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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Natural Air Freshener Review Update

Calming Essential Oil
I recently wrote a review about the best air freshener for people with chemical sensitivities. That natural air freshening recipe utilizes only two ingredients: baking soda and essential oil.  Since my discovery of that air freshening option, I have tried a new scent.  I am writing again to update that article with comments about how well it works and the new scent I have begun using.

It Freshens!

The essential oil and baking soda combination works!  I began with peppermint oil and just used a few drops in a small amount of baking soda.  It created the lightest hint of scent in my office.  If you are looking for something that will mask or resolve sudden strong odors, I do not think this solution will be effective.  But for a constant, fresh, and mild scent this is a great choice. And the few drops of essential oil lasted for far longer than I thought it might. In fact, I dumped it out before it wore out, so that I could change scents.

The New Aromatherapy Scent: "Calming"

As I had written previously, I was aware that the peppermint essential oil would not trigger a migraine. That is why I used it for my trial run. Although, a room that smelled like peppermint was not my ultimate goal.

I tried a new scent, and it works great too. It is the "calming" oil by Nature's Truth.  I can't comment on whether or not it is "calming". But it is a great citrusy scent.  The Nature's Truth website refers to it as "floral, sweet, and citrusy, with notes of herbal spices..."

I did add WAY too many drops to the baking soda so the scent is much stronger than my peppermint oil concoction was.  In order to control the amount of scent in the office, I merely close the lid on my little glass container.

I have also purchased a bottle of Lavender essential oil because I love the lavender scent.  However, I enjoy this citrus scent so much that I have not yet felt the need to change.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tuesday Jan 12/16 Pharmacist Day!

They say that there is a day for everyone and everything and sometimes that day is shared by several different "jobs".  Today according to the "Day of Years" is Pharmacist Day!  Great Timing too!  In the middle of the winter, chances are that you have had to visit your local Drug Store at least once or twice.

So what makes those guys and gals so special?  I guess part of it has to come from the fact that they can dispense drugs to us, who are weary of being sick.

Today we are confronted with not only drugs that will help us to feel better, but we are also confronted by "holistic" or naturally based chemicals that do the same thing.  Truth be known, I stand in the Over the Counter Drug area, with a look of complete awe and frustration on my face, because, the variety of pills available is mind staggering.  Unless you have a PhD in drug identification, you have no idea what you are taking and the possible side effects that are going to be unleashed.

So I for one, am very happy to speak to the pharmacist to make sure that what I am taking is not going to bring about some unpleasant reaction or even some harm.  After all I want to feel better not worse.

I trust in their education and experience to point me in the right direction and to purchase the medication that is going to make me feel human again.

After all the pharmacist has had many years of education and experience dealing with people and their medical/drug needs.  Along with continuing education and courses dealing with specific illnesses, they are the first line of defense, when you are starting to feel ill.

Now if there are other medical issues, of course you are going to deal with your family doctor as well as your pharmacist.  The two go hand in hand.  But for simple illness, like coughs, colds and just general malaise, going to the pharmacist first is quite acceptable.  He/she will point you to the family doctor if they feel there is a need for more investigation into why you are feeling ill.

What many people forget to do, is to tell the pharmacist all of the medications that they are taking, including ones that are deemed "holistic" or "natural" as these can interact with whatever you are going to purchase from the over the counter, area.

Drugs and drug interactions are something that can cause more grief due to lack of disclosure.  So do yourself a favor and keep a list of all medications you are taking on a daily basis, so that when and if you need a prescription filled or something in the "over the counter area", the pharmacist is giving you the best drug advice available for your symptoms.  That way you will be on the road to mend, before you can say "dextromethorphan" fast three times.

Happy Pharmacist's Day, here's to your health!

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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