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How to Visually Increase the Size of Windowless Room

Faux French Door - See more here
Last week we talked about three affordable ways to increase the size of a room, and today we'll talk about how to trick the mind so you won't feel caged in a windowless room.

The three previous suggestions were to use a faux window, 3D Scenery Drapes or Mirrors. Today we'll add three new ideas to the mix. 

Although your first choice should be a faux window, here are a few other ideas to consider:

Faux French Doors

Yes, that's right you can easily feature double french doors in your space, without so much as picking up a hammer and banging a nail into the wall!

Faux door wall graphics, usually made of easy to put-up vinyl or a pre-pasted material, are very effective. You'll have to read the directions, and patiently approach the project, but the overall completed look makes it all worth while.
Suggested Tip: If you paint the walls to coincide with the actual faux doors you're putting up, you can easily create a seamless visual effect by choosing a wall color that will blend or compliment the doors. 

Animals Bursting Through Your Walls
3D Animals Bursting through the Wall

These are so creative! Do you know anyone who has 3D animal art on their wall? Probably not, so get ready, you're going to make an impression when your guests see this!

By using 3D wall art to create the illusion of something busting into the room, you automatically trick the mind into believing the room has been opened to the outdoors.

Best of all, this unique approach provides a decorating foundation to use when adding accessories; add animal pillows, throws or rugs and all of a sudden you have a theme going!
Faux Book Wall Shelf

Where a real bookshelf takes up too much space in a small room, a faux bookshelf takes up no space! 

If an actual faux shelf isn't your cup of tea, there are many other book wall decals you can choose from and most have a three dimensional look: Some feature a dog with a stack of books, others just a stack of books that look so real you'll reach out to touch them, and some are designed as sketches. Visit the link above to see examples of these.

There you have it, three more creative ideas you can use to visually increase the size of a windowless room. 

Featured Photo: 3D Faux Book Wall - Via Amazon

Stay Open!

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  1. Very clever ideas to visually increase the size of a room, especially a windowless room. I LOVE the bookcase idea. I have bookcases in every room of my house (well, most rooms) and they are my favorite pieces of furniture. Bookcases are so versatile that I'm not a bit surprised to see them used as a way to open up a small space.

    1. I agree about the bookcase, I actually have prints of books in a frame on the wall, but I like this better (the 3D affect)

  2. Now you know I love those animals! It would be like having a virtual zoo right outside my window and I would love that. The french doors and bookcases are pretty too. These really are great suggestions for a windowless room that might tend to make me feel a bit claustrophobic.

    1. Cynthia, I would love the animals wall decal too, it's one of my faves

  3. Love these creative suggestions! I have to laugh a bit about the faux bookshelf. Before our fire we had many bookshelves, with hundreds of books. Now we have only a handful of "real" books and collect (non-dusty) e-books instead. Perhaps a faux bookshelf would fill that void and make us look studious once again - and I still wouldn't have books to dust!

    1. Susan, so sorry about that fire you went thru, my gawd how awful, and to lose your books too - but yah, no dusting with these books :)

  4. Love the bookcase idea! And I use mirrors too!


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