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Clever Travel Companion Hoodie Jacket With Multiple Concealed Pockets

Clever Travel Companion Hoodie Jacket with Concealed Secret Pockets Review
With winter turning to spring, I recently found myself seeking a light-weight jacket to wear instead of a heavy coat.   Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my favorite apparel company, Clever Travel Companion, is now making a hoodie jacket with tons of secret pockets.  Since I love my CTC pants/leggings and shirts, I bought the Clever Travel Companion jacket immediately!  

I have been so thrilled with my secret pocket shirts that I am really not shocked by how much I love this hoodie jacket.  While it seems unnecessary to have both a shirt and a jacket with hidden pockets, there are occasions that call for one or the other.  When I wear the jacket, it is no longer necessary to wear the tank top as an undershirt or to wear the t-shirt.  But, I know summer is coming and I will once again grab those tank tops and t-shirts first.  However, for the next few months, I choose my Clever Travel Companion Hoodie Jacket.  When summer is over and fall arrives, I will once again be seeking out this fabulous jacket with secret pockets.

Features of the Clever Travel Companion Hoodie Jacket

 Unisex Travel Hoodie with 4 Secret Hidden Pockets,
Smart Jacket for 100% Pickpocket and Loss Proof
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This jacket is well made and serves the normal purpose of any jacket in spring, fall or on a cool night by keeping you warm.  Since it has a hood, it is also wonderful when those spring showers pop up and catch you outside without an umbrella.  Of course, the hood also provides additional warmth.   The jacket has the traditional hand-warming pockets on the front too.  But, what makes this jacket better than most are the 4 hidden zippered pockets

  • Zipper Front Jacket with Hood
  • 2 Front Hand Pockets 
  • 2 Interior Chest Pockets (large enough for credit cards or phone)
  • 2 Larger Interior Pockets (large enough for an Ipad or Kindle)
  • Unisex
  • Available in Navy Or Grey

Honestly, the only downside to this jacket is that it is only available in Navy.   Personally, I would have preferred black, but the navy does go well with blue jeans.

Replace a Purse, Tote Bag or Backpack with this Jacket

Clever Travel Companion Hoodie Jacket with Multiple Concealed Secret Pockets Reviewed
I haven't carried a purse in years, but I do carry a small backpack when I go out to take pictures.  On my last trip to the zoo, I left my backpack at home and slipped my extra camera battery in the small interior pocket.  Since I also had my cell phone and my wallet in my interior pocket, I really was able to completely focus on taking my pictures and not worry about pickpockets or dropping anything.

While it may look odd to others due to the weight of the lens, I can also carry my smaller camera lens in the larger inside zipper pocket.  Very nice indeed!

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The Clever Travel Companion tank tops and t-shirts with secret pockets are perfect for everyday wear as well as travel.


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  1. You do find the most clever and useful articles of clothing, Mouse, especially for travelers. And by traveler, I mean every trip out the door, whether it be a major vacation trip for which you want to sight-see and travel light, a morning run, a car trip filled with errands to run, or an excursion such as yours to the zoo or any parent's trip to the park and playground. I can see that this is the perfect Spring into Summer and Fall into Winter jacket.

  2. This sounds perfect for the change in seasons, certainly something I could've used a couple of weeks ago!

  3. Well isn't this a handy item. I've never considered not going out with a purse, but this piece would certainly help solve the issue. Makes a great gift as well doesn't it. Love all these reviews, they help me shop.

  4. I think I would really love this jacket. I often don't carry a purse, but worry about it being obvious that my money and my phone are in my jeans pockets. I really like the idea of the secret pockets.


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