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Perplexus the Epic Gift

Perplexus Epic
Do you need to purchase a gift for someone and haven't a clue what to get? Maybe you are hosting a social gathering and would like to provide a fun activity.  Perhaps you are like me, someone who likes solving puzzles.  If you are perplexed about what to get, let the Perplexus Epic solve your dilemma.  This is a toy review but I have a hard time referring to the Perplexus as a toy since it is a great gift for almost all age ranges,

The Gift of the Day

Have you ever experienced people gathering around one activity because it is so much fun. Everyone taking turns with the fun, new gadget.  I recently had that experience.

We were at a small Christmas gathering. One of the gifts that day turned out to be a huge hit. The group of us were occupied with it for the remainder of the day. Even as we sat at the table eating our dessert, we passed this toy around the table.

"We" consisted of five adults - aged youngish adult to senior adult. We passed this ball around, taking turns for hours. And had a great time doing it. We helped each other, competed against each other, and some of us pulled out flashlights in order to try to get a leg up. I found myself wishing that my adult children had been there to play along.  This toy could easily have gotten 3 to 4 generations playing together.

Serious Epic Competition

The Perplexus Epic Review  

The Perplexus is a clear plastic ball containing a small metal ball and a maze of ramps, steps, teeter-totters, bridges, and other obstacles.  There are a variety of Perplexus puzzles, including; Original, Twist, Epic, and most recently the Perplexus Star Wars.

We fell in love with the Perplexus Epic that day. It is advertised as "Easy to Play...Hard to Master".  They weren't exaggerating.  It was not easy to master.  In fact, none of us have completed it successfully yet.  But that did not stop us from having a blast.

  • The Perplexus Epic is a slightly larger ball  (9" diameter at the largest section) - approximately the size of a volleyball. 
  •  It is made of visually pleasing colors; grey, white, and blues.  
  • The inside ramps and obstacles are stamped with numbers - so everyone can brag about how far they've gotten
  • 125 Barriers
  • Epic - the most challenging Perplexus maze
  • It is "unplugged" gaming fun. No batteries or electricity needed
  • Self-Contained - no pieces to lose

Everyone Wanted One

By the days' end, we had already announced that we were all buying one for ourselves. Had the stores not been closed for the holiday, we would have stopped on the way home.  By the end of the week, we each owned one.  And now, almost a month later, we still play with ours in our home. When we tire of the Epic version, we will most likely buy the Star Wars version.  If I still had school-aged children in my home, I would choose the Perplexus Original.  I'm fairly certain that before too long, I will own one of each. Yes, I like Perplexus just that much. And I think you will too.

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  1. What a fantastic game - toy - fun entertainment! I can tell just from your description that this would be terrific fun for anyone. I love puzzles and love challenges and this Perplexus would fill both criteria. I gotta have one! Thanks for this great review and introducing me to a fun new activity.

    1. I could not believe how much fun a ball, inside a plastic ball, filled with plastic would be. But it was great. You will have to let me know if you get one and if you like it.

  2. Sounds like great brain exercise and I certainly need all of that I can get! "No batteries needed" is a wonderful selling point, too. Sounds like a lot of fun, Dawn. Thanks for the great review!

    1. It is one of those brain exercise puzzles that you just love to hate. I want to throw it across the room but can't stop trying just... one... more... time. And I too need all of the brain exercise I can get!

  3. This sounds like great fun! I sure wish I had it here over the holidays to keep some folks busy and entertained. I might need one (or three) before the next family gathering. Excellent review! Made me want to jump right over to Amazon to get one now so I can master it before next Thanksgiving. Oh, it also sounds like a fabulous gift!

    1. Thank you mouse. It was definitely the best gift at our gathering. And there were a lot of great gifts unwrapped that day. I think it would definitely keep some of your guests busy.

  4. This does sound like a hoot -- we have an annual Christmas gathering. Maybe we'll take a Perplexus!


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