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2 Popular Rustic Furniture Styles that Fit into Both Modern and Country Designs

Popular Rustic Furniture

Live Edge Wood Coffee and End Table Slices

These rustic designs are choice pieces by young adults to seniors alike.

The furniture is designed from a slab of unused wood. They're a coffee table DIY gurus can handily tackle. My skilled son constructed his own. Although he's a full-time Realtor, his ironworking skills came in handy for this project.

The table below is the result of his discovery of a gorgeous piece of live-edge natural wood at a flea-market. He then custom-designed the legs to complete his table.

Photo Credit J. Cipak - His Personal DIY Table

You can view a collection of wood slice coffee tables from a variety of retailers here. Or check them out below.

Wood Stumps that are Both Extra Seating and End-Tables

My son also has a couple of these cute pieces. They're relatively basic in shape and size and available in other more elaborate designs as well. Here they are:

Photo Credit J. Cipak - Wood Stools

You may have heard the term, 'Twisted Stool?' Some designs are precisely that - twisted wood stools that can double as an end-table.

You can view a collection of Twisted Stools from a variety of retailers here. Or you can check them out below.

Modern and Contemporary Decor Can Host Both of These Unique Designs

Wood furniture, especially with a rustic look, is generally preferred for a cottage or country designs. Typically we look for furniture pieces to match our decor theme. As an example, for modern decor, we'll select contemporary pieces, and for country decor, we choose rustic elements. 

However, with newer apartments and condominiums being deniably modern, especially in urban settings, we rarely think of adding a contrary rustic piece.

In fact, adding natural rustic pieces to contemporary or modern design is a superb way to add depth, interest, and texture to an otherwise linear design. When you find a room is cold in appearance, utilize the decorating principle of Texture. Texture can include anything from patterns, colors, materials, or in this case, opposing furniture with character.

Twisted Tables and Wood Table Slices Featured Below - Or You Can View Them on Their Product Page Here

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  1. Wow, those are incredible. I like the rustic look myself and really appreciate these pieces. They really do stand out in a room as a great focal point. That's a lovely design that your son produced. Very, very nice indeed.

    1. Thanks Olivia, Jared did such a great job on that coffee table

  2. I've always liked the rustic look in furnishings. My hubby had a bunk bed set as a kid that was made out of wood slabs like it might have looked in a log cabin in the 1800s. He loved it. When our oldest son was 3 we moved back to his home town in Kansas and, for awhile, made do with borrowed and second hand furniture, as we'd sold most of ours with our house in Florida. His folks lent us one-half of that bunk bed set for our little boy, which was like a 'walk down memory lane' for the hubster. :) So I can definitely see why people like this rustic look.

    1. awe, isn't that great to look at something from the past and watch the next generation use it - so nice

  3. What a lovely way to bring a big piece of the outdoors, inside. Your son's furniture is lovely. I especially like the wood table. I have seen several handmade wood tables & benches at our local craft fairs and often though how pretty they would be in a sunroom if I had one. Several times I have been tempted to buy a piece and then find a place for it simply because they are so pretty.

    1. So many nice pieces to tempt us at a Craft Fair! They're hard to resist

  4. Jared's coffee table is incredible, Barb! I adore live edge wood tables (and mantles, and would love to own one. I'd never hear of "twisted stools" before, but those double-duty wood stump seats/tables are really good looking and versatile, too.

  5. Love, love these! so cool! Would be happy to have a table :)


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