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Reviewing An Ergonomic Handle Snow Shovel

A Good Shovel Is Important For Snow Removal

snow covered ground
Well, I just spent the last couple of hours removing the snow from my driveway. It is the first time that I have had to do so for this winter but I know it won't be the last. It is not my favorite activity but it does have to be done. Our driveway has a rather steep incline and if the snow gets packed down it is difficult to get up the drive when you return home. So, let me tell you what I use to remove said snow.

First, I should tell you that over the course of several decades I have used several types of snow shovels. Some were just fine while others were horrible. I learned a long time ago that buying a cheap shovel is just a huge waste of time. They usually break before the season is over so they actually end up costing you more money because you have to replace them. Anyway, I digress.

A few years ago, my husband brought home a shovel with an ergonomic handle and at first I wasn't sure that I was going to like it but it is now my favorite shovel to grab when the snow is ready to be removed from our drive.

What I love about this shovel is that I can push the snow across the drive instead of having to pick it up and toss it. I'm not exactly a "spring chicken" anymore and lifting the snow is more than I can tolerate for any length of time. So, pushing it across and packing it up on the sides works most of the time. It is not too difficult to heave the snow at the end of my run but if I had to heave all of it, I wouldn't be able to get very far. A younger, stronger person could use this same shovel and lift all day but when you are past your 6th decade and a little woman to boot; it probably is not the wisest thing to try to do.

My daughters yell at me for taking care of the snow in the first place and with a different shovel I might not be able to do it. It is actually pretty darned good exercise and depending on the snowfall I sometimes have to pace myself but I get the job done. There are no young boys coming around to see if they can do it for you for a price. So, I take care of it. Now, if we get a few feet of snow my husband will get the trusty snow blower out but for those little snowfalls less than 6 inches, I do it.

I have this thing about being able to get out of the drive if I need to. The problem isn't so much getting out it is the getting back up the drive that becomes the problem in winter. My husband doesn't have any trouble with his jeep, he just slings it into 4 wheel drive and up he goes. My car is a rear wheel drive and doesn't do so well. I could wait until my husband gets home and have him do it but he is usually so tired after a day's work that it hardly seems fair to ask him to do it when I'm home all day. Besides, it keeps me in shape!

I highly recommend a snow shovel with an ergonomic handle and one with an aluminum blade if you have a snow removal job in your future. The plastic blades often crack in colder temperatures (at least that has been my experience) so their lighter weight doesn't help much if they are split or only half there. 

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  1. We are awaiting our first snowfall here, but I know it's coming. So it makes sense for me to get an ergonomic snow shovel right away. I'm also one of those people who have tried many different shovels and thrown away most of them. I appreciate hearing from someone I trust about how good this one is. One that is actually worth the money - love it!

  2. It seems I am constantly discovering things that you do Bev that impress me! I don't think I would be real quick about running out into the snow to shovel it, but I definitely understand the necessity. I don't have much snow in our area. We get mostly ice, but I do know having the right tool can make any job easier. Excellent review! When I move further north, I will certainly remember to return here for a great snow shovel recommendation.

  3. no snow this year yet, but if I get any I will need a snow shovel so will be back for the ergonomic handle one!

  4. I am so very glad this isn't an issue I have to face. If we get enough snow to shovel, we just stay in! Thankfully, we have no sidewalk that requires shoveling. Glad you found a snow shovel that works for you, Bev. Always appreciate your excellent first-hand reviews, even when it's for a product this southern girl hopes she never needs!

  5. I'm with Susan, Bev. SNOW is the reason I retired to the State of Georgia! We DO (very rarely) get a bit of snow, but it doesn't stay, so no shoveling necessary. Wish I'd known about this shovel when I DID have to shovel snow while living in the Midwest for many, many years. Great review!

  6. I'm glad this is a problem I don't have to deal with on the California Central Coast, but if I did, I would definitely get this shovel.

  7. Lots and lots of snow here but we're surprisingly uneducated about the tools of our trade. Thanks for this ergonomic snow shovel option.


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