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Reviewing Lego Off Road Power Set - Lego #5893

Lego Off Roader Set Reviewed
Buy the Lego Off Roader Set here!
The Lego 5893 set is part of the Creator 3 in 1 series and is known as the Off Road Power set. Not only can you build an awesome Off Roader with this Lego Creator set, but when you're bored with it you can transform it into something else!

The Lego 5893 set comes with instructions for three different Lego builds which is why the Creator 3 in 1 series is so popular. As a mom I feel like I'm getting value for money because once they've exhausted all of the play with one model they can rebuild it into another - how good is that?

Let's take a look at the three different things that this Lego Creator 5893 set can be transformed into (and let's not forget they can always create their own models without instructions).

Lego Off Roader

The First Build from Lego #5893

Lego Off Roader #5893

As you can see from the picture this completed model is of an off road vehicle with a trailer and quad bike. This offers a lot of imaginative play once the build is completed.

The build itself is not going to be over too quickly either as this set does have over 1,000 pieces that need to be put together.

So this particular first model has three components to it – the off roader, the trailer and the quad bike so let’s have a look at them all.

When the off roader is completed it measures 10 inches or 25 cm long and looks pretty cool as you can see in the image above. You can open the doors of the truck, put down the tailgate as well as opening up the hood. When you do open the hood you may feel a little disappointed to see you only have a V6 engine (a V8 would've been much better in my opinion), however when you look at what great features the 4×4 has you can forgive the engine size. The vehicle has working steering, suspension and (the creme de la creme) a self-winding winch!

Basically this 4×4 off roader is a really cool vehicle to build as well as being a lot of fun to play with just by itself, but you don’t have it just by itself instead it comes with both a trailer and a quad bike.  A little note if you are buying it for a younger Lego builder than recommended there are components with the engine that will probably require adult help with, even if they're experienced.

Trailer has a ramp at the back to enable your to drive the quad bike on and off – this can be put up when not in use. It also has a cool kick stand so that when it’s not attached to the off roader it can stay still. It’s the attention to detail on this model that really shines through and makes it a great set.

The quad bike is also pretty cool, although I am quite partial to playing with quad bikes! When it’s build the bike measures 4 inches or 10 cm long and one of it’s features that I think really makes it is the tilt steering.

Lego Truck with Digger

Second Build from Lego #5893

Lego Truck with Digger #5893

Diggers are always cool and so are trucks so when Lego offers a model of a truck that has a digger on it you just know this model is going to be a hit!

Lego Dune Buggy

Third Build from Lego #5893

Lego Dune Buggy #5893

This racing car/dune buggy model is the easiest of the three models to build so if you’re buying the set for a child that doesn’t have a lot of experience with Lego (yet), it’s a good idea to encourage them to make this one first before tackling the other two (the ‘main’ model of the 4×4, trailer and quad bike is definitely the hardest of the three).

A little boy that I know well finds this buggy great fun to play with (although he’s a little younger than the recommended age and his father built it!), it seems really tough and certainly stood up to racing on the concrete area in the back yard with no problems whatsoever.

What Do You Think of the Lego Creator Off Road Power Set?

Personally I think it’s really cool, I particularly like the Quad bike that’s included as part of the first build – what do you like about the set?

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An Hour Behind Movie Review

What do you get when you combine a blind date breakfast, daylight savings time and a fried cell phone?   Would you believe, Romance! 
An Hour Behind Movie Review

An Hour Behind is a wonderfully romantic movie that you absolutely must see.  While the ending may seem somewhat predictable, getting there is all the fun in this movie.  It is a very enjoyable way to spend a few hours and leaves you feeling good about the happy ending.  It might even make you view daylight savings time differently.

I can easily understand how the time change, especially "spring forward" can throw off a schedule.  I have certainly had it happen to me and I suspect just about everyone hates the changing of the clocks as much as I do.  Even if the clock, or cell phone, by my bed is correct, I inevitably glance at the clock in my kitchen and think it is an hour earlier than it really is.  My whole day is messed up.  My body doesn't even seem to know when it is the right time to eat or go back to sleep for that matter.  Suffice it to say, daylight savings time is an automatic setup for mistakes and mishaps.  It is the perfect premise for a romantic, serendipitous encounter. 

An Hour Behind Movie Synopsis

 An Hour BehindCheck PriceAfter a long day at work, Trish (Emily Rose) plugs in her cell phone, grabs a glass of water, a good book and settles into bed for the night.  Without realizing it, she accidentally turns over the glass of water and fries her electrical outlet and cell phone.  When she wakes up in the morning, she discovers her useless cell phone.  However, one glance at her watch reassures her that she can still make it for her blind date breakfast even though she will be a few minutes late.

When she arrives at the restaurant, she immediately spots the man in the green shirt sitting alone and never even questions if he is who she thinks he is.  

Although Parker (Barry Watson) isn't sure what is happening at first, he finds himself intrigued, if not mesmerized by his pretty, unexpected breakfast partner and her choice of food.  It isn't immediately clear why her breakfast selection befuddles him, but that is explained later in the movie.  At first, he does try to tell her that he is not Adam, the man she is clearly there to meet, but he is interrupted.  As the morning progresses, his desire to reveal to her that he is not the man she was supposed to meet is overridden by his desire to spend more time with her.  They end up spending the entire day together.  However, Parker never found an easy way that day to tell Trish that he is not Adam.   Unfortunately, when her sister, instigator of the blind date, wants to know why Trish stood Adam up for their breakfast date, the mistaken identity becomes evident and Trish is angry that Parker didn't tell her the truth.  When he drops by her bakery, the confrontation is not pretty and she refuses to serve him.

A few days later, Trish finally meets the real Adam and they start seeing each other on a regular basis.   However, Parker still isn't ready to let their interactions end.

The Cast of An Hour Behind

An Hour Behind Movie Review
As always, the actors cast in the roles make all the difference.  Emily Rose and Barry Watson seem ideal together.  Their personalities just seem to mesh.  She is confident, outgoing and easy to talk to.  He is also easy going and comfortable to be around.  Their conversations and interactions just seem to naturally flow.  

Because they are both so adorable, it is a wee bit stressful to watch them when they are at odds with each other.  You really just want them both to be happy. 

House of Sylvestermouse

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Secret Child Book Review

Secret Child Book Review
Secret Child (2015) is a true story from a time when individuals of different religious backgrounds could fall in love but not easily marry and where children born out of wedlock were considered unwanted and considered 'the unfortunates.'  Most women who found themselves pregnant and unmarried in 1950s Dublin, Ireland were unable to keep their children.

Secret Child tells the story of Cathleen, a woman who found a forbidden love and lost it because of the divide between the Protestant and Catholic religions and then found herself pregnant. She was one of the fortunate few to stumble across Regina Coeli, which may have been the only home for unwed mothers in Dublin at that time.

The author does not know how his mother came to find this facility but it was definitely because of the Regina Coeli that his mother, Cathleen, managed to keep her son and hide him away from her family and the rest of the world until he was eight years old. This accomplishment of course was only done with great hardship when she worked long hours and left her young son in the care of a reclusive caregiver at the facility.

Some may have called these children the unfortunates but the children did not see themselves in that light and Gordon, according to Mail Online, considered the hostel paradise. It was, after all, his childhood home where he lived until the age of 8 when his mother eventually reunites with and marries her original love. As a family, they move to London, England and this move perhaps improves their life slightly but also brings with it a host of other challenges, which includes leaving Gordon's Regina Coeli family behind.

This book gives a glimpse into life in the 1950s in Dublin and the early 1960s in London. It is told from the point of view of the child, Gordon Lewis, and written with the assistance of ghostwriter Andrew Crofts. In the book, Gordon returns to Ireland as an adult to uncover the story of his childhood home, which was a happy place in his eyes, and to learn the story of his mother's prior life, which was unknown to him. His cousin asks why he wants to dig up that old history and advises him to let it be. For Gordon, however, it was important to put the story together and understand both his family background and his mother's story.

I recommend Secret Child for those wanting an interesting look into those times in Ireland and a serious subject matter though the book is not a difficult book to read.  Though this story took place in Ireland, we all know that such religious divides existed elsewhere and that unwed mothers faced similar situations in many different parts of the world.

If you are interested, you can read more about the book or order your copy of Secret Child from Amazon by clicking right here.

IMDB says this story is being created as a short film called The Bridge by the author and due for release in 2018.

See you
at the bookstore!

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Easter Reviews on Review This!

Treasures from the Archives of Review This!

 Easter Reviews on Review This!
Easter is always an opportunity for fun!  From decorating the house with cute bunnies & ducks, to dressing up in new beautiful spring clothing, and of course, Easter egg hunts, we all look forward to celebrating this holiday in style.  

There are also some really fabulous Easter crafts that can be made ahead of time or with the whole family on Easter day.  Making something together always ensures wonderful memories.  Oh, and be sure to take pictures!

As you already know, Easter is always on a Sunday.  The date changes slightly each year because the day we celebrate Easter is based on the spring equinox.  Click here to read this article and the history on Why Dates for Easter Change Each Year.

Since it is a religious holy-day for many of us, we start our Easter morning with a special breakfast and a worship service.  It is often a day for the family to spend the afternoon together in celebration. 

Easter parties are not uncommon events.  They usually include Easter baskets and Easter egg hunts. 

Because our team of Contributors come from various countries, backgrounds, religious beliefs, and traditions, we each celebrate Easter in different, yet similar ways.   Because we are all writers, we publish articles based on our beliefs and celebrations.  I'm sure you will find something for everyone in our treasury of Easter articles featured on the Review This Easter Pinterest board below!  

Welcome to Our Special Easter Library of Reviews!

A Preview of the Pinterest Board - Easter Reviews 

Easter Reviewed on Review This!

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Food Storage With Egg Holder Trays Reviewed

Convenient Food Storage Especially For Eggs

Need a place for your Easter Eggs?
With Easter rapidly approaching it might be time to think of food storage ideas that will accommodate those colored eggs you will have around after the "hunt" takes place. Eggs are not the easiest to store with their rolling tendencies. Know what I mean? 

One of the things that I like to do with those eggs that the kids find is to make deviled eggs with several of them. That requires a special kind of storage, too. I have a solution for those storage needs whether it is at Easter time or any time that you have hard boiled eggs or deviled eggs to store in the refrigerator. These little storage units are also useful for other types of foods but I particularly love them for storing my eggs.

Let's see what you think:

There are actually two layers for storing your eggs in! One layer sits comfortably on top of the other and then sit nicely on your refrigerator shelf. So, it acts as a space saver, too. That is really convenient when it is family dinner time and there is a lot of food to be stored.

What I love is that I have options. If I want to store hard boiled eggs to use later for egg salad or a different recipe these storage units work. I can also make my deviled eggs and store them until they are ready to be served. Either way the eggs are safely on the shelf and not taking up a whole lot of room in the fridge.

I've used this little two layered unit for transporting cupcakes too. It just comes in real handy when I have some taller foods that I don't want to get squished during transport. The other nice thing is that when I am not using these little containers in the refrigerator, they do not take up much room on my cabinet shelves.

I love my food storage containers with the egg trays and use them often. They make a great gift for a bridal shower or a house warming gift, too. How about you? Do you think you would use food storage with egg trays much?

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Reviewing Locking Stitch Markers

Locking stitch markers.
People who crochet and knit know that accuracy plays a role in having a good-looking finished product. I have crocheted off and on for years but only just discovered these fabulous and inexpensive stitch markers. I have noticed that using these little gadgets improved the looks of my finished items immediately and gives them a more professional appearance. Stitch markers completely take the guesswork out of the next round or next row.

Locking Stitch Markers

While watching a video crochet tutorial, the talented crochet artist was using stitch markers to mark the beginning of her round.
Note: when you crochet in circles, such as some ponchos, slippers, etc, that is called a round. Round is a row that connects the end to the beginning. 
The light bulb went on. That was a huge Aha moment for me. I've always had trouble connecting the rounds correctly - ending up with too many or too few stitches, or having a section that doesn't look like the other sections.

This flower is an example. It may be a very small issue that some would not notice, but the inconsistency in the appearance bothers me. The arrow shows where I joined the row, but didn't join it to the correct stitch. Every time I look at the flower, I notice that irregularity.

The little green stitch is not joined to the correct stitch

Prior to owning these little gadgets, I'd typically not mark the stitch at all. That led to problems with the finished item not looking correct (like the photo above). Or I'd use items like a paperclip or a piece of yarn to mark a stitch.  The problems I had with using those things were that I'd end up crocheting over the piece of yarn and make a mess. Or the paperclip would snag my item... or just fall out of the place it was meant to mark. 

Using stitch markers has already improved the looks of my finished items. 

I prefer the little plastic "safety pin" (locking) type. They stay in place, don't snag the yarn, and are easy to use. You simply use it like a safety pin, marking the first stitch in a round (which typically is the stitch you join the last stitch of the round to). 

Of course, there are other varieties if you don't care for the locking style. Other styles include: split ring, bulb safety pin, and even bulb safety pins with Swarovski crystals - for a little bling with your yarn.
Crystaletts stitch makers

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Wednesday Elf shares a review of a book Baby Crochet. I know that the internet is a quick and easy place to obtain crochet patterns and instructions, but I've had favorite crochet patterns that are lost because the site is no longer available. Avoid that problem with your own printed copy of the crochet patterns. 

My crochet adventures are located on my own blog Treasures, Travel, and Tales. There you can find an eclectic collection of how I spend my time, as well as the crochet flower pattern review from the photo above. You can also find a post about my newest passion, round loom knitting. Making hats for the grandbabies is great fun!

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5 Ways to Brighten Up Your Home - Get Ready for Spring and Summer the Easy Way

Brighten Up Your Space - Blonde Wood Flooring Opens Up the Room- Photo Via Pixabay
Where fall and winter had us craving darker, richer tones, spring and summer reverses that and brings out our need for a cleaner, leaner, brighter, fresher environment.

Go From Drab to Fab

When a total renovation is out of the question, you can still try any one of these five simple ideas to lighten and brighten your home:

1. Update Your Light Bulbs

You can acquire light bulbs in various shades. If you haven't tried 'Daylight' bulbs you'll want to give them a go. They emulate natural outdoor lighting and come in a number of styles, such as traditional, candle, spotlight, miniature and more. They're also useful for those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

2. If Your Room is Already Lighter in Shades, Add Some Black or Charcoal Accents

Sounds weird doesn't it? However the darker accents help the lighter aspects to pop and become front and center in the room. Add them in subtle areas, not as major pieces. As example the book spines in a very white cabinet could be black (or darker colors), subtle wood trim in the room could be black or charcoal, as well as a few black picture frames. However the most effective use of this darker shade is in items that are thin or long - chair legs, long arms on lamps, or the pole of a floor lamp.

3. Wall Mount Lamps

These work well in bedrooms above the end table. Choose lamps with a light cheerful lamp shade and a dark base that attaches to the wall. The light lamp shade on a slightly contrasting wall can help encourage that blended feeling a bright room often exhibits. As an example, a coastal blue wall color and lovely large white lamp shade with a black arm and mount can look outstanding.

4. If Draperies Aren't Needed, Skip them, or Use them to Frame the Window

If you live in an private area and can leave your drapes open most of the time, then do that. If you plan on never or rarely ever closing the drapes, then you can either place a light drapery panel on each end, or go ahead and put a full set of drapes, essentially left open. Choose black or charcoal drapes to frame the window ends .... with white trim and black panels on each side, you'll add to that linear look of dark accents explained in point number two.

5. The Most Obvious: Decorate Using White

White reflects light back into the room. It doesn't absorb color. If you want to have the lightest room possible, paint the walls and ceiling white, keep the floors as light as possible and kick it up to another level of brightness by using white accents, lamps and even furnishings. In the case of a bedroom, this is a fairly easy project to tackle; white bedding, white rugs, white dressers, white end tables, and white lamps. Once you've tackled the main areas, then add light pops of color in metallic, gold or chrome.

There you have it, five simple ways to brighten up your home. Scroll to view these white items to add to a home:

If you decide these suggestions are too complicated, or too much work, just change the light bulbs, open the drapes and give the room a good clean. You could also temporarily remove dark area rugs for spring and summer. Exposed floors provide a lovely consistent flow through a space, and thus removing rugs can add to that open, crisp, bright design.

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Bone Box by Faye Kellerman – A Book Review

Latest Decker/Lazarus Novel by Faye Kellerman
 A Decker/Lazarus Novel

I just finished reading the latest Faye Kellerman novel starring the team of Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus.  Bone Box is the 24th book in the series which Kellerman began in 1986. 

Peter Decker, an LAPD homicide detective and his keen-witted beautiful wife, Rina Lazarus, have dazzled mystery fans as a riveting investigative duo for over 30 years. Through most of the series the action takes place in Los Angeles.  By the last 3 or 4 books, Peter has semi-retired and taken a job as a detective in a small Upstate New York area.  The town may be small, but it has its share of crimes to solve and keeps Peter and his partner, Tyler McAdams busy enough. 

Synopsis of Bone Box

One September morning, Rina takes a walk in the nearby woods and stumbles upon human remains once buried deep in the forest. Naturally, she immediately calls her husband, Peter, at  the local Greenbury Police Department. They discover that the skeleton is that of a young man who has been buried for at least ten years, thus there is almost no  physical evidence at the gravesite.  With further investigation, Decker and his partner, Tyler McAdams soon realize they are probably dealing with a missing student from the nearby Five Colleges of Upstate.

It's not long before more human remains are found in the same area.  The rest of the bodies all appear to be college age women and the investigators suspect they will match up with some missing women from the colleges.  Decker and McAdams, along with Rina’s help, find a number of suspects among the academics at the colleges and it becomes increasingly apparent that the killer is still around.

This police mystery fiction story starring Peter and Rina, with a few side stories of their family and friends from earlier books, will thrill all Decker/Lazarus fans. 

Author Faye Kellerman

Faye Kellerman
Born in St. Louis in 1952, Faye is a mystery novel writer married to Jonathan Kellerman, also a fiction writer well known for his Alex Delaware novels. They have four children and oldest son, Jesse, is now a published author in his own right.

Faye Kellerman and her family are practicing Orthodox Jews and Faye's writing often deals with Jewish themes and characters, incorporating them into the framework of the traditional mystery.  I have found this fascinating. 

Enjoy Faye Kellerman's latest offering in Bone Box!

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Book review of Bone Box by:

Wednesday Elf

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Clever Travel Companion Hoodie Jacket With Multiple Concealed Secret Pockets Reviewed

Clever Travel Companion Hoodie Jacket with Concealed Secret Pockets Review
With winter turning to spring, I recently found myself seeking a light-weight jacket to wear instead of a heavy coat.   Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my favorite apparel company, Clever Travel Companion, is now making a hoodie jacket with tons of secret pockets.  Since I love my CTC pants/leggings and shirts, I bought the Clever Travel Companion jacket immediately!  

I have been so thrilled with my secret pocket shirts that I am really not shocked by how much I love this hoodie jacket.  While it seems unnecessary to have both a shirt and a jacket with hidden pockets, there are occasions that call for one or the other.  When I wear the jacket, it is no longer necessary to wear the tank top as an undershirt or to wear the t-shirt.  But, I know summer is coming and I will once again grab those tank tops and t-shirts first.  However, for the next few months, I choose my Clever Travel Companion Hoodie Jacket.  When summer is over and fall arrives, I will once again be seeking out this fabulous jacket with secret pockets.

Features of the Clever Travel Companion Hoodie Jacket

 Clever Travel Companion Smart Travel Hoodie With Multiple Concealed Secret PocketsThis jacket is well made and serves the normal purpose of any jacket in spring, fall or on a cool night by keeping you warm.  Since it has a hood, it is also wonderful when those spring showers pop up and catch you outside without an umbrella.  Of course, the hood also provides additional warmth.   The jacket has the traditional hand-warming pockets on the front too.  But, what makes this jacket better than most are the 4 hidden zippered pockets

  • Zipper Front Jacket with Hood
  • 2 Front Hand Pockets 
  • 2 Interior Chest Pockets (large enough for credit cards or phone)
  • 2 Larger Interior Pockets (large enough for an Ipad or Kindle)
  • Unisex
  • Available in Navy Only

Honestly, the only downside to this jacket is that it is only available in Navy.   Personally, I would have preferred black, but the navy does go well with blue jeans.

Replace a Purse, Tote Bag or Backpack with this Jacket

I haven't carried a purse in years, but I do carry a small backpack when I go out to take pictures.  On my last trip to the zoo, I left my backpack at home and slipped my extra camera battery in the small interior pocket.  Since I also had my cell phone and my wallet in my interior pocket, I really was able to completely focus on taking my pictures and not worry about pickpockets or dropping anything.

While it may look odd to others due to the weight of the lens, I can also carry my smaller camera lens in the larger inside zipper pocket.  Very nice indeed!

More Travel Related Articles of Interest

Security is my #1 concern when I shop, travel, hike, bike, or just walk around the block. These leggings give me the safety of 2 hidden pockets and allow me to retire my purses completely.

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The Clever Travel Companion tank tops and t-shirts with secret pockets are perfect for everyday wear as well as travel.


House of Sylvestermouse

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Product Reviews on Review This!

Treasures from the Archives of Review This!

Treasures from the Archives of Review This! Over the years, many products for home, pets or personal use have been reviewed on Review This! The Contributors of Review This have tried, tested and reviewed hundreds of products. We are not limited to specific categories with our product reviews. If a product is sold, we will test it and review it for our readers. 

Over the years, we have reviewed kitchen appliances, select home decor or renovation products, electronics, clothing items & accessories, pet products, and so much more. You can even find home & auto cleaning products, plus oral hygiene products reviewed on Review This!

Because our contributors vary in home styles and size, as well as age and stages of life, we offer quite a variety of products that have previously been reviewed.  As we test new products (not necessarily new to the market, just new to us), we will review those here as well, so be sure to check back often.

The contributors of Review This have their own personal product preferences and we love to write about them!  We invite you to read our reviews.  If you see something that appeals to you in the articles shown below, simply click the image to read our review. Pinterest automatically redirects you to the published review.  

Because it is the most honest, Review This! is the very best resource for product reviews on the web!

Our product reviews are based on personal experience.  The reviews have not been bought or paid for as advertising. 

Welcome to Our Product Library of Reviews!

A Preview of the Pinterest Board - Product Reviews 

There are over 300 products reviewed on Review This!  This small board features the most recent 50 reviews.
Click through to Pinterest to see all of the products that have been reviewed on Review This!

Products Reviewed on Review This!

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