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Add 'Greenery' to Your Decor This Year - Pantone's Color of the Year for 2017

Mug Here - Featuring Greenery
Each Year Pantone Assigns a Color for the Year - Happy Renewal to You, Because it's Greenery!

You may be wondering how Pantone selects the color and you're correct if you've concluded that it's a reflection of the current mood and expression of the time.

On Pantone's website you'll read words like 'rejuvinate' and 'revitalize' appropriately used to describe why Greenery was selected.

It's safe to say, the need for reconnection during these stressful times makes almost ridiculous sense! The calming rebirth of nature and our need to make our way back to it, is offered up through Greenery's yellow/green soothing reassuring combination.

Redecorating and Choosing Colors

If we're planning a redecorating project or are starting from scratch, choosing colors can be challenging. However, the color palette is the first best place to start, with the exception being when we're using colors from an existing piece of furniture or accessory as the base.

When we're decorating a room from the beginning and need guidance choosing a color palate to work with 2017's color Greenery, Pantone's 2017 page is a time saver; check out their suggested pairings. When there, scroll down and you'll see the ten palates by name with color suggestions for each.

Each palate shows colors along with color numbers, making them easy to find when shopping for matching paint, furniture and accessories.

For 2017 the named Pantones Palates Are:

Ethereal Material
Grand Canyon
Forest Floor
Rev It Up
Moody Blooms
Deep Rooted
Calm it Down

Be sure to check out these palates; why struggle trying to choose colors ... Pantone is a very helpful resource.

Greenery is nature's neutral, so take a deep breath and enjoy your spring decorating projects as you create a space that reflects vitality, beauty and renewal.

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  1. It would be impossible to improve on the color combinations we see in the blues and pinks of the sky paired with the greens and brown of the earth. Green is not my favorite main color, but it is definitely a fabulous accent color. I did wander over to see the Pantones Palettes and I would have to say the Ethereal Material collection visually appeals to me.

  2. Interesting to see what colors others like. I am drawn to Fathomless and Calm it Down. Greenery is a little too Yellow Green for me, as I like a more Blue Green. Great review choice though!

    1. thanks heather - have to say I like those as well

  3. I enjoy using a shade similar to this green in yarn projects. Especially home decor projects in a Spring theme. Always interesting to note what colors are popular each year.

    1. Pat, I'm really drawn to this green color for some reason - and in yarn, I bet that's really nice

  4. We recently painted and installed a new floor in the half bathroom we have. Fran picked a light green for the walls and a slate gray tile for the floor. When I started to paint we found the green to dry just little too dark so I lightened it up by mixing it with some white. Although the floor is a gray, the reflection from the walls makes it look green with the lighting in the room. We couldn't have planned it any better. Thanks Barbara :)

    1. Oh that sounds very nice Eugene - adding white to get the color you want is a great solution - mom did that too for her bathroom when she had it painted - I think the greenish with gray floors would look lovely too - relaxing and soothing - maybe a spa feel - sounds very nice - then a pop of darker green or grays in accessories would look lovely too

  5. "Greenery" is absolutely perfect for right now. What a beautiful choice! I like the Ethereal palate, too. Makes me want to paint something!


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