jobs unless they can find fault with something. I wish there were more Roger Eberts - honest, thoughtful, evenhanded but also not afraid to praise movies he found touching, exhilarating, thought-provoking or just plain fun. But I digress! As usual, you’ve done a great job of piquing my interest in DC Comics movies. I may investigate how many of them I can rent/stream using our limited existing subscription services and maybe surprise my husband with a DC Comics movie marathon weekend some time when things slow down enough everything (fingers crossed!) for him to have a work-free long weekend. 😀

    1. That would sound like the perfect weekend to me Margaret! Spending time together, watching movies and just enjoying each other's company. That is what makes these movies great! We have long discussions after the movies too. I'll tell you a little secret, one I have only shared with my son, I actually like the Justice League members better than the Avengers. Don't get me wrong, I love the Avengers, but Batman, Superman, & Wonder Woman are hard to beat. I'll see if I can put together a marathon "order to watch" like I did for the Avenger movies. I'll add it here later just for you! The order does matter.

    2. Thanks so much - that would be awesome!!! ❤️

  3. We also make these movies a family affair. We would never ever miss one no what the critics say. I'm in total agreement with you Cynthia, I think it is a fantastic movie. One of my favorite lines was when Superman asks Batman "How did you get the house back from the bank" and Batman replies "I bought the bank". As always a wonderful review.

    1. That was a totally awesome line, Sam! I'm glad to hear that someone else ignores the critics and remains supportive of our heroes. This movie, and the other recent DC Comic movies have been fantastic!

  4. You're my go-to source for reviews on these movies. I appreciated the summary with the order to marathon watch. That's usually the first thing I check to be sure I'm watching in the right order. I don't think I've seen Justice League?

    1. It is definitely worth watching Barbara! With a basic knowledge of Batman and Superman (which everyone has), I think you could even watch this movie without having seen the others. However, you would be depriving yourself great fun if you missed Aquaman or Wonder Woman. They are really pretty awesome!

  5. Thanks so much for the recommended movie marathon watch order list! You rock! ❤️

    1. You're very welcome, Margaret! I should have thought to add that in this article to begin with. I hope you two have a fabulous marathon day soon.

  6. Wow.....I think I need a whole week to have a "Super Movie Binge Fest" ! Thank you for this review. I will need to start at the beginning and work my way through all of these movies, but you have convinced me that they are worth it. That trailer just gave me goosebumps and more. Okay, now my holidays will include a Movie Binge Fest extraordinaire!

  7. Cynthia, I love your comics movies reviews! When my oldest son lived in the area, I watched the movies with him. I haven't kept up since. Although, I followed your recommendation about Aquaman and enjoyed it very much! I've got some movie-watching to do.


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