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Rabbit Day Review

Rabbit sitting on the grass

International Rabbit Day is held on the 4th Saturday of September every year.  It first began in 1998 as an awareness day to protect and care for both wild rabbits and pet rabbits. 

We call rabbits by various names ~ rabbit, bunny rabbit, bunnies, and hares.  The difference between a hare and a rabbit is size (hares are larger). Also hares live in nests on the ground and rabbits live in burrows.

The word Bunny originally was used as an endearment for a young girl. Over time, it began to mean a young or small animal. Today it usually means a rabbit.  Bunny has become popular as the Easter Bunny or used when referring to a small or baby rabbit. Thus, we have Bunny Rabbit! 

If you want to know all the ins and outs of the rabbit terms, the website Wide Open Pets goes into detail of the various differences. 

How to Observe International Rabbit Day

  • Read a book about rabbits.  My favorite is The Velveteen Rabbit, definitely a classic in children's books. Other sweet rabbit stories include The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Watership Down. 
  • Watch a movie about rabbits.  Popular ones, especially with children, are Roger Rabbit, Watership Down, Bambi, and Bugs Bunny .
  • Treat your pet rabbit to some extra carrots on its special day!

Pet Rabbits

Little girl and her bunny rabbit
Source: Pixabay

Rabbits make good pets.  They are quiet, they are easy to house train, they don't require a lot of space, and they bond well with their owner.

Did you know that rabbits are the third most popular animal to have as a pet, right behind dogs and cats. 

Crafty Rabbits (or Handmade Hares)

If it is not possible to have a real rabbit for a pet, get your child a toy rabbit. Some really cute ones are handmade by crafters.  I found dozens in all forms on Etsy.

Here are a few in handmade crochet.

Roly-Poly Pink Baby Bunny

Roly-Poly plush pink bunny
Roly-Poly Pink Bunny @ Coastal Crochet Crafts 
This is a cute little plush bunny rabbit in a Roly-Poly Amigurumi Design.

Roly-Poly bunny measures a round 4 x 4 inches (including the bunny ears) and is about 9.5 inches around. She is filled with soft new fiberfill.

Plush bunny rabbit is handmade in pink acrylic yarn, and an Ombre variegated acrylic yarn called 'Wedgewood' in pinks, blues and white. Her features include blue craft eyes* and a dark pink embroidered nose. Her ears and feet are pink.

Roly-Poly bunny rabbit is a cute and cuddly soft toy just the right size for little hands to hold. Pink bunny has been sold, but contact: Coastal Crochet Crafts Etsy Store to order a custom bunny made for you.

Bunny Girl Plush Dolls

Handmade plush bunny rabbits

These darling handmade bunny rabbits, one in white and one in gold, are cute as can be.  

White Rabbit in plush crochet

Wonderland White Rabbit
is handmade in white acrylic yarn and filled with new polyester fiberfill.

Plush white bunny rabbit with crocheted carrot, is soft and cuddly. White rabbit measures 10 inches x 6 inches. The carrot, crocheted in orange yarn with green leaves, measures 5 inches long. 

Golden bunny girl doll in handmade crochet
Golden Bunny Girl Plush Doll on Etsy
Golden Bunny Girl is a soft plush doll.  She is hand-crocheted in a wheat-gold shade of acrylic yarn and comes complete with her own wardrobe for your favorite little girl to play 'dress-up' with her Bunny.

Golden Bunny Rabbit measures 9 inches tall (11 inches tall when you count her 'bunny ears') and 6 inches tall in a sitting position. She is about 5 inches across. Bunny Girl has craft eyes for features (eyes and nose) and she is softly stuffed with polyfil.

Golden Bunny Girl comes with her own wardrobe of 2 dresses which easily slip on by having her 'step into' the dress and pull up to tie around the neck in a bow. Each dress measures 4 inches long with 8 inch long crocheted 'ties'. Her dresses are crocheted in a pinafore style with a ruffle around the hem. The 2-piece crocheted wardrobe includes:

  1. Pale green dress with two dark green buttons sewn on as trim
  2. Colorful dress created with an ombre variegated yarn called "Artist Print" with shades of purple, lavender, rose, burgundy, gold, blue and green.

Both bunny girl dolls, plus more bunny-related items, are available on Etsy at Coastal Crochet Crafts.

International Rabbit Day

So, celebrate this special day by hopping down the bunny trail your favorite way – reading, watching movies, or playing with your pet rabbit or toy rabbit.

Don't forget the carrots! 

A pair of rabbits being fed a carrot
Source: Pixabay

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Rabbit Day Review written by:

Wednesday Elf 

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  1. Thanks for an interesting review on Rabbits. I've learned some new facts.

    1. Happy to hear, Mary Beth. Thanks for your visit this Rabbit Day! :)

  2. I love bunnies! When I was a young, we had 2 pet bunnies and dearly loved them. Your handmade bunnies are adorable and would certainly be much easier to take care of.

    1. Thanks, Mouse. Handmade bunnies are fun, and perfect for kids who can't have a real bunny for a pet.

  3. Your crocheted bunnies are just adorable, elf! I especially love the Bunny Girls in those sweet dresses.

    1. Thank you, Margaret. I enjoy creating in crochet and loved making these bunny girls.

  4. Oh what a wonderful way to spend the last weekend in September. Bunnies in all their forms are wonderful to me. My children has a lop eared bunny as a pet for a few years and then he was adopted out to our local Kindergarten class. All the kids loved him and took turns bringing in the carrots. I love all the bunnies you have showcased, each one seems special in it's own way. Cute is just the beginning of describing them.

    1. Thanks, Olivia. I enjoyed creating my collection of crocheted bunnies.

  5. Love your crochet rabbits! And love the bunnies I see in the yard, bring out the smiles!

    1. Thanks, Tracey. My yard has been home to a whole family of rabbits this summer. Not sure where they go in the winter months, but I'm sure they will return next Spring. :)

  6. I love your crochet rabbits too, they're super cute - I had no idea there were specific days until I started reading all about them here, lol

    1. Thanks so much, Barbara. I have a lot of fun finding out all the many special 'days' there are for various animals, foods, events and more. :)


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