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An Awesome Ant Control Product

Ants.  They have their purpose in the world but, in my opinion, there is almost nothing more disgusting than ants marching through your home or office.  Ants are pesky and extremely difficult to control.  But I have stumbled upon an inexpensive, effective, and safer way to get rid of ants. I am so excited about this product that I have to share it with you.

My Ant Infestation

Almost everyone has had to deal with ants.  And there are many ways to exterminate them; professional pest control, chemical sprays, solids, liquids, and so on.  Recently, I had such an overwhelming invasion of ants that it was almost fun to watch then marching on their invisible super highway.  But before long it got old and was no longer interesting.

I work in a historic, beautiful old building.  My office is on the third floor. As autumn turned colder, I suddenly began sharing my office space with what seemed like millions of ants.  They marched up from the floor, up across my wall, and behind a bulletin board.  I wasn't sure where they were coming from or where they were going. Or why they were interested in an old bulletin board. But they were there and they seemed intent on staying.

Initially, I was content to watch them march up and down the wall, until they began also marching up onto my desk and occasionally up my legs. Since I found a can of ant spray in the supply closet, it seemed that ants were probably an amenity that pre-existed my employment.  So I sprayed with the ant spray. I sprayed and I sprayed.

The ant spray only killed the ants that I was able to hit directly and soak. It's more likely they drowned than were killed by chemicals. The rest of the ants just marched around the wet spots until the wet spots dried.  Then they resumed their march on their normal path.  The only apparent outcome of using the spray was triggering my migraines.

I started to look for more natural ways to get these ants out of my space.

Pest Control Options

I searched the internet for solutions. Exterminators are pricey and the agency was unlikely to pay for it.  Sprays were clearly not effective and the chemicals hurt my head.  So I looked for options with fewer or no chemicals.  I decided to do a water and vinegar spray. That concoction seemed completely ineffective. Then I decided to do a boric acide and sugar water mixture. Trouble was, I didn't know exactly what boric acid was and where to find it.  It also sounded frightening. While looking in the pest control aisle at a local store, looking for this scary sounding acid, I found my solution.

"Terro Ant Bait. It Works."

Terro liquid ant bait. It works. That's not only a slogan, it's the truth.  I am no expert on extermination. But I can say that my ant problem was large scale and persistent. And was solved by using Terro.  This stuff is the best. I've stocked up on more, to make sure I have some on hand if I need it again.
Terro Liquid Ant Bait

Have Faith and Patience

Know that at first MORE ants will come. Yes, MORE ants.  The amount of ants that came for the first 2-3 days was amazing.  But that was good. It meat the Terro was doing what it was supposed to do.  I returned after a weekend, and the number of ants was dwindling.  Then I was in and out of the office for the next few days and the number of ants decreased.  Approximately 7 -10 days later, the ants were magically gone.

I placed the bait in their path
Make sure to follow the directions on the packaging and take a look at the Learning Center section on the Terro site.  Also, make sure to place the bait directly in the path of the ants.  Initially, I placed my baits in three different areas; the wall, the floor at the legs of my desk, and on the floor near where they were entering  The ants did not go to the baits I placed on the floor. But they swarmed the baits placed in their path (I had taped one flat against the wall in their path).  Don't move the baits that are in the path of the ants and be patient as the infestation seems to worsen.

Terro liquid ant bait is an easy-to-use, inexpensive, and effective way to get rid of the ants invading your home or office.  I am overly sensitive to smells and chemicals, due to my migraine issue, and while I noted that there was an extremely slight scent, it was not a harsh chemical smell and it did not trigger a migraine.  If you have an ant problem, I highly recommend Terro.

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  1. Wonderful to know that there is an effective and inexpensive solution to having 'ants' invade your space. Great you were able to find a solution that works. I've had this problem in the past and it is most annoying.

    Also delighted to have you and your delightful writings back on Review This, Dawn Rae. You've been missed!

    1. Thank you Elf! It is good to be back. I've missed all of you.

  2. Few people could write such an entertaining article about ants! They really can be quite fascinating to watch, outside. I can't use any types of chemical sprays either for exactly the same reason. I get really monster migraines when I am around chemicals or strong smells. Even thinking about the smell of the ant spray you found, make my head feel "sensitive". We have used the ant baits for years now too and they really are wonderful. I hate the idea of exterminating the lovely little ants, but it really is impossible to live with them when they invade.

    1. They didn't bother me very much, until they started climbing onto my desk and onto me! That was the final straw!

  3. Thanks for a great review of Terro ant bait. The last time I had one of those "invasions" it took ages to get rid of the ants. Not just a few weeks. So this solution sounds perfect to me.

  4. I don't like to use sprays because of our dog, so I was very happy when someone recommended liquid ant baits to me. That was a couple of years ago when we had quite an infestation, mostly in our bathroom and a corner of our bedroom. Our problem wasn't nearly as significant as yours, Dawn, but it put me on alert so that I keep open bait traps in a few significant locations plus a spare box of them on the shelf just in case. Very glad to have a testimonial from someone who has watched them work!

    1. Susan, I will definitely use ant bait at home if I get ants at home. I too have pets and it is so hard to find things that work that don't harm the animals.

  5. I had a significant problem last year. The ants invaded the entire house -- especially the bathrooms and kitchen. I fought them with Terro first, and they did love it. They disappeared for a couple of weeks and then were back. They were eating all the Terro I could buy, but still kept coming. Then I tried making my own bait like Terro from an online recipe and that also attracted the ants for a time. Then I tried food grade DE, which I wrote about here. That also helped, but I got tired of having to keep replacing it when it got wet and having to work around it. I finally gave up and called an exterminator. I was amazed that for under $100 he got rid of them all with a few other insects and spiders who lived around my house as welland it only took a couple of days. This year I'll probably call him back at first invasion and save myself the hassle. Terro works well for small invasions, but it didn't hold back the hordes that continued coming for weeks.


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