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Garage Parking Sensor Aid Review

Loving this new garage gadget! This Adjustable Garage Parking Sensor Aid is just the gadget I needed to help park the car safely in the garage and avoid tangling with a wood shelving unit. This shelving unit came with the garage and while handy is a bit problematic to fit the car in the garage.

garage parking sensor aid

What one does not want to hear when driving the car into a tight sized garage is the sound of crackling wood. While this wood organizer unit can be very handy and it is very utilized, it appeared the prior owners of said organizer may have had a few run ins with the support posts. 

Just guessing, but a little bump of the support post produced .... a cracked post. 

cracked wood post

Going Bump In The Night

On the advice of a handy neighbor he told me about automatic garage sensors to help with judging the distance between the wood shelves and the car bumper. I had been using the tried and true low tech tennis ball as a guide to stopping; however if juggling two differently sized cars, which may or may not park in the same spot, the tennis ball has its' limits.

Handy Gadget

The length between the shelving unit and the garage door is very tight with very little space to maneuver. Enter the Garage Parking Sensor Aid

I love gadgets that are practical, fulfill a need with the bonus of affordable and easy to install. The Garage Parking Sensor fulfills all of the above!

garage parking sensor aid  garage parking sensor aid

Easy To Install

The unit can be installed in less than five minutes! It is that easy. No need to be handy. The unit runs on AA batteries or can be charged with a mini USB connection. 

Decide where the bumper of the car should stop and align the bottom sensor with the bumper. 

The top part shaped like a stoplight can be adhered with the included double stick tape or as many reviewers suggested using a cable tie or velcro. There happen to be a wide ledge I could prop the top part of the unit so no tape was needed.

The top and bottom sensor are connected with a generous length of wire to adapt to all size vehicles.

The Approach

What is very nice is how the distance from entering the garage to the stopping point is measured. The stop sign indicator is large enough to easily view. 

As the car approaches the light of the unit progresses from green to yellow to red. The yellow to red progression is very helpful as a guide point to be prepared to stop.

This quick video shows in real time the Garage Parking Sensor at work.

This really is a 1-2-3 open the package and install in five minutes! I can now send the tennis ball back to the court where it belongs!

garage parking sensor aid

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  1. What an awesome and obviously easy to install gadget! I know several people who would love having the handy helper, including me. I am never quite sure when to stop so the garage door will close without hitting my car. I always have to get out and look. If I didn't pull up far enough, I have to get back in the car and pull up more. Rather annoying indeed.

    1. Nothing like a gadget which actually easy to install and delivers as promised!

  2. What an amazing gadget. I have a single, very narrow garage with shelving built in at the back. Parking is always a problem. There are a couple nails someone must have once put in the wall on the left wall (driver's side) about where your eyes would look as you pull in, which I used at first to line up my car. But my son was driving me home in my car late one night recently (we were out late and I don't like to drive at night anymore) and he didn't see those nails in the dark, so that 'parking aid' only works sometimes ... LOL. This parking sensor aid would be much easier to see and more reliable. Thanks for telling me about such a handy and helpful gadget.

    1. I hear ya! The tennis ball worked... until it didn't and ended up wrapped around the car :) -

  3. Although I don't drive (I grew up in Manhattan, where they didn't even teach driver's ed when I was in school, because it was too expensive to keep a car in the city, lol!), my husband has a huge 1973 Buick Centurion convertible that "just" fits inside our small garage. Fortunately, he's extremely skilled at parking it (and at judging distances), but those are skills few other people I've known possess. This handy gadget would make a wonderful gift for that hard-to-buy-for person on anyone's list!

    1. Definitely a gift for the hard to buy list! Your hubby must be an expert parker!, we have a "classic" larger car and happy to say this garage parking sensor is saving the wood shelves!

  4. Wow, that's a handy item. Hubby and I have been having 'discussions' about shelves he put up in the garage - I think they're in the way of the car when we pull it in the garage in the winter, he says no - grrrrr - looks like we'll have to wait for a damaged car for me to be proven right - when that damage happens, I'll get him one of these!

  5. What a great idea. I know many people who could use this.

    1. It is quite handy for those garage challenged parkers!

  6. Okay, this looks like a handy dandy tool indeed. While parking a car is not a problem I have, I know many people who do need help. Posting this for everyone, so that parking is no longer the headache that it can sometimes be. Thanks Tracey!

  7. This looks like a very useful device for parking a car in a garage. I like that its easy to install and would certainly make parking a lot easier and hassle free! Thank you for sharing this with us.

    1. Hassle free is key :) for gadgets... and parking!


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