Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Reviewing Amazon Prime Membership

Saving Money Plus More

One of the gifts that my husband and I gave each other for Christmas this year was an Amazon Prime membership. It may seem like an odd gift to some but we felt it was something that we would enjoy along with saving ourselves some money throughout the following year. 

"Wait a minute, this membership costs money," you may be saying. Yes, it does cost $99 for a year's membership but we believe that we will both pay ourselves back and save money before the year is over. Everyone's mileage may vary on this front because it will depend on how often you make online purchases as to whether the membership will pay for itself or not. We feel confident that it will perform well for our needs.

One of the nicest benefits for us is the 2 day free shipping on most of the purchases that we make during a year. As long as the items that we purchase are part of the fulfilled by Amazon program we can enjoy that benefit. If the item happens to be from a third party we will not see that faster delivery for free but it is rare that we purchase third party items, anyway. 

Another money savings benefit is that often times Prime members get a discount on items that non-members do not. Those savings add up during a year. 

As an example of savings, I just ordered a storage bag to hold my Christmas tree in. We saw a bag in a catalog that comes to our house and felt that it was something we wanted. I went on Amazon to see if it was available there. It was! Not only was it available but at a considerable savings. Add to the fact that I didn't have to pay shipping on a heavy item and we were delighted. That one purchase has paid for almost half of the membership fee. 

More than saving money

My husband and I love to watch movies, in fact we watch one every Saturday evening together. It is our weekly date night, curled up on the sofa together enjoying a movie together. Our Prime membership allows us to stream movies and TV series for free which will add to our options on Saturday nights. Well, actually any night that there is nothing good on regular TV (which is often the case). We have already watched the series Man In The High Castle which is exclusive to Amazon. It was really a great series! We have the option to rent movies, too. 

I'm an avid reader so I can download books and even borrow books through my Prime membership. There is actually a lender's library of other members that I can read through. I can't wait to try that one! A free book never hurt anyone!

Something that I haven't tried yet but think is pretty cool is that I can store pictures for free. I can also download music with my membership.

All in all we feel an Amazon Prime membership is going to be beneficial to the two of us. We live on a fixed income now so any time we can save a little money is a good thing. How about you? Have you joined Prime or are you considering doing so?

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Perplexus the Epic Gift

Perplexus Epic
Do you need to purchase a gift for someone and haven't a clue what to get? Maybe you are hosting a social gathering and would like to provide a fun activity.  Perhaps you are like me, someone who likes solving puzzles.  If you are perplexed about what to get, let the Perplexus Epic solve your dilemma.  This is a toy review but I have a hard time referring to the Perplexus as a toy since it is a great gift for almost all age ranges,

The Gift of the Day

Have you ever experienced people gathering around one activity because it is so much fun. Everyone taking turns with the fun, new gadget.  I recently had that experience.

We were at a small Christmas gathering. One of the gifts that day turned out to be a huge hit. The group of us were occupied with it for the remainder of the day. Even as we sat at the table eating our dessert, we passed this toy around the table.

"We" consisted of five adults - aged youngish adult to senior adult. We passed this ball around, taking turns for hours. And had a great time doing it. We helped each other, competed against each other, and some of us pulled out flashlights in order to try to get a leg up. I found myself wishing that my adult children had been there to play along.  This toy could easily have gotten 3 to 4 generations playing together.

Serious Epic Competition

The Perplexus Epic Review  

The Perplexus is a clear plastic ball containing a small metal ball and a maze of ramps, steps, teeter-totters, bridges, and other obstacles.  There are a variety of Perplexus puzzles, including; Original, Twist, Epic, and most recently the Perplexus Star Wars.

We fell in love with the Perplexus Epic that day. It is advertised as "Easy to Play...Hard to Master".  They weren't exaggerating.  It was not easy to master.  In fact, none of us have completed it successfully yet.  But that did not stop us from having a blast.

  • The Perplexus Epic is a slightly larger ball  (9" diameter at the largest section) - approximately the size of a volleyball. 
  •  It is made of visually pleasing colors; grey, white, and blues.  
  • The inside ramps and obstacles are stamped with numbers - so everyone can brag about how far they've gotten
  • 125 Barriers
  • Epic - the most challenging Perplexus maze
  • It is "unplugged" gaming fun. No batteries or electricity needed
  • Self-Contained - no pieces to lose

Everyone Wanted One

By the days' end, we had already announced that we were all buying one for ourselves. Had the stores not been closed for the holiday, we would have stopped on the way home.  By the end of the week, we each owned one.  And now, almost a month later, we still play with ours in our home. When we tire of the Epic version, we will most likely buy the Star Wars version.  If I still had school-aged children in my home, I would choose the Perplexus Original.  I'm fairly certain that before too long, I will own one of each. Yes, I like Perplexus just that much. And I think you will too.

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Safety Floors that Are Practical and Decorative

Read More About Interlocking Foam Wood Flooring
I Was Introduced to this Idea by Accident .... Watching a TV Show! 

Safety Flooring with Style

The TV Show featured a family preparing to cover their gorgeous hardwood floors with safer hardwood look-a-like interlocking foam tiles.

When they opened the box and started pulling out the pieces, I was impressed by how closely the color matched the actual hardwood floors in their home.

After seeing it completely placed over top of their real hardwood, I was convinced I missed out when my kids were young! What a fantastic safety solution for kids without compromising design style!

These safety floors did not detract from their stunning decor. The playroom looked like any one of the other main rooms in the home, except it was filled with toys.

Choose Interlocking Foam Floor Tiles that Match Your Existing Flooring

You can find light, dark, grey, black and more colors of hardwood look-a-like foam flooring. When you've spent a great deal of time and money decorating a room, foam tiles help to maintain the look and structure of your space while simultaneously serving as a safety feature.

Given the growing number of people caught in the 'sandwich generation' (those caring for both kids and seniors at the same time), safety flooring can certainly go a long way as an investment. Best of all, when you're finished needing it, simply remove it.

We're no longer limited choosing those multi-colored ABC interlocking foam floors for protection and safety; now we have this incredibly practical look-a-like hardwood foam as an option.

You can read more about Interlocking Foam Floors here at Funkthishouse.com.

by Barbara Tremblay Cipak
Owner, Funkthishouse.com

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Toilet Paper Brand Comparison

Review and Comparison of Popular Toilet Paper Brands

Choosing the right toilet paper isn't always easy.  You don't really know if a toilet paper will be effective or tolerable until you try it.

Don't you hate it when you use the "facilities" and you're just certain the toilet paper is recycled sand paper or army surplus? 

In this review,  we will compare 3 different brands to determine which one is the best choice to purchase. We might not be able to change what we have to use when we are away from home, but we can definitely make sure we have picked our own favorite, and most comfortable, paper for home.

Toilet Paper Brand Cost Comparison

All Packages Contain 12 Double/Big Rolls


We will start with the cost comparison because, for most of us, that is extremely important in today's economy.  Plus, you need to compare packages by square footage, cost per square footage, and not just the sticker price.

The winner of the Cost Comparison, Quilted NORTHERN would appear to barely squeak by with a $.60 savings per package.  However, once you compare square footage, you see that it is actually a much greater value for your money than the cost would  indicate.

Not only is Quilted Northern the lowest price for a 12 double roll package, it also has the most sq. ft. per package, which would actually increase the overall savings.   (approximately .15½  per sq.ft. compared to nearly .18 per sq. ft.)

If you also consider whether the toilet tissue is 1 ply or 2 ply, which could mean you would have to double the sheets to equally evaluate them, then you find Quilted Northern has a substantially greater lead financially over the others.

They appear close in price, but all things considered, they really are not all that close.

Quilted Northern   ~ 300 2 ply sheets/Roll ~ 450 sq. ft.    ~ $6.99
Charmin Tissue    ~ 200 2 ply sheets/Roll ~ 284.6 sq. ft. ~ $7.59
Cottonelle Tissue ~ 308 1 ply sheets/Roll ~ 430.8 sq. ft. ~ $7.69

Prices may vary in your area


The Toilet Paper Touch Test

After polling our panel of judges we found the following results of in our Touch Test:

Cottonelle was raspy
Northern was soft
Charmin was fabric soft

The winner of the Touch Test is CHARMIN

Absorbency Analogy

For the absorbency analysis we poured 1/2 teaspoon of water on 5 squares of each of our contestants.

The winner of this test was easily:   CHARMIN


Additional Note:  When we lifted the wet toilet tissue, the counter under the Cottonelle was wet.  The counter under the Northern was damp.  The counter under the Charmin was totally dry.

Our Recommendations

If money isn't an issue and your want the best, splurge on:  CHARMIN

If money is a consideration, a good choice would be:  Quilted NORTHERN

If you want your guests to leave early, or if you own a gas station, then buy:  COTTONELLE
(We do love their puppy!)

Toilet Paper Comparison Review by:
House of Sylvestermouse

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Photographing Beautiful Sunrises

Sunrise in Jupiter FloridaPin It
See all 19 photos
Sunrise in Jupiter Florida
Source: Mary Beth Granger

Photograph Beautiful Sunrises

During March of 2009, we were fortunate to be able to stay in a condo with the balcony overlooking the ocean in Jupiter, Florida. I was deighted to be able to photograph the sunrise each morning. The first morning when I awoke I was amazed at the beauty of the sunrise, I thought "it can't get any better than this!", but then each morning I discovered a new glory awaited me.
I was amazed at how the variation in the clouds and weather made each sunrise a little different from the one the day before. It reminded me of a phrase my father-in-law always said This is the Day the Lord hath Made!
On this page I will review the photos taken from that balcony. I will also show some sunrise photos that I have taken on other trips and add a few tips that I used to photograph these scenes. I hope you enjoy these spectacular views!
The photo in this introduction was taken from the same balcony on a return visit in March 2014. I enjoy using the skills I have learned each year to take more sunrise photos from this balcony. I can set up my tripod, jump out of bed just before sunrise, and shoot these dramatic views!
photos by Mary Beth Granger

Before the Dawn - Colors before the Sun Rises

For about an hour before sunrise each day I was able to photograph some beautiful colors in the sky. The trick here is rising early and having your tripod and camera set up and ready to take the photos. I then take a series of photos starting before the sunrises and then every 5 minutes or so until the sun becomes too bright. On these first photos I was still at the point in learning photography where I relied on the auto settings on my camera. These photos were taken using the nighttime setting on my Sony DSLR.
This series of photos is taken from the same spot each day over a ten day period.

Pink Sky before Sun Rise - predawn light

We returned to the same place in Jupiter in 2010. Here is a photo from the same vantage point.
If you wait till sunrise to start photographing you will miss beautiful scenes such as this one. This photo was taken about 30 minutes before sun rise. The brilliant pink colors were there for only about 10 minutes. Amazing beauty!!

Let There be Light - inspirational photo

If there are clouds low in the sky you can continue shooting well after the sun rises.
On this day the sun rose and then went into a cloud bank. The rays of sun coming out of the clouds reminded me of photos you often see of the creation. And God said "Let There be Light"

Sunrise in Paradise - Ocean Sunrise

Sun through the Clouds

On this morning there was a heavy cloud bank right on the horizon. I had to wait a bit before I could catch the sun.....it was worth the wait!

Sunrise with Scattered Clouds - Yellow colors in the sunrise

On this morning there were scattered clouds that the sun went in and out of as it rose. You can see a bird taking an early morning flight.

First Light on Cloudy Day

On a very cloudy day the sunrise gives another different look. You can see the pinks in the sky as the sun emerges on the horizon and then slips into a bank of clouds.

Sunrise-Heavy Clouds

On this morning the clouds were so heavy that you never really saw the sun, just glimpses of light through the clouds.

Fall Sunrise in Destin, Florida

The next group of photos were taken in the fall of 2007 at Destin, Florida. We were staying by the ocean and I was able to capture the sun rising on the ocean from our balcony. This was the first time I had witnessed the sun rising over the ocean. The reflection of the rising sun on the ocean appears as if it is melting out of the water. It is an incredible site. I was later able to witness the same site at sunset and it was equally amazing.

Fall Florida Sunrise - Sunrise over the ocean

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Sunrise in Mazatlan

This photo was taken from a cruise ship as we were arriving in Mazatlan, Mexico.

Sunrise in Port Washington, Wisconsin

This photo was taken while we were visiting Port Washington, Wisconsin. I love the way the sky takes on a dark orange cast.
Here are some of my photographs of sunrises and sunsets on Zazzle products.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Reviewing An Ergonomic Handle Snow Shovel

A Good Shovel Is Important For Snow Removal

Well, I just spent the last couple of hours removing the snow from my driveway. It is the first time that I have had to do so for this winter but I know it won't be the last. It is not my favorite activity but it does have to be done. Our driveway has a rather steep incline and if the snow gets packed down it is difficult to get up the drive when you return home. So, let me tell you what I use to remove said snow.

First, I should tell you that over the course of several decades I have used several types of snow shovels. Some were just fine while others were horrible. I learned a long time ago that buying a cheap shovel is just a huge waste of time. They usually break before the season is over so they actually end up costing you more money because you have to replace them. Anyway, I digress.

A few years ago, my husband brought home a shovel with an ergonomic handle and at first I wasn't sure that I was going to like it but it is now my favorite shovel to grab when the snow is ready to be removed from our drive.

What I love about this shovel is that I can push the snow across the drive instead of having to pick it up and toss it. I'm not exactly a "spring chicken" anymore and lifting the snow is more than I can tolerate for any length of time. So, pushing it across and packing it up on the sides works most of the time. It is not too difficult to heave the snow at the end of my run but if I had to heave all of it, I wouldn't be able to get very far. A younger, stronger person could use this same shovel and lift all day but when you are past your 6th decade and a little woman to boot; it probably is not the wisest thing to try to do.

My daughters yell at me for taking care of the snow in the first place and with a different shovel I might not be able to do it. It is actually pretty darned good exercise and depending on the snowfall I sometimes have to pace myself but I get the job done. There are no young boys coming around to see if they can do it for you for a price. So, I take care of it. Now, if we get a few feet of snow my husband will get the trusty snow blower out but for those little snowfalls less than 6 inches, I do it.

I have this thing about being able to get out of the drive if I need to. The problem isn't so much getting out it is the getting back up the drive that becomes the problem in winter. My husband doesn't have any trouble with his jeep, he just slings it into 4 wheel drive and up he goes. My car is a rear wheel drive and doesn't do so well. I could wait until my husband gets home and have him do it but he is usually so tired after a day's work that it hardly seems fair to ask him to do it when I'm home all day. Besides, it keeps me in shape!

I highly recommend a snow shovel with an ergonomic handle and one with an aluminum blade if you have a snow removal job in your future. The plastic blades often crack in colder temperatures (at least that has been my experience) so their lighter weight doesn't help much if they are split or only half there. 

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tuesday Jan 12/16 Pharmacist Day!

They say that there is a day for everyone and everything and sometimes that day is shared by several different "jobs".  Today according to the "Day of Years" is Pharmacist Day!  Great Timing too!  In the middle of the winter, chances are that you have had to visit your local Drug Store at least once or twice.

So what makes those guys and gals so special?  I guess part of it has to come from the fact that they can dispense drugs to us, who are weary of being sick.

Today we are confronted with not only drugs that will help us to feel better, but we are also confronted by "holistic" or naturally based chemicals that do the same thing.  Truth be known, I stand in the Over the Counter Drug area, with a look of complete awe and frustration on my face, because, the variety of pills available is mind staggering.  Unless you have a PhD in drug identification, you have no idea what you are taking and the possible side effects that are going to be unleashed.

So I for one, am very happy to speak to the pharmacist to make sure that what I am taking is not going to bring about some unpleasant reaction or even some harm.  After all I want to feel better not worse.

I trust in their education and experience to point me in the right direction and to purchase the medication that is going to make me feel human again.

After all the pharmacist has had many years of education and experience dealing with people and their medical/drug needs.  Along with continuing education and courses dealing with specific illnesses, they are the first line of defense, when you are starting to feel ill.

Now if there are other medical issues, of course you are going to deal with your family doctor as well as your pharmacist.  The two go hand in hand.  But for simple illness, like coughs, colds and just general malaise, going to the pharmacist first is quite acceptable.  He/she will point you to the family doctor if they feel there is a need for more investigation into why you are feeling ill.

What many people forget to do, is to tell the pharmacist all of the medications that they are taking, including ones that are deemed "holistic" or "natural" as these can interact with whatever you are going to purchase from the over the counter, area.

Drugs and drug interactions are something that can cause more grief due to lack of disclosure.  So do yourself a favor and keep a list of all medications you are taking on a daily basis, so that when and if you need a prescription filled or something in the "over the counter area", the pharmacist is giving you the best drug advice available for your symptoms.  That way you will be on the road to mend, before you can say "dextromethorphan" fast three times.

Happy Pharmacist's Day, here's to your health!

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Monday, January 11, 2016

A Treasury of the World's Greatest Fairy Tales Vintage Book Review

A Treasury of the World's Greatest Fairy Tales Vintage Book Review
Adapted by Helen Hyman, A Treasury of the World's Greatest Fairy Tales and A Second Treasury of the World's Greatest Fairy Tales are both beautiful hardcover books filled with some of the best fairy tales. Both the text and the pictures were created by three brothers and their publishing company in Italy under the name of Fratelli Fabbri Editori.

The stories are closer to the original story lines than they are the Disney versions. If you want to expose your children to fairy tales that are not defined by Disney, these books are worth considering.

Possibly more important to some individuals than the actual stories in this case are the detailed pictures. The images were so important to people who grew up with them that these books defined the way those fairy tales look in their minds. One reviewer says that for her they defined exactly what fairy tale princes, princesses, dwarves, ogres, and even some animals looked like.  Another says that the pictures in the book are more like paintings than they are pen-and-ink cartoons. 

Both of these treasuries are suitable for both girls and boys. They are not just princess stories but also include stories where the young male character is the hero.

Published in the 1970s and held dear by many adults who owned them when they were young, these treasuries are now out of print and in demand as people search for copies to share with their own families and with which to replace worn out volumes that they own. Unfortunately, the fact that they are vintage and out-of-print makes them slightly more expensive than the average new, modern fairy tale book.

A Second Treasury of the World's Greatest Fairy Tales Vintage Book ReviewThe following fairy tales are included in the first volume of the World's Greatest Fairy Tales treasury:
  • The Ugly Duckling
  • Puss-in-Boots
  • Hansel and Gretel
  • The Wild Swans
  • Seven in One Blow
  • Snow White and Rose Red
  • The Frog Prince
  • The Three Little Pigs
  • Rapunzel
  • Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
  • The Three Dwarfs in the Wood
  • Prince Kamar and Princess Budur
  • Hans in Luck
  • The Three Musicians
The stories included in the second book, A Second Treasury of the World's Greatest Fairy Tales, are:
  • Cinderella
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Little Red Riding hood
  • The Lion and the Carpenter
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • The Seven Ravens
  • The Little Goldfish
  • The Little Tin Soldier
  • The Emperor's Nightingale
  • Thumbelina
  • The Three Hairs of the Ogre
  • The Pied Piper

A Few Closing Thoughts from Readers

One fond reader says that the stories in these books are full of food for you and your child's imagination and that the words will stretch it farther. Another reader says that this was one of two things that he really loved when he was growing up. 

The Poisoned Martini says these books "have got to be the best illustrated collection of fairy tales." 

If you are searching for a copy of one or both of these books, you will find both of them on eBay by clicking right here.

Do you have a children's book that you remember fondly? Perhaps one that defined forever how a character looks in your mind?

Happy Reading!

Quick Links:

New, used and vintage children's books in my eBay store.
The Pink Dress by Anne Alexander.
Controversial Anne of Green Gables book cover.

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

An Easy Way to Organize Your Linen Closet

Photo by Funkthishouse.com
If Opening Your Linen Closet Causes Heart Palpitations, It's Time for a Spring Sort!

If you have a big family, and many different sizes of beds, as we do, then this practical linen-sorting tip can help.

Here's How I Solved the Problem of Mixing Up the Various Sizes of Linens for each Room in the Home:

In our washroom we have a closet we're currently using as a Linen Closet. It doesn't matter where your linen closet is located, so long as it's large enough to use sorting bins.

We have five bedrooms and four sons. Each bedroom has a different sized bed; double, queen, single, king ... so my linen closet was ALWAYS a disaster! Plus I also found myself unfolding and re-folding sheets after grabbing the wrong sized sheets for a bed!

One Day, I HAD Enough and decided to find a way to organize the closet so that finding the right sheets for the right bed wouldn't be such a hassle!

NOW Each room has it's own storage bucket with the respective sized Bedding in it. You could also put their bedding in their bin in their bedroom closet, but that doesn't work for us.
By Funkthishouse.com
First of all, I know the sheets would end up in a heap, and second there wasn't any more space to do it that way.

You can see by the photo that each child has it's own storage container with their linens in it, with the second shelf reserved for towels.

The extra containers have pillow cases in them, divided up by size - One container has 'double/queen sized pillow cases' and one of container has 'king sized pillow cases'.

Our master bedroom actually has two containers - one container holds the 'flannel sheets' and the other holds the summer 'cotton sheets'. Also, on the very bottom of the closet I keep a laundry basket for the boys to put their dirty clothes in.

I've lightly written the boys names on each of their respective containers so that I can quickly find the sheets for the bedroom I need.

It's working out very well. Although, sometimes I do put the wrong sheets in a bucket and have to correct it.

It is a bit of a pain to take the buckets out that are on the very top, but they're the ones I use less frequently. Plus I prefer it this way over the mess that it once was.

This was easy to do; just measure the width and depth of the shelves, decide how many containers you need and then be sure you pick containers that will fit nicely on the shelves.

PS: Keep the containers OPEN to easily reach in and grab bedding without having to open and close them each time

by Barbara Tremblay Cipak
Owner - Funkthishouse.com

Added Bonus: Check out creative laundry room sorting tips for a small space here !

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Appreciate a Dragon Day – January 16

Reviewing Dragons for 'Dragon Day'

In 2004, a school teacher named Donita K. Paul, decided to retire.  Shortly afterwards,  Mrs. Paul began a new career as a writer.  She created “Appreciate a Dragon Day” to celebrate the release of her first book, Dragon Spell, and as a way to celebrate literacy.  We now celebrate this day every year on January 16.

Available on Amazon

Dragon Spell is Book 1 of the Dragon Keepers Chronicles, a fantasy fiction series for children in grades 4 through 8.  Mrs. Paul went on to write a total of 6 books in this series, then moved on to write a 10-book series of the Dragon Chronicles.  

Today she is an award-winning novelist writing Christian Romance and Fantasy, but it looks like the mythical creature we call the dragon has become her favorite.

Things to do for Dragon Day

Since Mrs. Paul's dragon books are designed for children, she has a number of suggestions for kids to celebrate her 'Appreciate a Dragon Day'.  

  • Take Pictures!
    • One idea is to see how many pictures you can take of your favorite stuffed dragon in funny places.  
      • How about reading a dragon book with your plush dragon at the library?  
        • Picture the two of you eating a hamburger at McDonalds 
        • Or, you and your dragon could play in the park and have fun sliding down the slide.

        • Be Creative!

        Draw a dragon or write a story about a dragon or put on a dragon puppet show. 

        Check out How to Draw Dragons, a cute art lesson for children found on Emily Gravett's web site.  Emily is an illustrator and author of darling children's books, including  Cedric the Dragon.

        • Sing a Dragon Song 

        The most famous dragon of modern times has been immortalized in song.  Puff, the Magic Dragon was written by Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary folk group fame more than 50 years ago… and is still beloved by children (and their parents and grandparents) today.

        Peter Yarrow
        I got to see Peter Yarrow in person in Savannah, GA three years ago when he was one of the performers of our annual  music festival.  Before singing “Puff”, he called a couple dozen small children up on the stage with him and had them help sing the song.  

        Peter Yarrow held his microphone down to a 5-year-old singing “Puff”.  She knew all the words, though even her parents had yet to be born when the song was written in 1963. Peter Yarrow told the audience that day that he had no idea the song would become so well known and beloved by generations of children.  He said he finds this very moving.

        Personal Note:  Speaking of feeling moved, after the concert I stood in line to tell Peter Yarrow I had been a fan for almost all of his career and, really feeling overwhelmed, tearfully thanked him for the beautiful music and the 50 years of special memories.  He gave me a hug as I left, giving this folk music fan another wonderful memory.

        Puff the Magic Dragon Book, CD & Plush Dragon Gift Set

        Puff the Magic Dragon Book & CD

        This children's book is based on the fabulous children's song written by Peter Yarrow and Lenny Lipton with beautiful illustrations by artist
        Eric Puybaret.

        The book comes with a CD featuring not only Puff, but several other songs performed by Yarrow, his daughter Bethany, and cellist Rufus Cappadocia and a Puff, the Magic Dragon Plush Toy.

        An adorable 3-piece gift set for all fans of "Puff", young and old.

        Stuffed Dragon Toy

        Kids love stuffed toys and a plush dragon is a perfect toy for those who love dragons.

        Vollenth the green dragon from Aurora is an adorable example of a plush dragon for children. Measuring 18" long, this toy dragon is a fun toy to have running around the house. 

        Get Ready to Celebrate "Appreciate a Dragon Day"

        So, whatever you choose to do to celebrate “Appreciate a Dragon Day” you are sure to have a wonderful time with this favorite of mythical creatures. 

        Related Link:

        Delightful Dragon Gift Ideas

        (c) Article written by Wednesday Elf on 1/9/16.  Updated on 1/16/2022

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