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CleanGreen Microfiber Cleaning Gloves (Dusting Gloves) Reviewed

Microfiber Dusting Gloves
Recently, I discovered the CleanGreen Microfiber Cleaning Gloves. I planned to wear them while I was dusting my home so I could easily pick up & dust picture frames, trinket boxes and knick-knacks. However, the first time I put them on, I discovered they can do so much more!

As I was dusting my dining room, I found it was a lot faster and easier to dust the dining room table legs and chair legs with the gloves.  Moving on to the buffet, I discovered just how easy it was to dust the doors, drawers & sides of the buffet.  In my den, I ended up using just the gloves to dust the book shelves. 

The gloves allow me to hold picture frames without getting finger prints on them while also dusting them completely.  Since the gloves are not thick, I can still feel the surfaces.  They are also very soft, similar to the way a plush animal feels.  I may never use a dusting cloth again!

Benefits of the CleanGreen Microfiber Cleaning Gloves

 Master Manufacturing CleanGreen Microfiber Cleaning Gloves, One Size
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There are several features about these gloves that I really like.  First and foremost, they do a great job of dusting anything your hands can touch or reach.  Here are a few more reasons to love them.

  • Attracts & Holds Dust, Dirt, or Pet Hair
  • Safe for Computers & Electronics
  • Safe for Dusting Leather
  • No Chemical Cleaning
  • Set of two gloves - one for each hand for dual action
  • Thin & soft - unlikely to scratch anything
  • Machine Wash & Dry


One note of caution:  Don't dry them with a fabric softener dryer sheet.

These dusting gloves made me wish I was a lot taller so I could dust the ceiling lights, fans, window casings and wall cornices.  Well, I guess I could do that with the help of a ladder, but I best stay on the ground with my long handled feather duster for those areas.

I was so impressed with these dandy dusting gloves that I immediately purchased 7 additional pairs.  I have already given my mom a pair and I plan to give them as Christmas gifts to the home "cleaners" in our family.   They are most definitely "gift worthy".

 Master Manufacturing CleanGreen Microfiber Dusting Floves, 1 Pair (Pack of 1), BeigeCheck Price


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  1. Oh these are pretty cool! I wouldn't mind a pair of these as well. Such a convenient way to dust. Cleaning my upper level would be a lot faster wearing a pair of them.

    1. It is a lot faster Barbara! I had company coming in for dinner a few nights ago, I slipped on the gloves and quickly dusted my dining room table & buffet. Less than 2 minutes to do both and I felt a lot better knowing I had just dusted before guests were sitting down in there.

  2. These microfiber dusting gloves sound like they are exactly what I need. For some reason I have not been able to discover, my house gets dusty very easily. These cleaning gloves would make quick work of a 'daily dust'. Thanks for telling me about this handy product.

    1. First, I would recommend checking your air conditioner filters. I see a noticeable difference in dust when our filters are new. I have found this gloves make weekly cleaning a lot faster, and a quick dusting much faster and easier!

  3. These are neat and I discovered them a while ago. Now on cleaning days I get my mitts on first and then the chore is so much quicker and easier. I like the lack of chemicals too! I'm green wherever and whenever I can be! Thanks Miss Mouse for a great review on a product that really works and works well.

    1. I LOVE the lack of chemicals, Olivia! It is so awesome to discover something that really does make housework faster & easier.

  4. These seem to be really amazing, making it easy to do the dusting around the house. I like the fact that they are washable, and thanks for the tips about not using dryer sheets. Oh, one more thing! for goodness sake don't get on a ladder!!

    1. Definitely no ladders :) I thought of Fran when I was tempted to climb to dust the ceiling fan. I forced myself to refrain. The fact that they are washable makes a world of difference to me. Very cost-saving that way instead of throwing supplies away.

  5. I hate housework so much. I'd rather change the oil in the Jeep than dust. But these gloves... I like the idea of using these gloves. Thank you for the review!

    1. lol to the oil change! I completely understand hating housework!

  6. These sound great. I've ordered a pair for myself. Thanks for the recommendation.

  7. Cynthia, you know from my Puracy liquid dish soap review how strongly I believe in finding and using green products that clean effectively without harsh chemicals! And since I hate dusting (but also hate dust, and am allergic to it), these “green” dusting gloves sound like something I could really use - especially since we have a treasured collection of Josh Simpson glass “planets“ that are gorgeous, but a pain to dust (not to mention the three long all-glass parsons tables in our living room - what was I thinking, lol!). Thanks for the great recommendation.

  8. I have never heard of these wonderful gloves - so flexible and practical!


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