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Clever Travel Companion Women's Leggings with Secret Pockets Reviewed

Leggings with Secret Pockets
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Security is my #1 concern when I shop, travel, hike, bike, or just walk around the block.  When we walk our dogs, I don't want my attention on anything other than taking care of our pups.  When we hike, I want to watch my footpath and the surrounding area.  I don't want to be distracted or to be encumbered with anything.  When I am taking photographs, the last thing I want to do is worry about fighting a purse or if my wallet is secure.  I stopped carrying a purse decades ago and started wearing clothes with pockets.  Even though I hated the bulge my wallet or cell phone made, I still refused to go back to dragging around a purse.

Over the years, the clothes styles have changed and I have made a few changes too, but I have not gone back to toting a purse.  I recently discovered the Clever Travel Companion Leggings with Secret Pockets and I think they are the best solution yet!

The Clever Travel Companion Leggings with Secret Pockets

 Clever Travel Companion Women's Leggings with Secret Pockets, Black, MediumI don't really have the body shape that looks fabulous in leggings.  I am short and rounded.  Hardly the long, lanky figure of a model, but I love these leggings.  Paired with a oversized shirt or tunic top, I am quite comfortable wearing them out in public.

During the winter months, or colder days, I wear them under my dress or  slacks.  I still have my hidden pockets, plus the added warmth usually associated with thermal underclothes.  

Benefits of the Clever Travel Leggings 

  • Two Hidden Pockets with Zippers
  • Extremely Comfortable to Wear 
  • Extremely Comfortable when Walking
  • Extremely Comfortable when Sitting
  • Extremely Comfortable on Planes, in Cars, or even climbing around in jeeps
  • Cool and breathable fabric, yet added warmth under other slacks 
  • Easy Care - Machine Washable (I hang mine dry)

Security Pockets and Comfort

Clearly the security pockets with zippers were the main draw for me when I decided to test these pants.  After wearing the pants during a variety of activities, I can tell you, they are the most comfortable, best pocket pants I have ever worn.

The pockets will easily hold my drivers license, credit card, and cell phone.  I can zip the pocket over them to keep them secure from falling out or from thieves.  

Pickpockets and thieves are always a concern when traveling, but so is comfort.   These leggings have proven to be the perfect combination for travel!  

I frequently sit Indian style, with my legs criss-crossed.   That is not always a comfortable style when wearing jeans or dress slacks, but it is effortless with these leggings due to the stretchy fabric.  This is truly an added plus for me since my feet often won't touch the ground if I sit completely back in most chairs or seats. 

I love the waistband on these leggings!  The waistband is wide enough to prevent rolling, but soft and stretchy enough to be extremely comfortable on the waist when sitting, standing, walking or bending.  You never notice the waistband is there except that it is holding up your leggings.

 Heshe Fashion Leather Key Case 6 Key HolderCheck Price


Keys do require a bit more consideration.  You aren't going to want to stick a single key in the pocket of these leggings.  The key could easily injure you and would most certainly poke through the fabric.  

Clearly, this is not an issue if your car uses a key fob, but most of us still carry a house key with us when we go out.  

I use, and would recommend, a key case.  One like the one on right works nicely.

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  1. Oh, wow - I am a pocket freak when it comes to my clothes and these pants fit the bill perfectly! Hm, wonder how I would look in them climbing onto the top of a jeep to sit cross-legged. Naw - not a pretty sight! But, I'm still checking out these slinky tights with the pockets - too comfortable and convenient to pass up!

    1. And yet, I climb right into my jeep tent while wearing my comfy leggings! I do wonder though what the man on the radio was talking about when he called in a walrus sighting in the woods.

  2. You had me at "extremely comfortable!" I don't like carrying a purse and not all my pants have pockets (nor are they "extremely comfortable"). These leggings sound perfect!

    1. I really do love these leggings Susan. I ended up buying 3 pairs so I would have enough for a weekend trip.

  3. Cynthia, I need a pair of these, I wear leggings quite often and these would certainly solve that 'wear do I put my stuff problem' if my shirt is pocket-less, like it was yesterday! and comfortable..added bonus

    1. The comfort surprised me the most Barbara! I figured they would be okay, but they are far better than expected. They are, in fact, extremely comfortable to wear.

  4. These are so cool. I've never seen anything like them, and the pockets.... gotta have them.

    1. They are the best single item of clothing I have purchased in years!

  5. these leggings really do sound like clever travel companions! I need to get a pair! It's cold here so I need something under my regular clothes anyway!

  6. Like you, I hate carrying a purse and many women's slacks lack pockets. These leggings sound perfect with pockets for my phone and house/mailbox keys I take when I go for my walks. And COMFORT - most important!

  7. Oh these sound wonderful! I'm trying to decide what size I should order. Medium might be too short but large might be too big.

  8. These look interesting....I usually have my camera bag so I put my wallet etc in that instead of a purse. But still there are times it would be nice to have comfortable pants with pockets. thanks for the recommendation.

  9. Just what I need here in Phnom Penh. My pockets have become my repository when someone from a motor bike snatched my purse. Luckily, I had it wound around my hand so they were not able to get it. But now, I only put change in my purse but my cards and money are in my pocket. I leave my keys with the reception in our place.

  10. I've never tried leggings. In the summer it would be too hot for them here -- shorts are the only option then. I"m trying to figure out how you access what's in your pockets if you are wearing a skirt or another pair of pants over the leggings. I think I carry too much with me to get it all in those pockets. I am usually holding my camera, but when I need to be hands free, I have been using a fanny pack.

  11. Love this review! I have always worried about pick-pockets and/or putting all of my money and ID in one pocket. I have always put a bit of money in different pockets to try to ensure I have something left over if robbed. But these pants are a great solution!! I love them.

    As for the key, when I'm hiking, I put a single Jeep key on a lanyard and hang it down the inside of my shirt.That doesn't work with more keys, but it is very helpful for hiking with just a single key.

  12. Wow ! These sound fantastic. When I am walking or hiking or travelling I do love to be comfortable and not restricted. I do not like carrying a lot around with me in a bag- for safety and also just like being free from that, especially if on a long walk and I already usually have a camera. It is also not great for my back to carry a heavy bag around. If I have a dog walking with me I have their water bottle, bags etc so I don't want to have to carry a bag for me as well! I always need to carry keys, a little cash and a phone so I really think these would work so well :)

  13. Returning to say that I did order these pants after I read the review and, after almost a year now, I absolutely love them! Definitely recommended!

    1. Thank you for returning with your update and opinion Susan! I still wash and wear mine every week too and they still look and fit as good as new. Good to know there are still some things available that are worth the money.


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