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Don Francisco Coffee Review

My Review of Don Francisco Coffee

Don Francisco Coffee Review

To me, Don Francisco Gourmet Coffee is the best grocery store coffee and it's reasonably priced! (If you know where to buy it.)

In my quest to find the best coffee on the planet, I have tried so many kinds of coffee! I love the coffee houses and their pricey coffee, but who can go there all the time? And even to make it at home can be quite expensive if you go for really good coffee. 

So I have tried many different ones, even belonging to coffee clubs where they ship you different coffees to try every month. I have quite a few favorites too, but no one compares to Don Francisco Gourmet coffee in my book. To get some right now, click here

Don Francisco coffee reminds me of the film, Out of Africa, where Meryl Streep (as Karen Blixen, the Baroness who moved to Africa) started a coffee plantation. You can almost see the elephants pounding across the African Savannah, or a lion peaking out from behind a tree while it stalks a wildebeest. 

And you can almost feel the African music pounding through your bones from a group camping out on the plains playing drums and dancing. But that's just my vision. Maybe you've got your own. The thing with a good cup of coffee is that your dreams can take you anywhere, to any lovely scene in any exotic country you desire. 

Don Francisco coffee comes in lots and lots of types, from different areas too, like Kona to Colombia to the rain forests of South America. And it comes flavored in a beautiful array of tastes. 

It also is available in whole bean to grind it just before you make it, or already ground if you can't get a hold of a coffee grinder.But I really do recommend that you get a coffee grinder and try whole bean coffee. You won't want to go back, I assure you! 

Also I think the best way to make coffee is with a coffee press. To read about my favorite way to make coffee, see my page about the Bodum Chambord Coffee Press.

So the first Don Francisco coffee I tried was Vanilla Nut flavored and then I was totally hooked on it! Then I had to try other flavors and wow! 

Next came the Caramel Creme (yum!) and hthe Cinnamon Hazelnut and all the unflavored ones. All of them are wonderful. In fact, I've tried every single flavor of Don Francisco coffee and I love every single one of them! 

Well, I have to be honest and say I have not tried the Decaf, because well, I just don't understand the point of coffee without caffeine...(but I am sure it is delicious or Don Francisco would not put their name on it)

Get Don Francisco Coffee On Sale

If you are searching for a Don Francisco coffee coupon, no worries! It's priced so reasonably at Amazon you don't need a coupon! They have it at a great price year round! I love that, as I used to buy it only on sale and freeze it to save money. 

Then one time I needed a whole bunch of coffee for a party and didn't have enough. I went online and searched for a Don Francisco coffee coupon and instead it popped up with a link to Amazon. 

Wow, I never thought of checking Amazon for my favorite coffee! And there it was, cheaper than it is on sale at my regular grocer, even with a coupon! So now I can buy it any time at Amazon; it's like it's on sale every day! And of course if you have Amazon Prime, shipping is free! Or if you buy $49 worth of coffee it will be free too! 

Don Francisco Coffee
So Many Coffee Flavors, So Little Time...

The Many Flavors of Don Francisco Coffee:

Vanilla Nut
Butterscotch Toffee
Cinnamon Hazelnut
Caramel Creme
Colombia Supremo
French Roast
Hawaiian Hazelnut
Kona Blend

If you like to make your coffee in K cups, those are available too. Just click here.

*All of the products below can be purchased at by clicking on the photo.

Don Francisco Family Reserve
Kona Blend Whole Bean Coffee 

From the mountain slopes of Kona, Hawaii, comes a blend that will remind you of Paradise every morning. I can close my eyes and feel the Hawaiian breeze in my hair. The secret is the volcanic soil. Yum !

Don Francisco Vanilla Nut Coffee, Whole Bean

If you love vanilla coffee, Don Francisco Vanilla Nut Coffee will blow your mind; it's VERY vanilla. In fact, it's so strong I mix it with unflavored coffee unless it's for dessert. All the Don Francisco flavored coffees are the strongest ones I've ever tried. No flavoring syrup is ever needed with their coffee. So if you like plain Colombian or a different flavor, just click the photo to see all the flavors.

Ground Don Francisco Vanilla Nut Coffee

If you can't do the whole bean coffee experience, this is a close second. As is the whole bean, this coffee is VERY vanilla. For mornings when you are rushed, this is a shortcut you can take that will still give you fantastic vanilla coffee. 

Braun KSM2-WH Aromatic Coffee Grinder, White

My favorite grinder, and mine has lasted since the 1980's so you know it's a good appliance! Braun stands behind their product and parts are still available if yours ever needs fixing. It is very strong and fast so be sure you watch through the top to get it the right grind texture for your liking.

Enjoy Your Coffee! And for some sweet treats to go with it, visit Food, Decor, Kids Blog

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  1. Years ago I visited Hawaii and tasted Kona Coffee. I've been hooked ever since. While too expensive to have the 'real thing', I've found the Kona Blend to be close to the flavor I like. Nice to see that Don Francisco offers a Kona Blend flavor. Gotta have my coffee!

  2. I'm not a coffee drinker, but my goodness you have my taste buds' attention! Great review!

  3. Okay I admit it coffee is one of my sinful pleasures. I don't know if it's the Brazilian in me, but those flavored coffees just don't do anything for me. Give me my coffee straight up, black and strong with coffee being the flavor of choice....I do love Hawaiian coffee, so I think I will have to give this a try. Thanks Heather for the rundown on all of these flavors, I'll just stick with the coffee, plain and straight.

    1. Mostly I like mine black too. But for dessert, I like some vanilla!

  4. So glad to see that this coffee comes in k-cups, too! I will give their French Roast a try when it is time to restock my coffee supplies.

    1. They say the K cups are just as good as the fresh ground. :)

  5. When you reviewed the coffee press a few weeks ago, my husband and I both agreed that we should try the Don Francisco coffee since we are looking to a new brand. I am almost out of the "coffee that shall not be named" and plan to try the Don Francisco k-cups next. Thanks for the recommendation!


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