Sunday, January 24, 2016

Three Affordable Ways to Visually Increase the Size of a Room

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With real estate at a premium in many locations and rent equally expensive, numerous apartments and homes have smaller rooms, or at least one room that's not an ideal size. 

Don't despair, here are three affordable ways to visually increase the size of a room:

Use a Faux Window Decal

Three dimensional wall decals come in a variety of funky design choices, including actual faux windows with scenery.

Put up a fake window without the hassle of having to use wood by using vinyl wall decals instead. There are an endless choice of 'views'; choose from snow scenery, mountain scenery, beach scenery to Halloween horror scenery! The 3D effect creates automatic depth.

Use Draperies with 3D Designs
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Drapes with scenery are another option. Again, much like 3D Faux Windows, these drapes come in a large variety of landscape choices. 

Go ahead and use them in a room with no windows. Just put the drapes up, keep them closed and they'll serve a double purpose; they create the illusion that a window is behind them and by keeping them constantly closed they also provide faux depth with their three dimensional designs.

Use Mirrors

This isn't a new trick, but it's always effective. Feature a large mirror on the wall above a piece of furniture. In fact, you could also install a wall-to-wall mirror. 

If a large mirror isn't something you're interested in, try mirrored accessories, such as a wall clock. Essentially anything that goes on the wall that has a mirror built into it will help to create depth.

Choose from these three simple suggestions and your room will seem larger to anyone who enters. You've tricked the eye by creating depth.


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  1. Very clever, Barbara. I've seen those faux window designs before, but the drapes with 3D designs are new to me. Quite the interesting way to add depth to a room or windowless area.

  2. Great ideas. I can't see myself getting a wall-to-wall mirror, though. I grew up with the job of cleaning the large mirror over the sofa and would not want to commit to continually cleaning an even larger one. I like the drapes much better.

  3. What great ideas! I very much remember our daughter's closet doors in her dorm room during college were full mirrors and they seriously made the room look a lot bigger. I find the decals and curtains very appealing too. They would sure be a great way to have the appearance of bringing the outside in too. Awesome suggestions Barbara!

  4. Mirrors are my favorite way to increase the size of small spaces! But I put a tree decal up on my wall over my bed to act as a headboard and it does the trick also.

    1. decals for headboards are a great idea - and you can actually get them in the shape of a headboard too

  5. Thanks for taking the time to comment (to all)


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