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Dolphin Review for National Dolphin Day

Dolphin photo
Dolphin Photo - Pixabay
National Dolphin Day is celebrated each year on April 14th, an unofficial holiday that mainly focuses on bringing awareness to the ban on the hunting of dolphins. 

Dolphins are mammals and are related to whales and porpoises.  They range in size from 4 feet up to 30 feet and are found all over the world in the shallow seas around the continental shelves.  I have even seen them in the inland waterway between Savannah, Georgia and Beaufort, South Carolina and in the Savannah River, both of which have access to the ocean. 

Dolphins are very social animals and live in groups called 'Pods'.  

No one knows who originally started National Dolphin Day, but many organizations promote it, including conservation groups, zoos and aquariums.

Things to do on National Dolphin Day

  • Visit a zoo or an aquarium near you.
  • Go on a Dolphin Tour if you live near the ocean. My son & grandson took such a tour on the Savannah River in Savannah, Georgia last summer. 

  • Watch this amazing video about dolphins

  • Read a storybook about dolphins to a child.
  • Watch a movie about dolphins.  Remember Flipper?

Pink Dolphin in Plush crochet
Pink Dolphin in Plush

Toy Dolphins

A pod of plush dolphins in crochet
An Etsy Dolphin Pod in Plush Handmade Crochet

I am a crochet crafter who has lived near the sea for many years and toy dolphins in plush crochet are my favorite animals to create.  I have them in many colors in my Etsy Shop Coastal Crochet Crafts

Dolphins are usually gray or bluish gray with a lighter gray or white underbelly.  But cute crochet dolphins are toy stuffed animals, so they can be any color you can imagine! 

For more crochet dolphins, visit Crocheted Handmade Toy Dolphins by Wednesday Elf on Crochet, Crafts and Cute Critters. 

National Dolphin Day

So enjoy this magical of creatures, the wonderful sea animal known as the dolphin.

An image of a row of crocheted plush dolphins
Plush Dolphins on Etsy at Coastal Crochet Crafts

National Dolphin Day

Every April 14th

The Month of March is 

Dolphin Awareness Month

(c) Wednesday Elf. Article written on 4/4/2018. Updated 3/29/2019.

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  1. I miss seeing dolphins on a regular basis. I used to see them frequently when I lived on the Texas coast. They are such extraordinary creatures in every way. Every dolphin encounter was sheer delight. Your crochet dolphins are adorable.

    1. Thanks for the compliment about my crocheted dolphins, Diana. There is something so very special about dolphins. They are my favorite of all the creatures in the sea.

  2. Favorite part of visiting South Carolina is watching the dolphins! Happy Dolphin Day!

    1. Thanks, Tracey. Always fun to watch the dolphins!

  3. Now, you already know this, but I believe dolphins should only be hunted for photographing and watching their playful antics. Happy National Dolphin Day! I'll have to settle for videos, pictures and articles today since I don't live anywhere near the coast. Although, I did recently (as in last week) hear that a full grown alligator is living in one of our Mississippi River tributaries. Perhaps one day we will see dolphins around our parts too, although I seriously doubt it.

    1. I know you love dolphins too, Mouse. Glad you got to enjoy a bit of National Dolphin Day today. Watch out for the alligator! :)

  4. I do love dolphins, when I visited Ballina last time there were quite a few of them frolicking in the mouth of the river and my husband had to pull me away (I'd been watching them .. and trying to capture them on camera ... for just over an hour!) I really could've stayed all day :)

    1. I've tried photographing dolphins, Lou, but they are too fast for me to capture.

  5. They are the most beautiful creatures. They're truly amazing aren't they? Love your crocheted Dolphin, how cute! Wonderful gifts too.

    1. Thanks for the compliment and the visit, Barbara.


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