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Stellar Resume Writing by Gregory Austin – Book Review

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Secrets from a Corporate Recruiter on How to Land Interviews

Have you been sending out your resume in search of a job and never hear anything back? Have you wondered why, even though you feel you are qualified for the position, you seldom get a call for an interview or even that initial phone interview? Perhaps it is not your skill set or your experience, but your resume giving off the wrong impression. 

You may have all the  'right stuff' a recruiter is looking for in a particular job, but your resume does not impress them. Why is that? If it is not your qualifications that are lacking, then what about your resume doesn't say what hiring managers are really looking for and what they really want to see?

If you are a beginner at writing a resume, getting back into the job market after a long career, or a seasoned resume writer looking for some higher-level tips, you can find value in this book. 

Stellar Resume Writing

Stellar Resume Writing by Gregory Austin – Book Cover
Available on Amazon

In Stellar Resume Writing, Secrets from a Corporate Recruiter: How to Land Interviews, Gregory Austin covers some very good 'best practices' and some things you absolutely must do. He explains what a personal brand is and how your resume can represent this and who you are. Even if you are applying for an entry-level position, making a good impression immediately with an outstanding resume can mark the beginning of what could become a wonderful career. 

Shotgun vs. Targeted Job Search

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Gregory explains the two ways to go about a job search. Each has its pros and cons and the author explains the differences. 

  1. The Shotgun Method is quicker and may be fine for just “any” job. 
  2. The Targeted Job Search Method is the best approach if you are seeking a job in a more specialized field that will utilize your skills and experience and give you job satisfaction in the long run. 

Each of these methods requires a particular type of resume, and this book will go into the details you need to write a resume that gets the attention of the recruiter or hiring manager.

Recruiters and hiring managers read hundreds of resumes looking for quality candidates for their companies. They 'key in' on particular points. For instance, some resumes may be from a well qualified candidate, but lack any contact information. This may seem unbelievable, but it happens more often than you would think. There is a circular file near the desk of these recruiters for such resumes, as you can imagine.  A recruiter spends hours upon hours reading resumes. Therefore, when writing your resume you need to be aware of a few “Must Do” points to include.

Author Gregory Austin

Author Gregory Austin
Gregory Austin
Gregory has been a recruiter for over 10 years, starting as an agency recruiter finding candidates who would be an excellent fit for a variety of organizations. 

Today he is a corporate recruiter finding quality candidates for the company he works for. After reading thousands of resumes over the years, he has nailed it down to the essential elements you need in your resume to really get noticed. 

During his career he has always found the most pleasure in helping candidates. Even if he cannot hire them at a particular time, he recognizes their potential and is passionate about helping them gain more confidence in their own job search and in giving them more tools to be successful. Thus, he wrote this book for that purpose, and is in the process of writing other helpful books aimed toward how to handle yourself in an interview and on counseling the job seeker.  


If you are looking for some excellent tips on how to create a resume from scratch or a needed tune-up to sharpen your resume, Stellar Resume Writing is for you. It is a short book that reads more like a workbook or a how-to document to give you some tangible and tactical knowledge to include in your resume and help you get noticed by a desirable employer. This edition also contains two valuable bonuses ~ a complimentary resume template and a social platform networking boost!

Discover How To Write Your Resume 
So Recruiters And Hiring Managers Will Call You!

Steller Resume Writing book cover
Available in Paperback and on Kindle

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  1. It has been many years since I worked outside of my home, but I was previously an administrative manager. I had an assistant who perused the resumes received, then she gave me the resumes of qualified applicants. I know from experience that the format of a resume, how easy it was to read over quickly, was the first hurdle for an applicant in the hiring process. I have no doubt qualified applicant resumes never made it to my desk simply because that first point of contact was too detailed, while others didn't tell enough. It can be a difficult balance to achieve. Most of us only write a few resumes in our entire lifetime. Therefore, we do need experienced expert help when writing a resume. I have no doubt this book will be packed with excellent advice and very beneficial to many. Well worth the small expense.

    1. It is a very good how-to book for writing resumes, Mouse. Having the author be a recruiter/hiring manager who reads submitted resumes, you know the advice and resume writing advice comes from someone who knows what company HR Departments look for in a job applicant.

  2. Those books sound so helpful! Too bad I’m already retired or I’d be first in line to purchase the Stellar Resume book. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Thanks for visiting, Carol. Glad you enjoyed my review.

  4. I had never had to write a resume until about 14 years ago as all my positions were via direct hire or referral. I actually hired a professional to do it and it cost a lot of money! It was excellent though. I suspect I would need a lot of help with a new resume if I tackled the job market again. Man I hate that process, resume writing and interviews etc. Since I've been spoiled by being referred for jobs I haven't really had to worry about it. Also, if I were job hunting again out of the home I'd probably be interviewing the company as much as they were interviewing me, lol. Picky picky. This book would be a tremendous help.

    1. I also had several referred jobs over the years, Barbara, so interviews are tough as I've not had a lot of experience. Thanks for visiting my review.

  5. I used to work in human resources and have helped many friends and family members improve their resumes. It's so much harder to do today than it was when I entered the job market decades ago, especially now that applicants need to have the right keywords so that software filters don't prevent their resumes from even being seen by human eyes. Formatting and structure have also changed a lot. Unfortunately, if you talk to 10 recruiters about the "right" way to format a resume, you're likely to get 10 different answers.

    1. I agree from listening to Greg talk about it, Margaret. Most job applications are done online in today's technological world, so keywords become important. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. I could have used this information a few years ago, but today, I can honestly say I'm thankful to be retired. What I do find interesting is that you can use this even in retirement to look for "volunteer" positions. There is no time to sit back and do nothing.

    1. I agree, Olivia, that this book might be useful when seeking volunteer work. Every area needs a background on people whatever you are seeking to do.

  7. Stellar Resume Writing sounds like a very helpful book! So much is different today than when we first started looking for work.

    1. You are right, Brenda, job seeking is very different today. Most applications are done online, which changes things so much. The neatly typed resume and format is not necessary with electronic submissions. But the basic information and being honest with your qualifications IS important.


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