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Reviewing Jellycat Stuffed Cats

Toy Cats That You Just Can't Help Cuddling

For the last couple of years I have become quite fond of the stuffed animals made by Jellycat. I especially like the different cats that they have started producing because in real life I love cats and have shared my life with several throughout the decades. As with all of the stuffed animal toys that this UK based company makes they have a nice variety of kitty cats for our children and grandchildren to cuddle with. I purchased one of them a few years ago for my youngest granddaughter and it has become one of her constant companions.

There are other styles of cats that the company offers to suit just about any taste in an individual’s love for felines. One of the things that I love about Jellycat, the company, is that they keep their inventory fresh. They may introduce a new line and have it available for a while and then they will stop manufacturing it. That may seem a little aggravating at first thought but I rather like the idea. To me, it makes the choice that you made for your special child a little more unique. With the limited production of different lines and animals the one your child loves becomes more precious because not every kid on the planet has one just like it.

When it comes to quality, I don't think that I have ever in my 60 decades seen a better quality of stuffed animal. They are so well made! The company states that they pay extra attention to meeting all of the standards of the UK and the US for making safe toys, too. Every single one of their toys is soft both in body and in the "fur" or material used for the animal. Heck, even I like to snuggle with them!

Most of the kitty cats have a soft fur like material but you can also find them in materials like corduroy. It just depends on what is in production at the time you start looking. I have found that when I see one that I particularly like, I best get on the ball and go ahead and get it. Those sweet things sell out quickly! I don't mean just the cats but most of the stuffed animals. I think part of that can be attributed to the "cuteness" factor but mostly I think it is because of how well they are made and how well they stand up to all those hugs a child will give them.

For the current selection of Jellycat cats check out this page on Amazon.

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  1. Bev, I've seen the Jellycat line of plush toys before (and being a plush animal person, they REALLY appealed to me), so I much enjoyed your review of the Jellycat CATS. As I create plush animals for kids in crochet, I know how important it is to make them 'kid-safe', so happy to hear about the high quality of the Jellycat line. Interesting that the company limits production of their various lines of plush animals, making them more unique.

    1. PS: I LOVE cats too and have had quite a few over the years. :)

  2. How adorable! The Jellycat bunnies really caught my eye. Gotta love those ears! Good to know of a safe, high-quality line of stuffed toys.

  3. I also love the entire Jellycat collection of soft stuffed animals! Of course, I think the kitty cats are as cute as can be, but I have had my eye on a particular elephant for a while. You have made me wonder if I should have purchased it already. He is corduroy and blue. I keep thinking my own baby girl needs that elephant!

    1. I've seen the elephant in person and he is adorable! I think you need one of the giraffe's for yourself, too. The Fuddlewuddle one is really cute. A good gift idea for your birthday or Christmas.

  4. These sound like a wonderful gift idea - collect a bunch of them and the gift giving idea never ends for the collector :)

  5. I love stuffed animals, and so did my kids. These sound like just the ones to buy. I've run across some that don't seem as well-made as these.

  6. I've never heard of these. It's adorable! Thank you for sharing about the adorable Jellycat!


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