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Iron and Wicker Baker's Rack With Drawers

Shopping for our new house, this wrought iron and wicker bakers rack with drawers caught our eye immediately. There's no question that we made the right choice.
Our Iron and Wicker Baker's Rack
Several years ago, when we were building our new house, we spent hours looking for just the right furniture to fill it. Since this (hopefully) will be the last house we ever own, it was important to us to choose what we really loved and, in many cases, what we had always talked about having in our home.

One item we had dreamed about for years was a baker's rack. The new kitchen had just the perfect wall for one, so we began our hunt. This wrought iron and wicker bakers rack with drawers caught our eye immediately. We've had it almost four years now and there's no question that we made the right choice. Here's my review.

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Why Choose This Baker's Rack?

Here's why I chose this particular piece of furniture for our kitchen. One, wrought iron has always been a favorite of mine, possibly because it's pretty much indestructible, plus I just like how it looks. We already had chosen wrought iron and glass coffee and end tables for the living room, plus our front door has a swirly iron-looking design, so the style fit. Really, I think it would fit any decor.

Next, I love baskets. The four wicker basket drawers not only look beautiful and add texture to the piece, they're quite roomy and, at 14 inches deep, 11 inches wide, and 8 1/2 inches tall, provide quite a bit of storage space. The drawers are sturdily built on a wire frame and are supported by a metal runner on which the drawers slide when pulled out or pushed back in. There are no rollers, but the drawers slide easily. I wouldn't load these down with anything particularly heavy but, after almost four years and plenty of use, our wicker drawers look and function as good as new.

Iron and Wicker Bakers Rack Fits Perfectly In Our Kitchen
Our baker's rack, a perfect fit between the
back door and kitchen windows.
The top shelves of the baker's rack are wire, not solid, spaced about an inch apart. Because I use the shelves to display my salt and pepper shaker collection, we chose to add a piece of our wood grain floor tile to create a solid surface. The wire surface is perfectly fine for displaying most items, but I did want to make it clear that if you intend to use those shelves for displaying very small items, you'll want to add a board or a perhaps a piece of glass to keep your treasured items from slipping through the space between the wires.

The oak-veneer counter surface above the drawers isn't fancy, but it's solid and very nice and, in our case, just happens to match our kitchen table. It's a roomy space, perfect for a cookbook collection, a cookie jar, or perhaps some larger decorative pieces you'd like to show off.

Iron and Wicker Bakers Rack With Drawers - Assembly Required

Assembly Required

Yep, as you can see in the picture the baker's rack arrived in a whole lot of very well-packaged pieces. While I'm sure I could have assembled it myself, I have a very patient husband (ahem) who managed to put the rack together with very little trouble. There was one piece that just didn't fit, though, and after a brief, friendly phone call, the manufacturer quickly shipped us a replacement piece and all was well.

Where to Buy Your Iron and Wicker Baker's Rack

When I shop for furniture online it's always where I know I'll get excellent customer service should a problem arise. Most of the time that leaves me with my two favorite sites, Walmart and Amazon, both of which carry this product. It's important to know that these two large, reputable retailers are very competitive when it comes to pricing. Today when I checked on this baker's rack the price, indeed, is identical on those two sites. For me, shipping is also free (your circumstances may differ).

So where should you buy? I'd say read both listings today, confirm costs, and choose your favorite. Always check for shipping cost and shipping speed and other nuances that might apply when shipping furniture. I think you'll be happy with your new baker's rack whichever site you choose.

So tell me. Would you choose this baker's rack? Do you enjoy shopping for furniture online? I love reading your comments and appreciate any input or insight that you care to share on the subject. Thanks for reading!

~ Susan
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  1. I love Baker's Racks and have always wanted one. I don't tend to buy furniture online because I like to see it in person. But this is a great Baker's rack and you are tempting me!

    1. Dawn, we're really happy with ours. I've bought quite a few pieces of furniture online, even rugs, and we've never been disappointed. I'd be so thrilled if you chose the same one!

  2. I have always loved wrought iron too Susan. I don't believe I have seen a bakers rack with the wicker basket style drawers before. They do make a lovely combination. Your baker's rack certainly does fit perfectly in that space on your kitchen wall! I really like the idea of adding a solid shelf piece to prevent smaller items from falling between the wire. Sure makes me wish I had a place for a backer's rack in my kitchen.

    1. Glad you like it! You know, Cynthia, a baker's rack could work in a bedroom or even a roomy bathroom, too, especially one like this with roomy drawers. There's about an inch of space between the wires on the top shelves, so the lack of a solid surface shouldn't matter to most people. My husband was very clever to think of using our wood-grain floor tiles, which fit perfectly!

  3. Great bakers rack. Would you believe we have one just like it!

    1. No kidding! That's very cool, Mary Beth! It's obviously a popular style since it's been around for at least four years (and I'm sure longer than that). You definitely have good taste!

  4. The wicker drawers on your baker's rack really appeal to me. It's so handy to have space like that for all those kitchen things that need to be stored (place mats, napkins, kitchen towels, etc.). Looks like yours is well used (and loved).

    1. Thanks, Elf. We do love it and, indeed, use it daily. I don't think anyone would have a problem finding ways to use the drawers. Placemats don't fit flat (rolling them could work), but otherwise it's perfect for everything you named. Glad you like it!

  5. Bakers racks are so convenient and practical and wrought iron never seems to go out of style. I wish we had room for one, yours seems to be a perfect fit.

    1. Ours is a perfect fit, Sam! There were a lot of miraculous things about our new house and having that wall there, perfect for the baker's rack we had always wanted, is one of them. Thanks!

  6. Right now we don't have room for one. If we got one, we just might use it for its original purpose and keep it in the kitchen -- provided I ever start baking again. I could see those basket drawers being useful for storing bread and bagged food that doesn't fit well in cupboards -- chips, dried fruits and nuts, etc.

    1. Storing chips and other bagged foods would be a great use for these baker's rack drawers, Barbara. Good idea! Thanks!

  7. I love baker's racks. They do make great furniture and can be used almost anywhere. I have used mine for plants mostly, but also appliances. Never had any with baskets, but I like yours.

    1. I love the look of plants on baker's racks, fay! I can picture this one with a toaster, with bread stored in one of the drawers. Another great suggestion! Thanks!

  8. We have a wall that would be perfect for a baker's the edge of our kitchen. I've been reluctant to look for something for that spot because of light switch, furnace thermostat, etc. but the baker's rack might work because it does not have a solid back.

    1. You very well may be able to position the rack so the light switch and thermostat fit next to or between the vertical wrought iron pieces on the back. I wouldn't want to have to reach through there to switch a light on or off on a regular basis, but since the thermostat isn't something that has to be touched regularly, that might work. If you click through on the product page, Brenda, you'll see a narrower version of this baker's rack with baskets that might fit and not be in the way of those wall implements at all. Measure the height, too, to see where it would fall. If you'd like some specific measurements, just let me know.


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