Sunday, January 17, 2016

Safety Floors that Are Practical and Decorative

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I Was Introduced to this Idea by Accident .... Watching a TV Show! 

Safety Flooring with Style

The TV Show featured a family preparing to cover their gorgeous hardwood floors with safer hardwood look-a-like interlocking foam tiles.

When they opened the box and started pulling out the pieces, I was impressed by how closely the color matched the actual hardwood floors in their home.

After seeing it completely placed over top of their real hardwood, I was convinced I missed out when my kids were young! What a fantastic safety solution for kids without compromising design style!

These safety floors did not detract from their stunning decor. The playroom looked like any one of the other main rooms in the home, except it was filled with toys.

Choose Interlocking Foam Floor Tiles that Match Your Existing Flooring

You can find light, dark, grey, black and more colors of hardwood look-a-like foam flooring. When you've spent a great deal of time and money decorating a room, foam tiles help to maintain the look and structure of your space while simultaneously serving as a safety feature.

Given the growing number of people caught in the 'sandwich generation' (those caring for both kids and seniors at the same time), safety flooring can certainly go a long way as an investment. Best of all, when you're finished needing it, simply remove it.

We're no longer limited choosing those multi-colored ABC interlocking foam floors for protection and safety; now we have this incredibly practical look-a-like hardwood foam as an option.

You can read more about Interlocking Foam Floors here at

by Barbara Tremblay Cipak

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  1. What a great idea for a child(ren)'s playroom (or a senior's bedroom). I never knew this product existed! Enjoyed your review, Barbara.

  2. I do love hardwood floors, but you are quite right, they do hurt when you smack your head on them. They are also fairly easy to damage with liquids or dropping toys. These foam floors would be awesome in a home with children. I really love the idea of protecting the original hardwood floors.

  3. We have hard floors throughout our house and I've always wondered how that might work out with future grandchildren. This foam flooring sounds like a wonderful solution.

  4. thanks for the review of safety foam flooring and I am going to investigate further!

  5. Sounds like a great idea.They didn't have all thee options when we had kids.

  6. I think this sounds a wonderful idea especially for people who have young children and/or elderly relatives living with them.


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