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Aquaman Movie Review

Aquaman Movie Review
Hold your wild seahorses and prepare yourself for the latest, greatest DC Comic movie superhero, Aquaman!
Many of us are already familiar with Jason Momoa because of his previous leading roles in Conan the Barbarian, Braven and several other movies.  He has an impressive television series list of roles as well, which include Game of Thrones and more recently, his starring role as Declan Harp in the Netflix series Frontier.
  As a matter of fact, I would go so far as to say he had a large established fan-base long before he was cast as AquamanHowever, he is now and forever ingrained in our minds as the magnificent Aquaman and everybody knows his name!  

Before I saw the movie, I was told that there were a lot of women who normally would never go see a DC Comic movie, who willingly volunteered to take their sons to this movie just so they had an excuse to go.  There was no need to worry.  There are plenty of adult women without children who love Aquaman.  It is not just a movie for children, or men.

Aquaman, DC Comic Movie

 Aquaman: Special Edition (2018) (DVD)Check PriceWhen a lighthouse keeper discovers an injured woman on the beach, he didn't expect the world to be forever changed.  However, that is exactly what happens when Thomas Curry discovers Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) washed up on his beach in Maine.  

Tom has no way of knowing that Atlanna is actually the queen of Atlantis, the underwater kingdom.  He carries the unconscious female up to his lighthouse home with the intention of getting her medical attention.  When Atlanna awakens in the strange place, she has a strong reaction to the unusual noises around her, as well as the fish in his fish tank.

Atlanna and Thomas fall in love and Atlanna forsakes her father, her kingdom, her underwater tribe, and her previous commitments.  Sadly, they are not left in peace for long.  

Soon after Atlanna gives birth to their baby, Arthur, members of the Atlantis army find her.  She realizes she must return to Atlantis, and to her previous responsibilities, in order to save the lives of Thomas and their son.


Aquaman - Arthur Curry

During his elementary school years, Arthur realizes he has special powers.  He can communicate with creatures of the ocean and they readily respond to him with fierce loyalty.  He also becomes acquainted with Nuidis Vulko (Willem Dafoe), a friend and confidante' of his mother, who was sent to train him to wield a trident and to fight.

Arthur discovers he can breathe underwater and swim like a dolphin.  He becomes a defender and superhero in the ocean, but he continues to live on land.  He is easily recognized by everyone, but he doesn't recognize or desire to claim his own birthright.  

As the son of the queen, he should be king of Atlantis, but his half-brother sits on the throne and plots to be Ocean Master, ruler of all of the tribes of Atlantis.  He also has plans for land dwellers.  

In case I forgot to tell you, I Love This Movie!

Aquaman was not previously as well known as some of the other DC Comic superheroes, but this movie has made his anonymity a thing of the past. 

 AquamanCheck Price

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  1. My husband is the action-adventure movie fan in our family, but after reading your review and watching the trailer you included, I think I’d really enjoy seeing Aquaman, too! Looks like there’s a good story line, great casting, wonderful special effects and plenty of humor. Looking forward to seeing this movie. Thanks for a great review!

    1. You're right Margaret! I neglected to mention the humor and wit throughout the movie. Most likely, that had a lot to do with why I enjoyed the movie so much.

  2. Ah, at last I now know who and what Aquaman is. I think this has always been my least known DC character. so your review has helped to enlighten me. I'm sure watching the movie will further acquaint me with both Aquaman the character and Jason Momoa the hunk.... er, I mean, the man. :) Wonderful review, Sylvestermouse, of yet another DC character brought to life in movie form.

    1. roflol! Yes, Elf, I do believe there are quite a few women out there who would agree with your "hunk" description.

  3. Can you imagine what it takes to create a movie like this? Watching the trailer made me realize the enormity of the task and the depth of creative talent. Very impressive!

    1. I took that talent for granted Diana! Thank you for this comment that gave me a whole new appreciation for this awesome movie.

  4. We loved this movie! It was action packed but also had quite a few funny moments in it! Jason Momoa was a perfect choice to play Aquaman, too. Great review!

    1. I agree, Momoa was definitely the perfect choice! I'm glad to know our great minds, are once again, thinking alike. Thank you

  5. Okay, this sounds like a movie I would enjoy. I love the ocean, fish, and all creatures of the seas and if you add in a superhero that makes me want to swoon, then okay! I will have to add this to my date night suggestions. Thanks for this wonderful review.

    1. I'm sure you and your husband will enjoy the movie, Olivia. Actually, I think anyone would like this movie, just like everyone loves the DC comics.

  6. Mmmmm, Momoa. Whew. I did not know he was in this movie. That alone will make me watch this. I had NO IDEA this movie was out. None. So I'm very thankful for your review. I will be watching this !

    1. LOL, you are not the first woman to have that reaction to Jason Momoa. Ironically, I think most men like him too. He seems to have a universal appeal. This is a most excellent movie. I am sure you will enjoy watching him. I mean, it! lol


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