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Mini Dresses no Matter Your Age, Just Add Leggings!

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There's Only One Golden Rule When it Comes to Leggings .... And No Matter Your Age, You Can Wear Leggings if You Follow this One Golden Rule...
"Be sure the Top you chose to wear with your leggings completely covers your behind"
And guess what?

No matter your age, you can still wear a Mini Dress! 

Yes that's right, YOU can. Simply wear your mini-dress with leggings or narrow fitted pants and be sure your Mini Dress follows the same golden rule .... that it covers the behind.

As we get older we tend to think there's no possible way we could
Try this Mini-dress with Leggings
 EVER wear a short dress again. In fact, for some, it's so engraved in the mind, that short, cute dresses are completely disregarded as a wardrobe choice. However, a mini-dress is merely a fancier top isn't it, so why disregard it.

How About You? 

If you're over 50 have you been guilty of passing by cute dresses in the mall or via online shops thinking, "my time has come and gone and I'll never be able to wear this style again" ??

Well stop that stinkin' thinkin' today! You CAN wear mini dresses, just add a pair of leggings. 

Try Red Leggings with this Mini Dress
If you prefer a more conservative look, try to build an outfit along these lines:
  • Choose solid dark colored leggings (Black, Navy, Dark Brown)
  • Choose a mini-dress that has a higher neck
  • Choose a mini-dress that has sleeves (long or short)
  • Choose a mini-dress that compliments your shape - as an example, if you have an hour glass frame, try an A-lined mini-dress or tapered dress. If you have a full upper frame, try a mini dress that slightly flows away from the body
  • Add a nice pair of knee high boots, and if you have to, get a pair with a sensible heel. There are many pretty knee high boots with low or flat heels. Keep the color of the boot dark as well, like the leggings: That'll help your look flow in a nice lean way without breaking up the length of the leg. However, if you happen to have very long legs, you may be able to get away with a contrasting colored knee high boot
  • You can also match the legging color with the mini-dress, as an example, red leggings with a red mini-dress
  • If you have to have color in your outfit, try to keep the color in the Top and choose black, dark brown or navy blue leggings
  • Stay away from busy patterned leggings
  • If the outfit calls for it, accessorize your outfit with scarfs, jackets, belts and jewelry - Accessories add another level for age appropriateness 
When choosing leggings, there are numerous features to consider: Leggings with feet, leggings with stirrups to help keep them in place, or traditional designs without feet. Deciding which style works best depends upon the shoe you're planning to match with the outfit as a whole. 

So go ahead, stop limiting your clothing choices and wear something that makes you feel good!

by Barbara Tremblay Cipak

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  1. Where I live leggings are necessary for warmth. I'm wearing a long dress today with leggings. Mini dresses are cute but I like long ones better.

  2. I love the leggings look with a long top that (most definitely) covers my behind. Even during the summer I wore capri-length leggings (or "jeggings") with long tops. I think it's a very flattering look on most sizes and shapes as long as the rules you lay out here are followed. Hopefully this comfortable look will be stylish for some time to come.

  3. What an excellent suggestion! I have been wearing leggings under slacks for added warmth, but not as "slacks" under skirts. This opens a whole new fashion opportunity for me. I really love the idea.

  4. Love this post! I agree... leggings with short skirts - but not TOO short. The trend of wearing waist-length shirts with leggings to work really bothers me. But the skirts with leggings is cute, cute, cute.

  5. I loved the mini-dress trend back in the late 60s - early 70s because I'm short (5') and longer dresses looked 'dowdy' on me. Like I was wearing my big sister's hand-me-downs or something! :) But, I figured now that I'm 40+ years older that the minis were not to be a part of my wardrobe. You have given me a whole new way of looking at it, because I still like the look of 'shorter' skirts/dresses on me. Thanks, Barbara!

  6. I've never been wild about mini-dresses or skirts, but leggings are nice for just keeping warm. You can wear them with longer dresses.


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