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Add this Unexpected Piece to Complete a Dollhouse Themed Room

Momeni Lil Mo Whimsy Dollhouse Rug
Personally, a Dollhouse Themed Bedroom would be My Second Favorite Theme for a Little Girls Room (The First Being a Barbie Theme)

Being a little girl in the 60's and 70's may be the reason I grew up to love Dollhouses and Barbies, however my independent nature tells me the real reason is .. I simply loved both.

I look back and remember how fortunate I was to have a mom who decorated my room in a way I wanted; It was a purple, pink and white room with hand painted purple and pink furnishings and best of all, a purple shag rug! For the 1970's where shag rugs were the thing, a purple shag rug went against the grain of the colors of the day which were Avocado Green and Harvest Gold.

Best of all, I had a fabulous collection of Barbies; and mom even knit clothes for them! Next to Barbies, dolls and dollhouses were my fave - In fact, anything dolls; dollhouses for Barbies, life size dollhouses, clothes for dolls, furniture for dolls, and paperdolls - especially paperdolls!

Time marched on, and being the mom of four sons, I never had the chance to create a dollhouse themed space for a daughter.

Seriously, I could go nuts today creating a dollhouse themed space - the décor choices are almost endless! However in dollhouse décor one of the most unique pieces to add is a dollhouse area rug. Why? because it's unexpected, and not often incorporated into a room.

Floor Décor Grounds a Space, Literally and Figuratively

Most of the time we consider a dollhouse rug for a child's playroom or play corner, and of course, that works, however, imagine the impact if used as the focal point in a bedroom.

Depending upon the dollhouse rug, most come in a variety of sizes. With the average bedroom size tending to be 10ft by 12ft, a dollhouse rug of at least 5ft by 7ft can anchor the space and provide enough detail and color to draw out from to complete the room.

The impression of a busy, colorful artistic rug defines the space. The additional dollhouse themed items complete the room, but the rug serves multiple purposes; it adds warmth, texture, color, playful interest, and most of all is a functional piece of art.

We all know that floors, walls and windows are the fundamental space definers, however, choosing pieces that also double as art, or make a stylistic contribution, takes a space from 'eh to wow.

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  1. Cute idea for a little girl's bedroom, Barbara. I bet your little girl bedroom was adorable! Dollhouse themes make a cute way to decorate.

  2. Barbara it looks like you will be waiting for a granddaughter to do your decorating thing. I love the rug though, that is really pretty and would be a great play area for sure. I love it!

  3. I've seen car rugs for boys' rooms, but I don't remember seeing a dollhouse rug (of course I have boys and not girls, too). This is so cute and colorful! What a fun piece to decorate around, too.

  4. I could easily imagine using this pretty rug in a bedroom, or even my own craft room since I am still a doll collector. I hated the harvest gold and avocado green decor back then and I do remember it well. I was so grateful for my white bedroom furniture. That rug would have been perfect for my own bedroom way back when.

  5. I love dollhouses too and in fact I have built a few for my daughter and nieces both....and made furniture and decor for them too. It was a fun hobby. My mom let me do my own room however I wanted and I used White furniture and painted Gold flowers all over it! But all the decorative touches were Pink and my Rug was White shag. Feminine psychedelic ... So we kind of have similar taste. My daughter had the opposite taste and wanted Black and Purple modern decor which I let her have, But her daughter is more like me and uses Pink and Purple and White.

  6. I loved my dollhouse. I've never seen a dollhouse rug. I can see where it could feature in play with normal size dolls. As for those avocado shag rugs, I'm rather glad they are gone.


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