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Living Accents Rectangular Folding Table Review

Living Accents Rectangular Folding Table

I participate in a local Farmers Market as a craft vendor.  I have a 4 foot by 2 foot folding table that fits nicely in my small car for transportation to Market. 

Several years ago, in South Carolina, I took part in another Farmers Market using my folding table and a card table for displaying my crafts. The card table broke and, since my move to Iowa, I haven't needed it.  Now, with the opportunity to join in at an Iowa Farmers Market, I find my single table does not give me enough display room. Therefore, this week I purchased a second folding table.

Living Accents Folding 4 ft. Rectangular Table

The table I chose is by Living Accents.  It measures 48 inches long x 24 inches wide x 29.5 inches high. It is lightweight and easy to carry, plus fits just fine on top of my first table in the car. It is on a steel frame and the legs fold in for easy storage and transportation. 

The polyethylene top is resistant to water, stains, scratch and impacts, which is handy since hauling the table in and out of the car and back & forth to my space at the park where the Farmers Market is held outside would be very hard on any 'indoor' type table. 

Ace is the Place

I purchased my new folding table at Ace Hardware, my favorite local 'go-to' place for many things I need. Other places one can find this folding table by Living Accents is Walmart and Target.  Other brands of similar folding tables can be found at a variety of Big Box Stores and on Amazon


The current Farmers Market will run weekly through October.  Once the winter snows blanket my Iowa landscape, I will use my folding craft tables for my craft room as I create more inventory for my Etsy Store and for next season's Farmer's Market! 

My new folding table at the Farmers Market

Folding table being used at a Farmers Market

Table filled with my crafts on Market Day

Folding Table filled with crafts at the Farmers Market

Elf and her Crocheted Critters at the Farmers Market

folding table used for  my crafts at the Farmers Market

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  1. Oh this would be a perfect table for my plants.....I have a corner in my computer room that would be perfect to set this table up in. Right now the balcony is full of plants that need to find their winter home. Thanks Pat for pointing this one out for me. You look so cute sitting there with all your critters!

    1. Thanks,Olivia.:) I enjoy the Farmers Market and will miss it once the season ends (and winter begins :( But this craft table (or Plant Table) will be very handy and helpful in my craft room.

  2. That table is awesome and clearly perfect for displaying your fabulous handmade items at the farmer's market. I wish you tremendous success! I love going to the farmer's market. I prefer the fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruit, but I also like browsing the craft tables. There are only a few craft tables at our farmer's market, but they add some really neat items of interest and yes, I have bought a few things from the crafters there. I can see how useful this table would be for a lot of different things. I have one (a similar one) that I use as a buffet table during the holiday dinners.

    1. Oh! I love that picture of you with your critters! It looks like a very pleasant day too.

    2. It was a nice day to sit outside the day that photo was taken, Mouse. I only go when the weather is nice - cannot have my 'critters' outside when it is raining. LOL.

      These folding tables are very handy for many things. The fact that they fold up also is very helpful for storing between uses.

  3. Pat, I can see how this table would be ideal for displaying your adorable crocheted critters and accessories at outdoor markets! My husband and I use our two similar, but longer (6' x 2') rectangular folding tables for everything from crafts and gift wrapping to extra seating or a serving sideboard (covered with a nice tablecloth) for buffets, big gatherings, or outdoor barbecues. They're incredibly handy!

    1. They ARE incredibly handy, Margaret. I've used mine for many other uses in addition to using on Market days. Easy to store and easy to set up any time.

  4. Great review! I always feel more comfort buying something after reading a review like yours. It looks like you made the perfect choice. Love all those critters displayed on your table.

    1. Thanks, Carol. Enjoyed your visit virtually. Too bad we don't live close so you could visit our Farmers Market here and see my 'crochet critters' in person. :)

  5. Folding tables can come in handy in so many ways. When my boys were little, a dear friend used to host birthday parties with two folding tables put end to end and we always felt like we were at a big dining table. Currently, our kitchen table is a folding card table. Without it, we'd be without a table while my husband refinishes the 'real' one though, of course, he might have been a bit faster if he did not have the card table on which to eat his meals.

    1. Ha! We once used a card table for a kitchen table after a move where we sold most of our furniture with the house, and before we had time to buy another. Using the folding tables for birthday parties works well. My DIL recently used her Farmers Market folding craft table in her living room for the (family-only) graduation party she gave my grandson after his high school graduation.

      You should do a review of your kitchen table 'refinish' when done. :)


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