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The Best Air Freshener for People with Sensitivities

I have had to think a lot about air fresheners.  At work I share a small office area with three other offices and a public bathroom.  The space is a confined area in an old building. The windows are painted closed and there is no bathroom vent.  So, you can imagine why I've been thinking a lot about air fresheners lately. I want to avoid as many chemicals as possible but remove as many odors as possible. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that two of us have chemical sensitivities. Even in light of all of this, I have found the perfect air freshening solution.

New-to-Me DIY Natural Air Freshener

I get severe migraines that are often triggered by chemicals and scents. My office mate has asthma that is easily triggered. We are finding that we are triggered by opposite things. For example, original Lysol, in small amounts, doesn't trigger my migraine but causes breathing problems for her.  She can tolerate one of the other scented sprays (I can't recall the brand) but it triggers a migraine for me. As I mentioned, due to the layout of our office area, we both are adamant that an air freshener is mandatory. We are just having trouble finding something that suits us both.

As I move toward more natural cleaning supplies in my home, it was automatic to do some research about natural air freshening solutions.  I am always one step behind the times, so you probably have already heard of using baking soda and essential oil as a natural room freshener, but this was new news to me.  And I'm thrilled.

I immediately got a small glass container at work and a glass jar at home.  I purchased peppermint essential oil and made my own room freshener in a matter of moments. So far, so good. No migraine and no asthma attack for my friend at work. 

This natural and effective solution is amazingly quick, easy, and inexpensive to make.

my simple baking soda and peppermint air freshener
The items needed:

  • baking soda
  • essential oil (scent of your choice)
  • a jar
  • decorating supplies (completely optional)

The how to:

Pour some baking soda into the jar.  I used a couple of tablespoons. Some folks fill the jar halfway.  

Sprinkle a few drops of essential oil onto the baking soda. Stir or shake.

If using a lid (mason jar, paper, or cloth lid) place the lid onto the jar.  I am using a lid only if I want to interrupt the air freshening. Otherwise, I do not place the lid on the jar.

Essential Oil Reviews

Years ago, I had a friend who taught me a very small bit about essential oils. She used peppermint oil on me when I had migraines (she is a masseuse). So I knew that I'd be okay with peppermint oil and that is what I purchased locally for my first attempt at making my baking soda and essential oil room freshener.  

In the meantime, I am studying about different brands of essential oils. Peppermint oil is not my first choice for a room freshener.  I will switch over to a floral or citrus oil.  

I have found a detailed review and essential oil comparison that has been very helpful in narrowing down the brands I'd like to purchase. Now, the only problem that remains for me is narrowing down which scents to purchase. There are so many wonderful scents to choose from. 

Essential Oils from Plant Guru

CAUTION: There are children who have been poisoned when they have ingested essential oils or have been over-exposed via direct contact with essential oils.  Please read about the dangers of essential oils and children and keep your essential oils out of the reach of children. 

Related Links:

Tidy Mom shows us how she uses spray paint and scrapbook paper to make pretty jars to hold her baking soda and essential oil air freshener.  Such an easy and good looking project - I wish I had thought of it. 

Homemade Gifts Made Easy explains a few ways to dry lavender.  If I am successful with growing lavender I will dry some in order to make a lavender, lavender essential oil, and baking soda air freshener. 

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  1. Since I also struggle with migraines, I understand your concerns completely. While I have used baking soda for many years to "clean" the air around me, I have never paired it with anything scented for exactly what you expressed, the fear of triggering a migraine. The cure being worse than the initial problem. Now that a trusted fellow migraine sufferer, meaning you, has experimented with it, I am definitely game to add the refreshing smell of peppermint to my backing soda. I'll wait until your trial and recommendation to try any others. Thank you for sharing your findings. It is a real nightmare to those of us who can't tolerate strong smells when we need the area around us cleaned up.

  2. It always excites me when I read about effective solutions for common problems that use natural products such as baking soda. This is a great one! Strong scents bother me, too, so this will be a good method to try. I'd love to read an update, Dawn Rae, when you try other scents to know how they work for you. Hope the lavender method works out, for sure, since you're growing it anyway. I have a small pot of it on my porch and will read the article to learn how to use it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Terrific idea for a 'green' solution for freshening the air. Baking soda has SO many uses. Happy to hear this one solved your problem.

  4. Looks like a very easy DIY and all natural, Our daughter is really big on using essential oils. She even made some for me for leg cramps. Never heard of mixing them with baking soda, thanks I'll have to try it.

  5. Excellent ideas. I am prone to asthma attacks and very careful with scents in my home.

  6. I've always avoided scent just as a choice rather than because of issues. Your air freshener sounds like a good option.


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