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At Home in Mitford - Hallmark Movie Review

At Home in Mitford - Hallmark Movie Review
At Home in Mitford is a sweet, romantic movie based on the novel by Jan Karon.  I read the book several years ago and was quite delighted when I found that the Hallmark Channel had released the movie.   I always trust Hallmark movies to be appropriate for family viewing.  Since I knew the plot of the book, I anticipated an excellent movie.  I was not disappointed!   It was truly an enjoyable way to spend my Sunday afternoon.

Jan Karon's books are easy reads which may well explain why they are so popular and why she is on the New York Time's bestselling author list.  At Home in Mitford is the first book in the Mitford series.

The Mitford book series is absolutely perfect for a Hallmark movie.   

At Home in Mitford Movie & Book Plot

 At Home In MitfordCheck PriceMitford is a fictional town set in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  It resembles hundreds of small towns in America where people live slower paced lives, plant backyard gardens and look out for each other.  

Andie MacDowell plays the part of Cynthia Coppersmith, a burnt out, uninspired, recently divorced children's book author who returns to her childhood refuge in Mitford.  Even though her uncle has died, he left his home to Cynthia and she desperately needs the solace of his safe-haven.  With her book deadline approaching, Cynthia and her cat, Violet, take off for Mitford and hopefully renewed inspiration.

As the new woman in town, Cynthia immediately starts attracting attention from the bachelors, but she isn't looking for a relationship.  When the realtor asks her to dinner, at first she declines his offer, but eventually reconsiders.  

Father Tim is her next door neighbor who has recently adopted a big dog that can't be held by mere fences.  Therefore, Father Tim and Barnabas also burst unexpectedly into Cynthia's life.  Father Tim, an Episcopal priest and Cynthia quickly become friends in spite of her original anger over being disturbed and having a portion of her fence knocked down. 

I'm not going to tell you which bachelor Cynthia selects.  To find that out, you will have to watch the movie.   But, what I will tell you is that At Home in Mitford is a delightful movie (and book) about a woman who finally finds where she truly belongs.

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  1. I, too, love and trust Hallmark movies, so am delighted to read your review of 'At Home in Mitford'. Sounds like a movie I will really enjoy.

  2. I look forward to watching this movie. Thanks for sharing your review so we can all enjoy it.

  3. Thanks for this review. I would love to watch this movie.

  4. thanks for reviewing a movie, sounds like a nice relaxing flick to watch - I'll have to add it to the list

  5. I absolutely loved the entire Mitford series of books. I didn't envison the characters looking quite like this, so I don't know if I want to see the movie and erase what's in my imagination. But Barnabas looks like I would expect him to. If you haven't read the books, see the movie first. Then read all the books.

  6. Great review about a timesless author. We all need to feel good and reading or watching this series is a must for doing that.

  7. I just watched the movie on Hallmark Movies now. I am downloading the first 3 books right now! I loved the movie and am excited to read the books!

  8. I haven't seen this one or read the book. I do love Hallmark Movies, I'm glued to the television during the Holidays for all the Hallmark movies. Great review I'll have to watch it.

  9. Nothing like the Mitford series. 14 novels with Fr Tim as the main character. He is a 60 year old , balding bachelor Episcopalian priest. The secondary character Cynthia is a petite blonde 50 something children's book writer.
    Those are the only 2 characters from the books-and they are not even the true chatacters-names only.
    The little yellow house next door to the rectory? No. The pure white cat Violet-shaggy gray. Main St Grill with Fr Tim's quirky guy friends? Sec Emma-annoying and funny. Uncle Billy-joke teller? Ester the mayor? Miss Sadie-his elderly best feiend. Dooley the troubled 11 year old-now a young child. Everyone readers and lovers of the series are gone.
    Hallmark somehow got rights for the book and transformed it into a Hallmark format.
    Not cool.
    The books are sweet, deep and filled with lovable quirky characters-as well realistic and beautiful Christian wisdom.

    1. I do appreciate your comment. Personally, I love both the books and the movie, which of course they have to scale down to fit into a story that can be told in less than 2 hrs. Like you, I prefer the books, but no doubt, the Hallmark movies serve as an introduction to the books for many.


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