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3 Easy Ways to Cover Wall Imperfections Without Painting

Real or Faux - Brick and Wood Looks
Imperfect walls can be frustrating. We see them, where others may not, and they drive us crazy!

When painting isn't an option, or something you feel like doing, there are several other techniques you can employ to solve your flawed wall issues.

Wall Murals & Decals

Today's wall murals come in many materials; most commonly you'll find vinyl and paper.

You can get full wall coverage with a vinyl wall decal, however, it can be a bit expensive to cover a large wall. In fact, most of the large wall decals approach the five hundred dollar mark. But remember the advantage of a vinyl decal is being able to easily remove it.

If you're renting, vinyl decals are much easier to take down when the rental period is up. Depending upon the quality of vinyl you choose, you may or may not have to repair the paint underneath after removing it. However, higher quality decals tend to be removable without the worry of wall or paint damage.

If you have an overly flawed wall, another tip is to choose a geometric design in either paper or vinyl. The three dimensional look helps to hide any obvious boo-boos that might otherwise peek through a plain or solid design.

Faux Brick Wall Treatments
If a wall has quite a few flaws, wallpaper (not vinyl) may be the wiser choice.

In fact, if the walls have obvious marks or flaws to cover, then a durable wallpaper, like Grass Cloth should be considered.

You can essentially get any pattern, scenery, or design in vinyl or paper, making it possible to create virtually any artistic look you want.

Faux Wall Treatments - Faux Brick, Faux Wood

You don't have to spend a fortune to cover an unattractive wall. Faux vinyl materials exist in various styles including faux brick and wood. Or if you're willing, you can put up actual wood panels. Today's decorating choices essentially give you any design, look or color in faux or real wood.

Creating a feature wall can change the look of a room. A flawed wall gives you the chance to put your inner artist to the test. The wall that was once painful to look at, can be become your home's Picasso.

Getting started is the hardest part. Look around your room and decide what design would look best on your wall; geometric, bricks, or wood ... and then find the look you want in easy to install faux art.

3D Green Fields and Peaceful River Curtains3D Green Fields and Peaceful River Curtains
Use Three Dimensional Drapes to Cover a Flawed Wall

When you're not into painting, and you're not into vinyl decals, and you're absolutely not into wallpaper, but you need to do something to fix that eye-sore, then three dimensional drapes are the way to go. 

You don't need a window to put up drapes!

Put up the drapery rod and add the artistic scenery drapes to cover your wall, floor to ceiling and wall to wall, and you've solved your problem! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. 

Oh, and the best part, get two or three designs in three dimensional draperies, and switch them up when you get tired of them! Go seasonal in your designs; spring, summer, fall and winter. 

There you have it, three easy ways to fix up your walls without painting; have fun!

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  1. I love the idea of covering imperfections with easy and beautiful wall coverings. I've never considered covering a whole wall with a curtain, but the picture you selected certainly shows us just how pretty that would be. I'll never forget that the first house we ever bought had a room that had one wall that was paneled. It never occurred to me that it was hiding a blemish. A few years after we moved in, we pulled the paneling down so we could paint the room and redecorate the bedroom. Turns out there was a huge hole in the wall that had previously been covered by the paneling.

    1. wow, that's covering a flaw indeed - a big hole in the wall! - I like the idea of the drapes as well. I think it's the interchangeable nature of them that I find appealing.

  2. I really like those drapes. They truly change the mood of the room. Now if they only made that wall soundproof I'd get them for sure.

  3. I really like the drapery idea. Easy to change.... easy to take with you should you move. With so many choices and seasonal scenes available, you can hide flaws and change your decor all-in-one. Great idea, Barbara.

  4. I have been considering what to do about the ugly placement of a heat register high up on my kitchen wall. I'm not sure why that vent even had to be there. Anyway, I've decided to use a more decorative metal sheet to replace the standard louver. It will be an easy fix. Thanks for these excellent ideas. I always think about the Japanese culture where flaws are made into something beautiful. Where there is a flaw, there is an opportunity.

  5. Some clever ideas for covering flaws.

  6. These are great ideas! Especially for renters, they can be a tremendous boon.

  7. Great ideas for updating a room too, without having to paint. I really don't like painting at all and I'm not good at it either. So these ideas would be wonderful for someone like me.


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