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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Whimzees Natural Dog Treat Review

My little furball is in love with his new friend Whimzees Dog Treats! I am in love that I found a dog treat my dog can actually eat due to his new friend the low protein dog diet. Whimzees brand of dog treats are actually all natural dental treats so one a day is the recommended serving.

whimzees dog treat

 All Sizes All Shapes

One of the fun features are the different sizes and shapes of Whimzees. Every dog has their unique preference of the size and shape of a dog treat and then there are those dogs which are generalists. My dog is a generalist; not necessarily picky, but does prefer the chew stick or chew round as the first options.

 Low Protein All Natural Dog Treat

Unfortunately due to a tangle with bladder stones my dog had to be switched to a low protein menu which included low protein dog treats and chews. The treats were not an issue as I had always restricted the types of treats; but taking away the favorite dog chew was a huge issue!

The Fluff (as I call my dog in jest, as he is not a wash and wear type dog and needs to be groomed and fluffed!) absolutely without hesitation indicated that a daily chew was a necessity.

The Search For A Low Protein Dog Chew Or Snack

It was very difficult to find any dog chews that were "low protein" as defined by under 15-20% protein content. When I was roaming up and down the treat aisle at the local pet store I lucked into one of the employees who was also a dog nutritionist. I was reading the ingredients of Whimzees and as we together went through the ingredients the dog nutritionist explained each ingredient and its' benefit. The Whimzees Vegetable Sausage is a dental dog treat so the Fluff eats the stick quickly, but is very satisfied.

whimzees dog treat

Switching From A Protein Dog Chew To Whimzees

It was absolutely no problem to switch to the Whimzees Dog Treats. I chose the Vegetable Sausage as it was a chew stick and suitable for the size of the Fluff. The Fluff approved immediately and is a happy little chewer with the added bonus of helping to keep his teeth clean and his breath fresh.

Whimzees can be purchased in variety packs of different shapes or a  pack of the same type of dog treat. I began with the Vegetable Sausage and next time will order the variety pack for small dogs for a change of pace. Dog owners seeking a grain free treat will love Whimzees too!

The Fluff and I highly recommend Whimzees! 

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

ID Tags for Dogs and Cats

Reviewing the Importance of ID Tags for Pets

Would you freak out if your pet went missing? Get one of these customizable dog or cat ID tags!
Is your pet missing? Never underestimate the
importance of having an ID tag for each of your dogs and cats.
We've all heard the amazing stories of dogs and cats that travel for miles, sometimes over months, to get back to their old homes.

It happens and the science behind how it happens is fascinating. But if it's your dog or cat that's gone missing, it can be a heartbreaking time of waiting, watching, and hoping that he or she will be returned to the family.

The least we can do as pet owners is to make it as easy as possible on someone who might find our missing pet. That's why I want to talk today about the importance of ID tags for pets, both dogs and cats.

Dogs are slippery and cunning and some are "rovers" by nature. We had a neighbor dog who loved to run away just to see how far he could get, or so it seemed. Fortunately, he was returned several times before he finally disappeared for good. How did the pet lovers who found him get him home? They checked his ID tag and called his owners. Having the phone number right on the tag was the key to reuniting the family with their much-loved pet.

A cat I knew also had an interesting adventure that was rather amazing. When his family moved to a new home several miles away and across a very busy highway, within two days that cat was back at his old house. How he found his way through the countryside, across the highway, then through town to get to his house only his Creator will ever know for sure. In this case the cat didn't have a tag, but a neighbor recognized him and called his owners who happily came back to get him and secure him for good. Fortunately, that story had a happy ending, but many do not.

I've seen plenty of "lost dog" or "lost cat" ads with the statement that the animal "needs his medicine." Knowing that time may be running out quickly for a cat or dog with a medical condition only makes the ordeal worse.

So now you know the background and the reason why you might want to choose one of these ID tags for your pet.

(Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article.)

I love the "freak out" dog tag at the top of the page because I'm a dog mom who certainly would freak out if our Daisy were to go missing. It's a beautiful tag, perfect for anyone with a sense of humor.  Consider ordering one for a friend's dog or cat. It's a great gift idea.

diabetic dog tag
Have a diabetic dog or one who needs medication for seizures or another condition? Customize this tag, currently featuring our grand-pup Adrian (who is not diabetic but is an adorable model), with your own medical and contact information. It's also available in a dog bone shape.

Dog ID tag for a pet with a medical condition. Customizable from Zazzle.
Or choose this tag without a photo but with a brightly colored center that's very visible even at a distance. Very simple to customize with your message and contact information.

Cat ID Tag - Cat on the Moon - Customizable from Etsy
If you're a cat owner, then you know he or she deserves demands pampering. If I were a cat I'd choose this Cat on the Moon ID tag and I think your cat would like it, too. It's beautiful and should suit even the most finicky feline. Customizable with a name and phone number on the back.

I hope you never have a lost pet but, given the odds that any pet can get away at any time, your dogs and cats need to have an ID tag. Please take care of that little detail right away.

Just in case.

Before it's too late.

~ Susan Deppner
Read more of my reviews.

Missing pet? Never underestimate the importance of ID tags for dogs and cats.
This is important information for all pet owners.
Thanks for pinning and sharing!

Posted by Susan Deppner

Susan Deppner

About the Author

Susan Deppner is a baby boomer, a cancer survivor, and a Southerner who believes in the Golden Rule. She enjoys writing about food, faith, and fitness; health, home, and holidays; people, places, pets, and patriotism, and more. Follow Susan on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Slow-Feeding Dog Bowl Review

Daisy is a bit suspicious of her new  Outward Hound Fun Feeder slow-feeding dog bowl.
Daisy is a bit suspicious of her new
Outward Hound Fun Feeder slow-feeding dog bowl.
Is your dog a chow hound, determined to set speed records every time he eats his meals? Or perhaps you have a dog (possibly a large breed) that has problems with bloat or regurgitation.

If so, then your precious pet could use a slow-feeding dog bowl such as this one that we recently bought for our Labrador Retriever, Daisy. Here's my review of the Outward Hound Fun Feeder.

Daisy is a sweet girl, always curious, never wanting to miss anything that the humans in our family are doing, especially when it involves food. She's a begger who loves people food (and yes, I take full responsibility for that, but we're doing better). Her habit is to rush through eating her dog food so she can spend the majority of the dinner hour at my feet, waiting for me to cave in and share what's on my plate.

Fortunately, Daisy doesn't have a problem with bloat, but many dogs are prone to the condition. Bloat happens when dogs gulp their food, filling their stomachs with air and food, causing the stomach to twist or rotate. Bloat is a serious problem and can cause death, so it's important to take measures to slow your dog's input of food. Regurgitation, when food backs up into the esophagus and into (and out of) the mouth can be caused by medical issues, but eating too much, too fast is a common cause as well.

(Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article.)

The ridges and valleys pattern in the Outward Hound Fun Feeder separates the food into small sections that require the dog to slow down when eating.
The ridges and valleys of the Fun Feeder bowl
forces the dog to eat more slowly as he
accesses small quantities of food at a time.
If your dog suffers from bloat or frequently regurgitates her food, a slow-feed dog bowl can be very helpful. How does it work? Look at the pictures I've included with this review. The ridges and valleys pattern in the Outward Hound Fun Feeder separates the food into small sections that require the dog to slow down and find the food, reaching into the narrow sections to eat just a few pieces at a time. In fact, the product information claims that your dog will eat up to 10 times slower with this bowl and, after using it with Daisy for a couple of weeks now, I have no doubt that that's an accurate figure.

Now when Daisy eats, she actually works her way around the bowl, slowly seeking out each section and each individual morsel of food. In our case, if I feed her at the same time I feed our family, we can eat in peace while she's peacefully eating. Plus, since digestion has already started, she's satisfied and feels full sooner which cuts down on the begging (yay!). Since the food is able to travel to the stomach a little at a time, the bowl certainly helps with prevention of the bloat or regurg problem.

Daisy works her way around the Fun Feeder as she slowly eats her dog food.
Daisy slowly works her way around the bowl,
eating just a few morsels at a time.
Interestingly, Daisy seems to find the Fun Feeder entertaining. She tends to be wary of new things, and she did eye the bowl suspiciously at first, but when we tried it out with a small amount of food it didn't take long before she figured out exactly what she had to do to eat.

Another thought we had going into this dog-feeding experiment was that she might just use her big paws to tip the bowl and pour the food out onto the floor. Nope, didn't happen. This well-designed, well-made bowl has a non-skid rubber base plus it's heavy enough that I think even a much bigger dog would have a hard time tipping it over.

The bowl holds 4 cups of food (Daisy's daily ration is about 3 cups). The Fun Feeder is also available in a 2 cup capacity size for use with smaller dogs. Besides the flower-looking design (perfect for our Daisy) there's also a swirly and a maze design if you'd like to change up the food dispensing from time to time or for multi-dog homes.

I should add that the bowl is top-rack dishwasher safe, made from BPA, PVC and phthalate-free plastic. Designed in Colorado USA, manufactured in China. Available in three colors and two sizes.

Bottom line, Daisy and I award this slow-feeding dog bowl 5 stars. It works perfectly to slow her eating and she actually enjoys using it. Little does she know, it's good for her digestive tract, too. I hope your chow hound likes her new bowl, too.

UPDATE: It turns out that many dogs gulp their water, too, often leading to annoying hiccups or (worse) regurgitation of both food and water. By request, I've added a link below for a very well-reviewed anti-gulping bowl, also available in several sizes and colors. 

eBay has excellent prices on slow feeder dog bowls
Outward Hound's Fun Feeder from Amazon
Anti-Gulping Bowl (to slow down drinking or eating)

~ Susan Deppner
Read more of my reviews

P.S. A slow-feed dog bowl is a great gift idea for any dog owner! 

Thank you for pinning and sharing with other dog owners.
Is your dog determined to set speed records at dinnertime? Does he have problems with bloat or regurgitation? Then try a slow-feeding dog bowl. Here's my review of the Outward Hound Fun Feeder.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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