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Reviewing Skinny One-Pan Recipes

Skinny One-Pan Recipes.
I like food. A lot. Unfortunately, I'm not very talented in the kitchen. I need easy, fool-proof recipes. Cleaning up in the kitchen after making a big meal is not my favorite thing to do. While some one-pan or few-ingredient recipes are bland, the recipes contained in this year's issue of Skinny One-Pan Recipes by Better Homes & Gardens look both easy and delicious!

Skinny One-Pan Recipes on Newsstands Now

The 2018 issue of Skinny One-Pan Recipes is 96 colorful pages of one-pan recipes - all 400 calories or less. The editors of the magazine summarize this issue of skinny one-pan as:

"Each dish was created with busy families in mind- using only one pan for easy prep and cleanup."

"Plus, each fresh-tasting recipe is slimmed down to help keep you fit and feeling good. This means cutting calories, fat, and sodium."

This year's special interest publication is at newsstands now and will be displayed until May 14. During my last "quick" trip to the grocery the two check out lanes that were open were both stalled. The blinking "help" lights were monotonously blinking over each cashier. Yay.  But the silver lining to that extended wait in line was that I impulse bought a Skinny One-Pan Recipes (after having had time to flip through and preview each recipe).

The recipes sounded so easy and delicious that I nearly turned around to add a few ingredients to my cart. But I wasn't willing to risk another long wait in line. 

Better Homes & Gardens is a respected name in the cookbook world. Their first cookbook was published in 1930. We know we can trust their recipes. That was another reason I felt fine with this impulse purchase.

With the ease of the internet, why would I bother to buy a recipe book?  I find it hard to follow an online recipe.  I tend to end up writing it down. Having it on a printed page eliminates that step. Also, even though there are 11 categories of recipes, they all have the common thread of being one-pan and healthier than high calorie recipes.

The categories are:
  • Power-up Breakfasts
  • Savory Bakes
  • Cast-Iron Cakes & Breads
  • Roast and Boast
  • 4-Ingredient Sides
  • One-Pan Vegetarian
  • Stove-Top Sautes
  • Stir-Fry Suppers
  • Simmer and Steam
  • Big-Batch White Bean Chili
  • Snack Central

Here is a little look inside at one of the recipes that caught my eye. I use cast-iron and have a favorite skillet. I've never tried making Focaccia bread but I have become better at successfully making breads in general.  Doesn't this No-Knead Focaccia look delicious?!

No-Knead Focaccia
Don't worry if you can't find a copy at newsstands near you. Or if you are reading this after the "display until" date has passed. Simply click the link to have a copy delivered to your home via Amazon. 

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


  1. I've used Better Homes & Garden cookbooks all my life (which is QUITE a number of years now... LOL), so definitely trust this Skinny One Pan Recipes magazine to do what they advertise. When I read the Cast Iron Cakes and Breads category on your list, I immediately thought of you and your cast iron skillet you use at "The Shack", your mountain homestead. I wouldn't be surprised if that's the reason this cookbook caught your eye while standing in line at the grocery store. Thanks for reviewing it for all of us who could use some quick and tasty new recipe ideas.

  2. The Better Homes & Garden cookbook is definitely my go-to cookbook. I love it! I also enjoy cooking the easier "one pan" recipes, especially on those nights with limited time to get a meal cooked and served. The idea of keeping the calorie count down is an added bonus. This sounds like an edition I need to grab while I can.

  3. This sounds right up my alley. Cooking is such a chore when you're not in the mood. I'll have to check this out - am always looking for quick ideas, and something new would be appreciated around this house for a change. Am always cooking the same things these days.

  4. I think I have four different editions of the BH&G cookbook. I got the first one as a wedding present. The recipes are always excellent and easy to understand. I will be very tempted to get this recipe book, but my husband doesn't understand why I need so many recipe books when I already have two cases full of them. I keep trying to convince him that the way we cook has changed as we've learned more about healthier eating. Like you, I prefer a hard copy of a recipe when I cook. I don't like to have to print recipes from online sites.

  5. I love quick and easy Dawn. And, absolutely love Better Homes & Garden. I have their grilling cookbook and it is my got to cookbook for all things grilled. Thanks for the great review :)


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