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Reviewing - Will That Be Regular or Ethyl?

Will That Be Regular or Ethyl? book cover

My cousin's  husband grew up in a small town in mid Missouri.  He recently published a book he wrote about his growing up years.

Growing Up Along Route 66 in 1950's Missouri

This is a delightful book filled with anecdotes about life in a small town in the 1950's.  Remember when: 

  •  Kids rode their bikes all over town
  •  Members of the opposite sex had "Cooties"
  •  Students got their vaccinations at school
  • To research a subject you used the Encyclopedia
  • Some teachers resorted to paddling to keep kids in line
  • Gas for your vehicle was filled by the attendant who also would sell you needed repairs for the car

Lessons for Life

Small town living gave DeWayne many lessons that were to last throughout his life.  Some of these included a strong work ethic built while working in the family chicken hatchery, a church community that is a big part of every day life, and a large family that looked out for each other. 

DeWayne's father also gained some great insights from his father who was a rather quiet man, but taught through his examples.

A job at a gas station on Route 66 was also full of lots of humorous incidents and some good life lessons.

Humorous Incidents

There are many humorous incidents scattered throughout the book as DeWayne gives us a glimpse into his childhood.  Here are just few of the many you won't want to miss.

      •  Cow Patty Softball
      •  Mishap while fishing in frozen pond
      •  Church organist falling asleep when time to play
      •  Mishaps at the service station on Route 66

So, if you are looking for a walk down memory lane and you want to read a book that is sometimes humorous, sometimes sad, but always realistic be sure to pick up "Will that be Regular or Ethyl?".

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  1. Mary Beth, I was a teen in the 50s and have lived in several small towns over the years, so I already know I can relate to DeWayne's childhood memories. Very cool review of this new book with a 'great' title. Love it.

  2. Kids born in the last 20 years would most likely read this book and think it is all fiction or exaggerated. However, I very much remember what I consider to be much simpler times. I certainly remember gas station attendants and them checking my oil for me. It sounds like a delightfully fun book to read, especially for those of us who lived it.

  3. I want to read this. I too, grew up during this time period.I graduated from high school in 1960.I remember almost everything you mentioned in your post. My Southern California town never had frozen ponds. There were a lot of dairy farms, but I never got close enough to them to see a cow patty, let alone throw one.

  4. Honestly, you had me at the title! I lived nearly half my life in New York City, then moved to Boston and, subsequently, to a Boston suburb, so I don't think I'd have a personal connection to the experiences DeWayne relates in this book. I do, however, think it would be just as delightful, insightful and engaging a read for a "city girl" like me as for someone who has lived in one or more small, rural towns. Thanks for the great review, Mary Beth!

  5. Oh this sounds like a good summer read. Not too heavy in topic and with humor thrown in for good measure, it's for me! Thanks!

  6. I agree with Olivia, this sounds like a good summer read.

  7. Awe, what a great gift to give to someone who wants to remember or learn about the past. Sounds like a fun trip down memory lane.

  8. I remember all of those things. The older I get, the more I enjoy reminiscing.


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