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Whimzees Natural Dog Treat Review

My little furball is in love with his new friend Whimzees Dog Treats! I am in love that I found a dog treat my dog can actually eat due to his new friend the low protein dog diet. Whimzees brand of dog treats are actually all natural dental treats so one a day is the recommended serving.

whimzees dog treat

 All Sizes All Shapes

One of the fun features are the different sizes and shapes of Whimzees. Every dog has their unique preference of the size and shape of a dog treat and then there are those dogs which are generalists. My dog is a generalist; not necessarily picky, but does prefer the chew stick or chew round as the first options.

 Low Protein All Natural Dog Treat

Unfortunately due to a tangle with bladder stones my dog had to be switched to a low protein menu which included low protein dog treats and chews. The treats were not an issue as I had always restricted the types of treats; but taking away the favorite dog chew was a huge issue!

The Fluff (as I call my dog in jest, as he is not a wash and wear type dog and needs to be groomed and fluffed!) absolutely without hesitation indicated that a daily chew was a necessity.

The Search For A Low Protein Dog Chew Or Snack

It was very difficult to find any dog chews that were "low protein" as defined by under 15-20% protein content. When I was roaming up and down the treat aisle at the local pet store I lucked into one of the employees who was also a dog nutritionist. I was reading the ingredients of Whimzees and as we together went through the ingredients the dog nutritionist explained each ingredient and its' benefit. The Whimzees Vegetable Sausage is a dental dog treat so the Fluff eats the stick quickly, but is very satisfied.

whimzees dog treat

Switching From A Protein Dog Chew To Whimzees

It was absolutely no problem to switch to the Whimzees Dog Treats. I chose the Vegetable Sausage as it was a chew stick and suitable for the size of the Fluff. The Fluff approved immediately and is a happy little chewer with the added bonus of helping to keep his teeth clean and his breath fresh.

Whimzees can be purchased in variety packs of different shapes or a  pack of the same type of dog treat. I began with the Vegetable Sausage and next time will order the variety pack for small dogs for a change of pace. Dog owners seeking a grain free treat will love Whimzees too!

The Fluff and I highly recommend Whimzees! 

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  1. Well, these sound really good! Wonder if they have them for cats.

  2. I would have never thought about looking for dog treats that fit into a special dog diet regimen. After reading your review of Whimzees dog treats, I can see how helpful it is to have a treat whose ingredients match what you need for your dog's diet. Glad to hear that now you and The Fluff are happy with these new dog treats.

  3. Your "Fluff" is absolutely adorable! I can certainly understand why he would not want his chew toys eliminated and I am glad you found a wonderful replacement. I've never heard of Whimzee's before and certainly appreciate the recommendation. I'm sure my furbabies would enjoy a longer lasting treat too. Right now, they only get Milk Bones and they are devoured rather quickly. The chew stick Fluff is holding looks like it would last a while.

  4. These treats sound excellent - I'll pin this so I can remember the name of them when shopping for treats

  5. Thanks for introducing me to a new treat I can try with Finn. At the moment, my guy favors the Greenies dental treats. He gets one per day. I'm not sure whether they are low in protein or not. I have Finn on a mostly grain-free diet. Enjoyed seeing The Fluff. It's easy to see he's a beautiful fur baby.

  6. I'll have to try these out with Roman, he does enjoy a chew even though I'm sure he just inhales them as they don't last for long at all :)

  7. These chews are just THE BEST!!!! My two dogs demolish treats very quickly...and these last for about 10-15 minutes which ensures their teeth are cleaned properly!! They also LOVE the taste!! A winner for sure!! Couldn't recommend this product highly enough!! A+++++

  8. My dog goes crazy for them. He grabs it, chews on it till it is half gone, then walks around whining till he can find the perfect place to hide it for later.


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