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ID Tags for Dogs and Cats

Reviewing the Importance of ID Tags for Pets

Would you freak out if your pet went missing? Get one of these customizable dog or cat ID tags!
Is your pet missing? Never underestimate the
importance of having an ID tag for each of your dogs and cats.
We've all heard the amazing stories of dogs and cats that travel for miles, sometimes over months, to get back to their old homes.

It happens and the science behind how it happens is fascinating. But if it's your dog or cat that's gone missing, it can be a heartbreaking time of waiting, watching, and hoping that he or she will be returned to the family.

The least we can do as pet owners is to make it as easy as possible on someone who might find our missing pet. That's why I want to talk today about the importance of ID tags for pets, both dogs and cats.

Dogs are slippery and cunning and some are "rovers" by nature. We had a neighbor dog who loved to run away just to see how far he could get, or so it seemed. Fortunately, he was returned several times before he finally disappeared for good. How did the pet lovers who found him get him home? They checked his ID tag and called his owners. Having the phone number right on the tag was the key to reuniting the family with their much-loved pet.

A cat I knew also had an interesting adventure that was rather amazing. When his family moved to a new home several miles away and across a very busy highway, within two days that cat was back at his old house. How he found his way through the countryside, across the highway, then through town to get to his house only his Creator will ever know for sure. In this case the cat didn't have a tag, but a neighbor recognized him and called his owners who happily came back to get him and secure him for good. Fortunately, that story had a happy ending, but many do not.

I've seen plenty of "lost dog" or "lost cat" ads with the statement that the animal "needs his medicine." Knowing that time may be running out quickly for a cat or dog with a medical condition only makes the ordeal worse.

So now you know the background and the reason why you might want to choose one of these ID tags for your pet.

(Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article.)

I love the "freak out" dog tag at the top of the page because I'm a dog mom who certainly would freak out if our Daisy were to go missing. It's a beautiful tag, perfect for anyone with a sense of humor.  Consider ordering one for a friend's dog or cat. It's a great gift idea.

diabetic dog tag
Have a diabetic dog or one who needs medication for seizures or another condition? Customize this tag, currently featuring our grand-pup Adrian (who is not diabetic but is an adorable model), with your own medical and contact information. It's also available in a dog bone shape.

Dog ID tag for a pet with a medical condition. Customizable from Zazzle.
Or choose this tag without a photo but with a brightly colored center that's very visible even at a distance. Very simple to customize with your message and contact information.

Cat ID Tag - Cat on the Moon - Customizable from Etsy
If you're a cat owner, then you know he or she deserves demands pampering. If I were a cat I'd choose this Cat on the Moon ID tag and I think your cat would like it, too. It's beautiful and should suit even the most finicky feline. Customizable with a name and phone number on the back.

I hope you never have a lost pet but, given the odds that any pet can get away at any time, your dogs and cats need to have an ID tag. Please take care of that little detail right away.

Just in case.

Before it's too late.

~ Susan Deppner
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Missing pet? Never underestimate the importance of ID tags for dogs and cats.
This is important information for all pet owners.
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Susan Deppner

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  1. I love all of these ID tags for cats or dogs but my most favorite is the one at the top...this adopted Mom of a feline would certainly be freaking out. Shoot, I freak out when she decides to hide in the house where she is actually safe. Sometimes, I think I hear her snickering because I can't find her, then again it is probably just my imagination...

    1. She's a cat, Bev. It's not your imagination. :) I'm with you on the freaking out. Glad you like the tags!

  2. We seriously consider dog tags an "essential" around our home. Our pups don't live outside, but they do enjoy hiking with their daddy. It is highly unlikely that he will ever "lose" one of them, but those tags are on their collars regardless. Not only that, once they start to fade, they are quickly replaced. I never considered the medical aspect before Susan! You make an excellent point there. Hoping our babies never require that, but I would sure want them to have those tags if they ever needed life sustaining medication.

    1. Daisy has hers on her collar, too. She's a homebody, but she also has a curious nature that I fear will take over her senses some day and she'll wander off before we realize it's happened. Better safe with a tag than sorry without one! Thanks for your kind comment.

  3. Dogs and cats need ID tags. I got my dog back because of them one time. Great idea!

    1. So very glad you got your dog back because of an ID tag. They do work! Thanks, Heather!

  4. We lost a 'wanderer' Golden Retriever once who DID have tags, but his collar had not been put back on after a bath and somehow he must have known it was time to go. Tags for both cats and dogs are an excellent idea.

    1. Elf, so very sorry about your Golden. I always worry when we bathe Daisy (outside in the summer) that she'll somehow slip away. Everyone in the neighborhood knows her, but no doubt she'd go in the opposite direction and get totally lost. Yes, I think most dog owners know to tag their dogs, but it's not as common to see a cat with a tag.

  5. I love that top tag. I wish the roaming pets I see that look lost in my neighborhood had one. I know their owners must be frantic, but about all we can do is publicize it on our neighborhood email list and hope the owner sees it.

    1. That's a shame that you have roaming pets in the neighborhood, Barbara. I worry so much when I see animals out and about. I love that top tag, too. I think that's everybody's favorite!


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