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Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker Reviewed

An inexpensive rice cooker that everyone should have in their kitchen!

Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker Reviewed
I love rice, but I always hated the mess on my stove-top created by the sputtering pan.  I have several friends who have commented over the years, that their rice would burn on the stove if they cooked it according to the package instructions.

On the stovetop, Riceland Rice, the brand I prefer, should be cooked on a low boil, covered for 15 minutes.  You are not supposed to lift the lid or stir the rice for 20 minutes.  I have always believed my rice did not burn simply because of my brand of cookware, and not because my friends were doing anything wrong.

Regardless of the cleanup required, I cook rice frequently.  After all, cleanup is just a part of cooking and I do enjoy cooking.  

When my children were in school, there were mothers who found their solution by buying a rice cooker.  However, it wasn't until this last Mother's Day that I discovered the real beauty of a rice cooker in my own kitchen when my son gifted me with a Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker.

Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker Review

 Hamilton Beach (37518) Rice Cooker,
4 Cups uncooked resulting in 8 Cups Cooked
Comes with Steam & Rinse Basket
Check Availablity & Price
See Below for Newer Model
I want to start by saying, I really love this rice cooker and I wish I had it decades ago.  It is so easy to cook and clean with this fabulous little cooker.  Plus, it doesn't take up very much storage room.  Because I use it often, I leave mine out on the counter, but it would be small enough to store in a standard kitchen cabinet.

I have yet to experiment with all that this beauty can do for me, but cooking the rice without a mess is enough for me to recommend this cooker to anyone.  It came with a small steamer basket, which I look forward to testing soon by steaming fresh vegetables.  The basket can also be used as a colander for rinsing.

You can cook white or brown rice, beans, hot cereal, hot soup and grains in the cooker, in addition to steaming vegetables.

The cooking pot has a nonstick coating and is dishwasher safe.

Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker Review

To Cook White Rice in the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker

Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker Reviewed
  • Simply add 1 cup white rice, 1 teaspoon of butter, dash of salt and 2 cups boiling water into the cooker pot.  
  • Set the pot into the cooker and close the lid.  
  • Plug in the Rice Cooker
  • Select Warm, then Select White Rice
The cooker will auto set the timer to the default timing and auto-adjusts the time as it cooks.  (usually takes about 35 minutes to cook the rice according to my recipe, but let the cooker auto-adjust itself) 

When it has finished cooking, the cooker automatically switches over to a warming cycle to keep the rice warm until you are ready to serve.

Rice Cooker Vs. Instant Pot

I want to note that I do have an Instant Pot, which I also love.  The 8 cup rice cooker is perfect for rice or sides.  It is smaller and lighter-weight than my Instant Pot, which makes it much easier to store.  However, I could never cook my Minestrone Soup in it.  I need my Instant Pot for complete dinner size meals.  

If you have space for both, I highly recommend having both the 8 cup Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker and the 6 Qt. Instant Pot Pressure Cooker.

Note: A few days ago, I needed a housewarming gift and thought this would be the perfect gift. However, I noted that my model (37518) was no longer available "new". Therefore, I purchased (37519 - shown on the far right below). Other than a slightly different color control panel, it is exactly the same in size and function.  

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  1. Looks like a very convenient appliance. Great review!!

    1. It really is fabulous, Mary Beth. Definitely grateful to my son for his consideration and thoughtfulness. This is not something I would have thought would be worth it, but the time-saving factor at clean-up is huge.

  2. Oh I don't have a rice cooker and I too love rice. So guess what? This is going on my wish list. The kids always complain that they don't know what I want.....I just fixed that for them too!

    1. It is sooooo much easier than cooking rice on the stove top Olivia. I'm sure you will love one too.

  3. It's interesting that although you have an Instant Pot you still prefer the rice cooker for cooking rice or side dishes. I like that it's smaller (and lighter weight) than the IP. I often don't use my IP to make rice or side dishes because it's hard to get it up to pressure when cooking small quantities of food for just the two of us at home. This rice cooker sounds really convenient! Thanks for the excellent review.

    1. The Instant Pot is heavier and more cumbersome to clean up, Margaret. The small rice cooker is easier to wash than a pan with a lid and I do hand-wash both.

  4. My son is married to a darling girl from South Korea and she serves rice at every dinner meal no matter what else is on the menu. Rice is a standard part of her meals. Therefore, she uses her Rice Cooker EVERY day. She even travels with it when they come to visit. I, myself, eat rice probably 3-4 times a week, so even though it is only me I'm cooking for most of the time, I've often thought a rice cooker would be most helpful. My daughter-in-law's rice comes out perfect every time and rice is easy to reheat once cooked, so...... it really is a handy appliance to have. Your review is a good reminder to me to go ahead and get that rice cooker for my kitchen.

    1. I would love to know the brand and model that your daughter-in-law uses. Clearly, she has more experience with a rice cooker than I do. Now that you mention it, I would want to travel with one too. It surely would make cooking in a hotel room easy.

  5. I love rice and eat it regularly. Once I began using my IKEA pot (on the stove) I never had problems making it. But even so, I have often wondered about getting a rice cooker. Thank you so much for your review. I'm glad to know that it works well and that you recommend it.

  6. Sounds like rice cooking couldn't be easier! Right in my lane!

  7. I do not have a rice cooker but like making it in my Instant Pot. Great review, Cynthia. I would definitely consider having both!

  8. In my opinion, Hamilton Beach makes excellent products. My mom has a mini chopper from them and she's had it forever I think, well for a long time. We have a rice cooker too and when we use it we really like it.

  9. I love my rice cooker and would definitely not be without it. I only have a very basic one though, not as nice as the Hamilton Beach one. It is very light weight and I have traveled with it.

  10. I wish I could have both of these appliances. My solar power doesn't work with most electric appliances (too much power draw). Rats! Rice is tricky to cook here at my high elevation. It takes forever and a day to cook any rice that is longer grain. Thanks for sharing your experiences with these great products. Even if I can't have them right now, I can certainly gift them to friends and family.


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