Thursday, December 10, 2015

Relax and Enjoy a Special Event for the Holidays

historic area of St. Charles, Missouri photo by mbgphoto
Sometimes during the holiday season we can get so busy with all of our Christmas planning, decorating, shopping and baking that we forget to take the time to stop and enjoy the season.  I like to do something different each year that helps me to relax and enjoy the season.  On this page I will review the activity for this year, a "Photo Walk" on a popular historic street all decorated for Christmas.  For our walk, I met with four other photographers in the historic area of St. Charles, Missouri.  We met at the old train depot on the riverfront.
old train depot in historic area of St. Charles, Missouri photo by mbgphoto

St.  Charles is located on the Missouri river on the eastern side of the state of Missouri.  It is just west of the St. Louis area.  St. Charles served as the first capitol of the state of Missouri from 1821-1826.  Today the  main street area is a popular tourist attraction with lots of shops and restaurants.  They go all out for Christmas with lots of decoration throughout the historic area.

Our group spent a couple of hours wandering through the area with our cameras and stopping to take photos of anything we found interesting.  We then stopped at a restaurant to enjoy some time together reviewing our morning and discussing photography.  It was a great way to relax and meet new friends.

red Christmas bows on wrought iron fence photo by mbgphoto
I was interested in all of the beautiful wreaths hanging on the storefronts.  I photographed many of them and made the collage below of the different wreaths.

Christmas Wreaths Poster
Christmas Wreaths Poster by mbgphoto
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An interesting building we stopped at just off Main street was a reproduction of the first church in St. Charles.  The first church was a Catholic church built in 1791 called San Carlos Borromeo.  The reproduction was done using the same type tools as  the original.  
San Carlos Borromeo in historic area of St. Charles, Missouri photo by mbgphoto
I took nearly 200 photos during the morning.  Here are a few of my favorites.
historic area of St. Charles, Missouri photo by mbgphoto
Shops  along Main Street.  I love the cobblestone streets and walks.
sleigh decorated for Christmas photo by mbgphoto
An old sleigh, decorated and sitting on a door stoop.
Christmas wreath photo by mbgphoto
A wreath on a brick wall.

an old building in historic area of St. Charles, Missouri photo by mbgphoto
An old building along Main Street.

Christmas Wreaths Greeting Card
Christmas Wreaths Greeting Card by mbgphoto
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May you enjoy your preparations for the Christmas season and take some time to unwind as we prepare to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. 


  1. Your photos are always lovely and such an inspiration Mary Beth! I also love your suggestion. We all need to explore new things, take time to enjoy the holidays and especially to relax.

  2. This is very inspirational. Your easy read is relaxing and your photography is very creative. Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts and photos.

  3. A terrific reminder for people. We were talking about visiting a local spot and walking their streets to enjoy the season not too long ago. Love your photos, beautiful.

  4. It's just beautiful Mary Beth. A video of all the photos would be nice (hint ...) I love going on these "photo walks" during the Christmas season. Not only is it lovely, you get lots of good ideas for decorating projects. We have been to a few of these but one of my favorites is in Woodstown, NJ. Have a Merry Christmas!

  5. What a fun Christmastime walk, Mary Beth. Your photos beautifully capture the sights-of-the-season in your lovely area. I've always been fascinated by that old train depot on the riverfront. And your Christmas Wreaths greeting card is beautiful.

  6. This reminds me a bit of our local Vine Street Victorian Christmas Showcase on one of our historic streets. Though some of the old Victorian homes are now housing businesses, they all dress up for the two weeks before Christmas and on one Saturday night before Christmas they close down the street to vehicles and give it to the pedestrians. There are entertainment and activity stations all along the way with music, ice sculptors at work, snow slides, etc. for people to enjoy. The biggest attractions are Scrooge and The Grinch, who interact with the crowds that surround them.

    I love the simplicity of the decorations you have photographed. They fit their historic period appropriately. Most of the Vine Street decorations would not have been around even fifty years ago. The beautiful wreaths, ribbons, and greenery in your photos never go out of style.


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