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Clever Travel Companion Women's Shirts & Tops with Secret Pockets

Clever Travel Companion Women's Tank Top & T-Shirts
Almost a year ago, I introduced our readers to Clever Travel Companion Leggings for women.  When I wrote that review, I knew I loved those leggings more than any other single garment in my wardrobe.  The safety factor alone simply makes those leggings priceless.  Today, I would recommend that you also take a close look at the Clever Travel Companion Tank Tops and T-Shirts. 

I personally own several of the Clever Travel Companion Tank Tops and one of the t-shirts.   I originally bought the tank top to wear while cutting the grass.  Everyone knows what a hot job yard-work can be, so I have no doubt that you will understand why I wanted a tank top.  Plus, I needed a tank top that would give me full coverage.  After all, I still have to consider that we have neighbors and most of them have no desire to be flashed.

I know you are already wondering why this particular tank top is better than any other.  Well, let me tell you.

The Clever Travel Companion Women's Tank Top 

As I previously mentioned, I own several of the tank tops.  I wanted the white for my outdoor work.  White is simply cooler in the summer months.  However, I discovered this little top was a lot more valuable than a simple work shirt!  Now, I wear them year round. 
 Clever Travel Companion Unisex Tank Top with Two Secret Pockets
I wear my Clever Travel Companion tank tops under almost all of my blouses.  I don't have to explain to any woman why a tank top is fabulous under a blouse.  I never have to worry if the buttons come unbuttoned or if the blouse pulls open between buttons.  Everything is all nice and covered underneath by the tank top.  This much we all know and understand.  But what makes this brand of tank top better?  The secret pockets!

In all honestly, if anyone looks closely enough, they will see the zippers for the pockets.  They are not totally camouflaged.  But, I will tell you this, anyone studying that part of the shirt better be more concerned about my reaction than they are about whether they can see a zipper.  

The pockets are actually just under the arms and the zippers are set approximately 1.5" in front of the center seam of the top.   Clever Travel Companion Unisex Tank Top with Two Secret Pockets, White, MediumBecause of the way the pockets are set in sideways, it is very easy to place my drivers license and house key in one pocket and my cell phone on the other side in the other pocket.  This allows me to lock up the house while I am working outside.  And, of course, if I am going somewhere, there is no need to carry a purse.

I have to tell you, being able to place all of those things in shirt pockets is a lot better than putting them in my jeans pockets.  For some reason, I have never been able to find a way to put my cell phone and house key in my jeans pockets without having them ride up and out of the pockets while I am working.  Or jabbing me in the leg.  I don't know if you have ever experienced having a key stab you in the leg when you are trying to lift garbage bags or plants, but I have and it really hurts.

The Clever Travel Companion T-Shirt

I recently purchased the Clever Travel Companion T-Shirt to wear under my motorcycle gear.  Now, don't freak out on me here fellow contributors.  I know you find it shocking that I have motorcycle gear, but I do.  I don't drive a motorcycle, but I do ride and I am a firm believer in safety first.  I have a full set of armored cycle gear.  After all, I am rather partial to my bones and skin. 

The secret pockets in the t-shirt allow me to store my keys, driver's license, a credit card and my cell phone.  If I take my jacket off when we stop somewhere, I don't have to worry about those items because they are safe in my t-shirt pockets.   

Benefits of the Clever Travel Companion Tank Tops & T-Shirts

  • 2 Secret Pockets with Zippers
  • Pockets are Lined
  • Safe from Pick Pockets
  • 100% Cotton (tank) 
  • 95% Cotton & 5%Spandex (t-shirt)
  • Machine Washable
  • Hang Dry or Tumble Dry Low
  • Available in Black, White or Gray 
  • T-Shirt is also Available in Pink    

I know at least one of you is going to ask me if I feel uncomfortable reaching into those pockets.  Or, if the bulk of my cell phone bothers me under my arm.   The answer to both of those questions is "no".  I am a lot more comfortable knowing that my key, id, credit cards, cash and keys are safe than I am concerned about someone seeing me reach into a pocket under my arm.

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  1. I've never seen these tank tops or t-shirts before - they really seem like a great idea.

  2. These tank tops and t-shirts are new to me, but I can certainly see how versatile they are. Plus, they look to have attractive styling for women. And the color choices, black, white and gray, are exactly what I like in my wardrobe -- nice, neutral colors.

  3. If the tank top and t-shirt are half as comfortable as the leggings, I could live in these. I love the leggings! Happy to see that the shirt comes in pink and the tank in gray.

  4. I think I will need to invest in some of these tops, they look really comfortable and I like the full coverage too. Thanks for a great review.

  5. Sounds like a great idea for just going for a walk. I like the idea of a gray or pink shirt.

  6. First of all... KUDOS about the bike gear. Who woulda ever guessed?! Second, I NEED some of these shirts for walking and hiking! They seem like the perfect solution to taking my key and cellphone.

  7. Great idea to have secret pockets in your tank top! Definitely a clever travel companion!


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