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Reviewing Trunki A Suitcase For Kids

A Suitcase that does more...

Our four year old grandchild just recently did an overnight with Grandma and Grandpa and we had so much fun! She had borrowed a suitcase from a little friend and I was quite impressed. The one she used was the Harley The Lady-bug Trunki Suitcase and it was adorable and also roomy. It is made of plastic and sturdy enough that a child can actually ride on the suitcase. She didn't need to ride it at our house but it did get me to thinking about the usefulness of something like this for vacations.

A small child will struggle with carrying their own bag through an airport but with a Trunki, they can sit on it while Mom or Dad pulls them along to board the plane. It would also be helpful at the hotel when you have to park quite a way from the door. The kids think it is fun while Mom and Dad get a break from having to carry their own luggage plus a child's. There are only so many hands and it is pert near impossible to carry adult bags, kid's bags plus hold on to your child's hands as you maneuver to the current destination. Am I right?

So, our grandchild expressed the desire to have her own suitcase like the one she had borrowed. She said that maybe Santa Claus could bring her one of her very own. Naturally, Grandma began to look at the options. I know she thought she liked the ladybug one but I doubt that she has seen the other characters available. Grandma plans to get her this one:

The one above looks kind of like a cat but I think more tiger and since she lives in Cincinnati and is a Bengals fan, I know she will love this model better than the ladybug.

Another feature of this suitcase for kids is that there is a strap that they can pull it on their own if they want to. They can also sit on it and push it around with their own feet.

This little suitcase had quite a bit of room for her clothing and there was a little pocket for keeping her little treasures in. There are straps that can hold items into place which comes in handy. The manufacturer calls them seatbelts for Teddy and a child could strap in their favorite stuffed animal to keep it safe in the suitcase during travel. I think that is adorable but also see the functionality of those straps for clothing, as well.

I was impressed with the construction of this small little piece of luggage for a child. It seemed pretty durable and is so darned cute!

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  1. What a clever (and adorable) item for a child. Every kid needs a suitcase at one time or another (family vacations, grandma visits, or just overnights with friends) so why not have one that appeals to them and has so many great features.

  2. With my recent travels I have seen many adults traveling with small children, juggling the children and the bags (adult-sized and child-sized). I have noted some really cute and functional options, but none as CUTE as this! What a great idea and wonderful review!

  3. This child's suitcase is oh, so cute! I love it. Forget grandchildren, I want one for my craft room. I think every contributor on Review This should get one and we could have suitcase races. Well, they are actually too small for an adult to ride, but it was still a funny mental image of all of us speeding down the sidewalk on trunkis.

  4. With my recent travels I have seen many adults traveling with small children, juggling the children and the bags (adult-sized and child-sized). I have noted some really cute and functional options, but none as CUTE as this! What a great idea and wonderful review!

  5. That suitcase is so cute! Must have been invented by a parent who's done a lot of traveling with kids, or at least a lot of observing. What a great idea to choose the orange tiger for your granddaughter, Bev. Perfect for a Bengals fan!

  6. I got my granddaughter a Hello Kitty trunk because she and I both love Hello Kitty so I relate to this post. The trunki suitcase is a great idea!

  7. an excellent gift idea, and there's nothing cuter than seeing a little one with their own little suitcase!

  8. I can see this being really useful when families need to travel. I know my own kids would have loved these. What a great gift idea!


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