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Best Choice Products 2 in 1 Dog Trailer - Review

2 in 1 dog trailer with dog in it
Finn's New Adventure Mobile
Let's go!  These are the magic words that make my dog's heart sing.  Finn is always thrilled when we head out for an adventure, but his disability requires thoughtful solutions that enable him to enjoy rigorous outdoor activities.  This is why I bought Finn the Best Choice Products 2 in 1 Dog Stroller/Trailer this week. Now he can go on extended hikes and bike rides without hurting or overly stressing his body.

When I adopted Finn a few months ago, the first thing I acquired for him was a standard dog stroller.  That stroller has been an important mobility aid given Finn's limited use of his rear legs, but it has significant issues.  The stroller is tippy and its small wheels can only handle paved surfaces.  Given the rugged terrain where we live and play, it quickly became apparent that we needed a different style of dog stroller.

As I initiated a search for Finn's next adventure mobile, my wish list included the following features: lower center of gravity (closer to the ground); bigger wheels; dual use features (bike trailer option in addition to stroller function); and affordability (many dog trailers cost several hundred dollars).

2 in 1 dog trailer parts
After considering several products, I found one that offered more than I was seeking.  The price was right (two to three hundred dollars less than other models offering fewer features) and the shipping was fast and free.  Everything arrived carefully packed.

Here's what I received in the box (clockwise from bottom center): tool kit; instructions; front swivel wheel and fork; safety flag; handlebars with brake; rear wheels; and trailer body.

large wheels on 2 in 1 dog trailer
In addition to getting the larger wheels (19-inch) on my wish list, I was especially happy to receive the bonus of a suspension system that will provide shock absorption.  I want Finn to have as smooth a ride as possible.  This is one of the more important features for a dog that cannot balance on all four legs.

wheels on 2 in 1 dog trailer
I was ready to purchase another trailer model until I read complaints about the front wheel being stationary.  Because the wheel did not swivel, turning was tedious.  I now realize what a mistake it would have been to go with a stroller that was hard to maneuver around curves and corners.  The front wheel on this model can swivel 360 degrees and is 9.5 inches high.

pockets on 2 in 1 dog trailer
Another complaint about some of the other dog strollers that I initially considered was that they lacked any storage options.  This model has two pockets, one on each side of the trailer body, that are just perfect for storing a cell phone, keys, or a wallet.

2 in 1 dog trailer ready to be transported in truck bed
Though the trailer can be compacted for travel, I find it is easiest to just leave it fully assembled and use the bed of my truck for moving it around.  Even though I have a short bed on my Sport Trac, it is large enough to haul this trailer.  Anyone with a van, SUV, or truck will have plenty of room to easily transport this dog trailer.  The external dimensions are: 30" wide x 46" long x 38" high.  At 37 pounds, I can easily lift and load this stroller/trailer by myself.

dog in 2 in 1 dog trailer
Let's move on to what Finn likes about his new ride.  When I asked him, he wanted to make sure I mentioned his awesome sunroof.  That's pretty much his favorite feature.  I've been keeping the roof open while we're cruising so Finn can keep an eye on my driving.  The sunroof does have a screen and rain guard.  Given that the weather can change every five minutes in Colorado, I'm sure that hatch cover will be put to use.

dog looking out of side window on 2 in 1 dog trailer
Finn also likes the roomy interior of his carriage.  There is plenty of space to lie down comfortably.  The internal dimensions are: 23" wide x 28" long x 22" high.  He also enjoys all of the screened in picture windows.  This is one fabulous room with a view.

Most of all, Finn and I love the anticipation of all the places we will now be able to go.  We highly recommend the Best Choice Products 2 in 1 Dog Trailer.  It's not just for disabled dogs.  Most dogs could benefit from this mobility aid during some season in their lives.  Young pups and senior dogs often tire easily on long walks.  Also, many dogs have periods of time when they are recovering from something that limits their capacity to get around (a surgical procedure, injury, etc.).  It is so hard for a dog to be grounded.  Anything that keeps a dog's spirits up and is good for his overall well-being is so worth the investment.

Stay tuned for updates as we test the bicycle trailer option and take our first road trip.

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  1. Finn looks quite happy in his new stroller. You are such a blessing to have adopted him. :)

    1. I am so blessed to have Finn in my life. He's happy as long as the stroller is moving.

  2. It's amazing and I really am glad that companies have realized that just because a pet has mobility issues, doesn't mean they can't have a great life! When I first heard about dog strollers, I thought "how prissy" expecting that people with "designer dogs" would be using these! Little did I think about pets with mobility and health issue, whose families love them. Good for you and great for Finn! I'm so glad these products are out there for him and others.

    1. I field a lot of assuming comments from people who see Finn in a stroller. They are often embarrassed after I respond to their comments because they assume he is just being babied or spoiled. When I share that he is disabled, it can be a very enlightening moment. Until I had a disabled dog, I was really unaware of what was out there to help special needs animals. I am thankful for all that I am learning about the types of products that make it possible for pets with challenges to thrive.

  3. What a clever idea someone had to invent this dog stroller. I can picture many uses for one just like you mentioned. My 14-year-old Golden Retriever would have loved riding in one on long walks and bike rides we took, as advancing years made his arthritis bothersome.

    1. I imagine those who invent these kinds of products are truly beautiful individuals who have had a beloved fur baby with a need. Pets with arthritis, diabetes, hip dysplasia, etc., can really benefit from this type of mobility aid. I hope my journey with Finn leads me to do something creative for other animals with special needs or challenges.

  4. Oh, very nice indeed! I'm really glad the other customer reviews helped you make a better, more informed decision. I can easily see that a stationary front wheel would have been a major problem for you and Finn. I couldn't help but think how my Daisy's paws seem to be quite sensitive to rocks and gravel. I feel quite sure she would love this dog trailer too when we venture into those uneven, sharp or pointy paths. So glad you found one that works well and that you could recommend.

    1. I hope Daisy finds the relief she needs. One of my concerns was how Finn's pads were going to get worn by the way he drags his back feet. Also, my worry was that Finn's front leg joints were going to prematurely wear out from all of the extra weight he must bear on two legs. I'm hoping the stroller/trailer will make it possible for Finn to keep the front functionality for as long as possible. And, I want to provide the stimulation his mind needs through discovery and travel.

  5. So wonderful of you to take care of Finn and make his life better. This trailer/stroller sounds great for dogs with special needs.

    1. He makes my life better. Thanks for stopping by! Always wonderful to see you.

  6. What a great review. I would have not thought about the importance of the front wheel turning. Finn always looks so happy.

  7. This is an awesome handy item. We had one for the kids when they were young. Actually we had one before they were common place for the kids - it attached to a bike, but also converted with handle bars to push - we took it everywhere and people would stop and ask us about it. Now they're so popular, they're everywhere and for pets too! Terrific review.

    1. I think this dog stroller could easy be used for children as well as pets. When I took Finn for his first walk in this new trailer, we got a lot of smiles from families that were out strolling with their children. It's hard to imagine not having the convenience. You were, and are, a trendsetter, for sure. I plan to assemble a new bike today so that we can try out the bike trailer feature. Fun!


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