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Reviewing the Honeywell True HEPA Air Purifier

Honeywell is my choice for allergy and migraine relief.
Allergy season is upon us. While many people buy air purifiers to help reduce seasonal allergies, I have purchased the Honeywell True HEPA as an experiment to see if I could get some migraine relief. While the migraines have not ended, I have had some significant relief in the severity of my headaches.  I have also noted significant decreases in allergy symptoms and in unpleasant odors in the apartment. Honeywell is known for making a quality product and I'm really glad I made this purchase - whether or not it is the reason for my decreased migraines.

Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover HPA300

This air purifier is advertised as being able to handle up to a 465 sq ft area. It has clearly made a difference in the air quality in my apartment. I began my experiment with placing the air purifier in my living room - with plans to move it to my bedroom if I found that it didn't seem to be working well. However, I have not felt the need to move it. It seems to be clearing the air in my entire (albeit small) one bedroom apartment. 

When I decided to buy an air purifier, I asked my friend for his opinion regarding what I should look for. He works in HVAC and maintenance and I know he'd have at least one tip for me. My friend told me to be sure to choose a machine that has a "carbon pre-filter".  While that sounded like gibberish to me, I made sure to choose a machine with that feature.

The Honeywell True Hepa HPA300 uses three HEPA filters and one carbon pre-filter.  I will update this at a later date if I find that I am unhappy with having to replace that many filters. But in the meantime, that many filters seem to be what I needed.

It is advertised to be able to remove dust, pollen, gases/VOCs, some bacteria, mold, pet dander, and smoke from the air. 

It circulates the air 5xs per hour when in a 465 sq ft (or less) area.

It has different settings - including the "turbo" setting that I use for a few minutes nearly every day. This air purifier also has settings that run it for the amount of time chosen (2, 4, or 8 hours) before shutting itself off.

The filters were easy to install and once I realized that controls operated by a touch, it was easy to choose my settings. The blue light indicates which setting has been chosen.
top view: control panel

My Migraine Experiment

Without going into three decades of details, I've had severe migraines for a long time. The triggers for migraines are mysterious and hard to identify. As I have aged, my migraines were decreasing and I was hopeful about the comment from the neurologist that they should end with menopause. Yippee! Come on menopause. Imagine my disgust when my migraines had nearly ended, only to return with gusto.

During this past winter, I woke in the middle of the night suddenly thinking that the apartment was on fire. You may or may not recall that I live in a small, old, and poorly maintained apartment. I realized that some of my new neighbors smoke like coal fired steam engines. Okay, maybe that is a little dramatic. But I realized that I had resumed waking in the night with migraines around the same time as a massive turnover of neighbors in the adjacent apartments. Neighbors who smoke a lot.

Later, I realized that when I went on trips to visit my children in their homes (all non-smokers and not living next to Ceech & Chong and the Marlboro Man) I was migraine-free. Coincidence? Maybe. But people with migraines will try just about anything to find relief. I decided to try an air purifier.

So far, with the purchase of this air purifier, my migraines continue frequently, but are much easier to manage the pain level. And they end much sooner than ever before. I have not missed a day of work due to migraines since adding this Honeywell True HEPA to my home, and that is saying a lot.

I run this air purifier at least 8 hours every day. And I hit that "turbo" button when I can smell the neighbors (any type of smoke, their cooking, the exhaust fumes of the truck outside, etc).  

The reasons to run an air purifier are as individual as every individual living space. I have found that for the smoke, allergens, and pet dander I am seeing a difference in my comfort level. I'm really glad I made this purchase. And fingers crossed for continued migraine improvements.

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  1. It sounds like you have hit on a good partial solution to both improve the quality of your air and reduce your migraines, Dawn Rae. I'll bet my daughter could benefit from this Hepa air purifier as her circumstances are similar to yours. Honeywell has always made good products.

  2. I know you and I have discussed migraines several times since I also suffer with them from time to time. I can definitely identify with your pain. When we are around smokers, I end up in extreme pain afterwards. Unfortunately, if the smell lingers on my clothes (which it almost always does) I have to wash my own clothes immediately. (not what you need when you are already in excruciating pain.) Same thing if I enter a home where they are cooking with bell peppers. I am sure there are other food smell triggers, but bell peppers cause them almost instantly for me. I know it has to be horrible for you to live next door to heavy smokers in an apartment. I sure am glad you found a Hepa air purifier that is helping. My own daughter has one too. It is an older, larger model, but she loves hers. How awful that your life and health can be so adversely affected by new neighbors.

  3. One of my boys has bad allergies. This may make a great gift idea for him. I've had air purifiers before, I think I ordered one from the Shopping channel a decade or more ago. It didn't end up lasting. I'd be interested to know about the filters, how they last etc. Honeywell is a good name though, so this product sounds like it could do the job.

  4. Air quality is so critical for good health. I hope this air filter continues to increase your wellness. Seems like this would be an excellent investment for everyone (even those who do not experience migraines). I always feel badly for those who suffer with intense headaches. May you soon know the kind of relief you seek. Thanks for sharing this resource. I hadn't previously thought about purchasing an air filter. Now I can see that it would be a good thing to have in my home.

  5. I have bad allergies and my husband has mild asthma and periodic migraines, so I'm very interested in your excellent review of this air purifier! I'll be looking forward to hearing your update on how often the filters need to be changed (and how expensive they are).


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