Monday, September 21, 2020

Reviewing Baker Creek Seeds: Strawberry Watermelon

 I am excited to have been able to order a packet of Watermelon seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I am very excited about this coming gardening season. This Watermelon variety is the "Strawberry". It is the most delicious watermelon I've ever tasted. 

For the sake of transparency, I have to share that I am not currently gardening. I am in a metro-area apartment. I have grown some fantastic tomatoes on my southwest facing balcony. But I barely remember my last real garden. I own some land in a rural area. While I don't have a garden there yet, I did experiment this summer and was surprised to grow some monster zucchini squash and some very healthy looking cabbage. That experiment made me even more anxious to plant more edible plants this spring.

However, with the current craziness of 2020, including difficulty with the supply chain, I thought I'd buy my garden seeds now. In order to ensure I have seeds when it is time to start them.  This watermelon is one of the plants I am most excited to try to grow.

Watermelon - Strawberry 

I had been hearing, from serious gardeners, that they were extremely pleased about their Strawberry Watermelons. They were happy about the plants, the size of the melons, and the wonderful taste. At that same time, I had the opportunity to taste some of this melon. It was delicious! So flavorful. I love watermelon and eat some about 5 days a week during season. Some from the grocery and some from local farms. But none were as flavorful as the Strawberry Watermelons.  There is a bit of a berry flavor - slightly different than a typical watermelon. But it is not overpowering. And the traditional melon flavor is present.

More about this variety:

  • Name: Citrullus lanatus
  • 85 days
  • sugary sweet pink flesh
  • ripens to within a 1/2 inch of the rind
  • oblong melon, 15-25 lbs.

About Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Baker Creek specializes in heirloom seeds.  It is highly recommended by avid gardeners, especially those who like to save their own seeds for future gardens. You can find Baker Creek seeds at their website:

They carry familiar plants and varieties as well as plants and varieties you have likely never heard of. I have placed two orders and have received both orders without problems and in a timely fashion. 

The headquarters is a place that during normal times (as opposed to during times of quarantines and social distancing) can be visited. Watch for announcements for the re-opening of their village, store, and restaurant near Mansfield, MO. 

In the meantime, you can browse their selections online or request a printed catalog. 

In addition to their vegetable seeds, they offer some gorgeous flowers. I always try to plant some flowers for the pollinators. This year I can't wait to plant these gorgeous Zinnia's along with several varieties of sunflowers.

I have never seen these types of Zinnias, have you? I love "regular" zinnias. I can only imagine how amazing these will be in my "garden". 

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  1. Oh Dawn, you have hit on one of my favorite pastimes during the fall and winter months. Browsing garden catalogs just makes my heart flutter when it is freezing outside. Just the hope that you see in the pictures is enough to keep me going through those long months. Planning my garden is the other thing I love to do. Nowadays, like you I do my gardening on the balcony, thank goodness it faces south! Time to get my gardening mojo going for the upcoming season in 2021....I need something to look forward to!

    1. Olivia, I totally get it! There will soon be snow on the ground... and I'll have my nose in the gardening catalogs. Thank goodness for south-facing balconies!

  2. Dawn, my grandmother was the same way - loved pouring over seed catalogs planning next year's garden. My grandparents had a long back yard. The first half had borders around two sides and part way across the 3rd side. This was all for my grandmother's flower gardens. The back half was the vegetable garden, and that was my grandfather's domain. So the seed catelogs were well studied (and ordered from) in anticipation of each planting season. So, I understand your enthusiasm for your Baker Creek Seeds.

  3. Oh, thank you so much for telling me about Baker Creek, plus providing a link to their site! I love having a great source for heirloom seeds. Normally, when I buy online, I am buying small live plants or bulbs. Buying seeds is an awesome suggestion, especially in preparation for spring planting. No doubt, they are a lot less expensive too. I will be checking out the site for sure. I look forward to hearing how well your watermelons do. It is so exciting to watch a garden grow.

  4. I so envy people who are able to grow their own fruits and vegetables! My sister, who lives next door, has more land around her house, including a deck and a side yard that get full sun, and she grows a lot of her own produce. We get full sun only in our steeply sloped backyard which, sadly, is not easily accessible or suitable for gardening. Those strawberry watermelons look luscious even to me (and, sadly, I'm allergic to this wonderful treat!). Thanks so much for sharing Baker Creek's heirloom seeds. I'll be sure to tell my sister about them!

  5. Great resource to know especially w a supply chain which remains challenged!

  6. I would love to have a garden, and I'm considering container gardening next year. I know quite a few people with impressive gardens they started this year (2020 thing) - and wow, they're amazing! On my bucket list is to get myself a garden! I'll do it - all these types of articles are inspiring me


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