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Midnight Masquerade Hallmark Movie Reviewed

Midnight Masquerade Hallmark Movie Reviewed
Midnight Masquerade offers a new, modern day twist to the timeless Cinderella story.  Instead of a female Cinderella, one of the main characters is Rob, the "prince" who has to leave the masquerade party before midnight.  His crown is accidentally knocked off as he is leaving, but he doesn't have time to retrieve it in his mad dash out.  Elyse Samford, his princess, finds the crown when she searches for Rob who simply disappeared from the party.

This is a very sweet, romantic movie that I can easily recommend to anyone who enjoys a simple love story that ends with "happily ever after".

Midnight Masquerade Synopsis

Rob Carelli is a lawyer who is employed at the law firm of Higgins Attorneys and Sons.  Since I compared the movie to Cinderella earlier, you may have already guessed that Higgins is the father who owns the law firm and he has two sons who also work for the firm.  The two sons have been given positions of authority and both men shove their work off on Rob, who then has to spend countless hours basically doing the work of three attorneys.  Mr. Higgins frequently takes the opportunity to deride Rob telling him he should strive to be as productive as his sons and chastising him when he is late for work.

 Midnight Masquerade
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Elyse Samford has just been made the CEO of her father's successful candy company.  Samford Candy is a client of Higgins Attorneys and Sons.  When Elyse needs their legal assistance, she meets all of them in the office, but she recognizes Rob, whom she has previously met at the bowling alley.  Rob is immediately attracted to Elyse, but she has the stress of her newly acquired responsibilities pressing on her mind.  She isn't really looking for romance.

When Elyse invites every employee of Higgins Attorneys and Sons to their companies annual Halloween masquerade party, Rob asks his sister and niece for help with costume ideas.  His sister makes him a gorgeous Prince costume.  Both his sister and his niece step in to help him learn the basic steps of waltzing too so he will be able to dance at the party.  

However, when Halloween arrives, he is told that he cannot attend the party.  That he has to work all night.  When his niece hears that he will have to miss the party, she brings him a mask so he can slip into the party incognito.  When Rob overhears Higgins tell one of the sons that he needs to go back to the office for something, Rob has to leave immediately to beat him back.  He would lose his job if it was discovered that he had left his work and come to the party.  That is when he loses his crown that is subsequently found by Elyse.

Determined to find her prince, Elyse calls Higgins to ask his identity.  Higgins says his own son was the man dressed as the prince.  Elyse calls his son, who confirms that he was dressed as the prince and they agree to meet for a date.  

The Higgins law firm is also plotting to help a competitor candy company buyout Samford Candy Co. from Elyse.  That competing company has already been causing problems for Elyse by imitating their advertising and packaging.  

Between the duplicity of the law firm, the intrigue surrounding the real identity of the prince, and of course the romance, this Hallmark movie is an entertaining way to spend 82 minutes. 
By the way, they do make a really sweet couple.

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  1. What fun! A twist on the Cinderella story. Very clever. Sounds like a delightful movie to watch. Thanks for your terrific review, Mouse.

  2. Sounds like an absolutely delightful "happily ever after" movie!

  3. I think I like the sounds of this movie. Feel good movies and romantic ones at that are right up my alley. This movie will be a must see for me. Thanks for a great review...

  4. I haven't seen this one but it does sound like a fun movie. I do love the Hallmark channel movies. I'm stuck on the Hallmark channel during the Holiday's. Fantastic review as always. Thanks!!

  5. Oh another movie to add to my list of movies to watch on a rainy Saturday afternoon - thank you for this one, sounds very good

  6. I know I would enjoy this. Thanks for a great review. Now all I need is time.

  7. Sounds like a great movie. Great review!

  8. Not my usual kind of movie, but you make it sound so intriguing. I'd like to see those brothers get their comeuppance!!! :) Thanks for the excellent review that makes me want to watch the movie!


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